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  1. duggram

    Considering a TE300...

    I started on a Bultaco Pursang in the 60's and I remember that feeling of riding the European two strokes. The '19 TE300i is the answer to my dreams. No premix, FI and that same riding feeling.
  2. Or you can search on husqvarna oberon slave and find that they are being sold from a number of US sources.
  3. There must be a difference in slave cylinders. I replaced with Oberon slave on my '17 501 and '18 701, Oberon doesn't offer a 300i slave. I hope that means they don't have problems.
  4. I learned from my 501 to get an Oberon slave, so when I got my 701 I didn't hesitate to get a new slave. Why wait? AFAIK the good news is the TE300i doesn't need it.
  5. I know what I'm doing with my '17 FE501 today. I'm getting it ready to trade in on a '19 TE300i. If I could have only one motorcycle it would be a 501. But since getting divorced (she wanted it after 9 years) and retiring last summer, I've acquired an '18 701 that is now my travel bike. The 501 works in the desert mountains here, but I have a feeling that the 300 will work even better. It was hard for me to accept the idea that it's the rotating mass that makes the 501 feel heavy, something that bikes like the 300 and the FE350 don't have to contend with. I know too many riders with an FE350 that will gladly testify to the superior handling of the 350. Or maybe I'm wrong and making an expensive mistake.
  6. Does anyone know which size fuel line filter an FE 501 would take? 1/4, 5/16, 3/8
  7. duggram

    Husqvarna TE 300i

    Anatoli, I have similar issues being 68. I also have a 701 that I'm becoming attached to, so the 501 may get traded in if I can get an MSO. Here it's the only way to get plated. I have a plated Beta Evo trials 2T. So I"m waiting on my dealer to reply to my email. This could happen.
  8. duggram

    Husqvarna TE 300i

    Anatoli, Don't you also have a 501? The reason I ask is I'd like to know how the 501 compares to the 300i. I have a 501 and it's been really good to me but I think I could go for a 300i. I live in Truth or Consequences, NM which is a great base for desert, hill and mountain riding. What can you say about a comparison?
  9. duggram


    I got a Micro Start XP-3 from Antigravity when they were closing that version out. In Deadhorse, AK this summer at 30 degrees my 501 wouldn't start but it cranked right up with the Micro Start. When I got home to New Mexico and after letting the 501 sit for a few weeks, it wouldn't start again when it was 90 degrees. I bought an EarthX battery for it and now it jumps to running. BTW that Micro Start worked every time I used it.
  10. Wait a second. When my rear wheel spins too much I back off a little on the throttle which is in my right hand. Have I been doing this wrong all this time?
  11. duggram

    Any 701 clutch slave failures?

    Thanks for the reply. I figured it would have the same problem when I first looked at it. So I ordered an Oberon which should be here any day now.
  12. I got a new 2018 701 this week to go with my 2017 501. I went through the clutch slave issue with the 501 when I first got it. Today I saw some comments on ADVrider where 701 owners were replacing the stock clutch slave with an Oberon. When I did a search on Oberon 701 clutch slave I was surprised to find out that the 501 and 701 take the same replacement slave. So I'm wondering if others have any experience with 701 clutch slave failures.
  13. duggram

    Rear Cargo Rack for 2018 Husqvarna fe501

    I have the Nomad-Adv rack on my '17 FE501 and it's great, and so is Nomad for support. In the image I attached you can see my 1.75 Rotopax under the left Wolfman Enduro bag. The side racks make if so easy to keep your bags out of your rear wheel and they are rated for 50 pounds each side. You can also see where I have two duffels mounted on the top rack and it's rated for 25 pounds. The image is from my ride this summer on the Dalton highway to Deadhorse on Pruhoe bay. If there's anything else I can tell you about it, please let me know. I would suggest asking Nomad about sending via FedEx as the Netherlands postal service held my package up for two weeks. I got a pair of boots out of Italy in two days on FedEx. Doug
  14. duggram

    Where do you buy OEM parts?

    Yes, I have to admit they are good. I've also used bikebandit.com too. But RMATV gets most of my non-dealer business. I wanted some front caliper clips and rather than chance the dealer I ordered them Thursday from RMATV and they're here Saturday. I don't think my dealer would have had them here as fast. I just need to accept that and get on with it. Thanks for all of the replies.
  15. I have a great dealer. They do their best to take care of me and I appreciate it. But, sometimes we have communication problems when ordering parts. For example I'll order a new front axle nut. And they hear rear axle nut. When what I wanted was a front axle screw. If I had ordered it from someone like RMATV OEM parts I can see it in the image and order accordingly. Delivery is about the same if not a little faster. I'm just feeling a little guilty about my lack of loyalty. I don't know how much profit they get off of parts, but I do want to help to keep them in business whenever I can. What do you do?