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  1. Inch_Speller

    good grief what have I done

  2. Inch_Speller

    graphic kits

    Decals see these guys - AMR http://www.amrracing.com/catalog/dirt-bike-graphics/suzuki-motocross-mx-graphic-kit-select-your-model-and-design-8.html
  3. Inch_Speller

    Clean and polish spokes

    Long thin bit of rag with some WD40 doubled around the spoke. Takes some time but just done my back wheel and came up real good.
  4. Inch_Speller

    Why cant I wheelie?

    I'm not great in the art of lofting the front wheel high in the air for hours on end. But what I have found works for me is about 20mph in 1st give it a hand full and it'll snap right up. Keep the rear brake covered and once you get enough practice in you should be able to get into higher gears.
  5. Inch_Speller

    Will my kickstand be too long when I go SM?

    I have an S with SM wheels and Yep it stands up straight But I've not had any problems with it. Although now I posted this on here.....
  6. Inch_Speller

    drz400sm fork oil?!?!

    Not less but it will act slower.
  7. Inch_Speller

    drz400sm fork oil?!?!

    7.5w But I'd benefit more from changing spring rate
  8. Inch_Speller

    Show us your Swingarm

    Very nice man. Might be an option to wrap it. Ive got the Mad Hatter Decals from AMR so I think I'll have to find a solid colour.
  9. Inch_Speller

    Show us your Swingarm

    Dude that looks awesome! Way too polished for me but does look good.
  10. Inch_Speller

    Show us your Swingarm

    OK People I decided to tidy up the swingarm and remove the 2 lugs for the chain guard but failed to get into my head the swingarm finish. On filing down the first one I've got a lovely polished ally look but the coating on the rest of the arm looks fooked and I dont really want a polished arm. So my question is really a show us your swingarms for inspiration.
  11. Inch_Speller

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Dropped it ........ Doh!
  12. Inch_Speller

    Low sided my Z on ride yesterday

    I done the exact same thing this morning. Fortunatly the only injury was a bit of road rash to my knuckle. Got away light with the bike too - bent the clutch leaver and ripped the grip. Broke rear turn signal and a couple of light scrapes on the plastics which should buff out. Good to see I'm not the only one. and glad youre ok
  13. Inch_Speller

    Rear Pad Change

    OK so one of my rear pads has failed and I need to replace them. Easy job I thought. The 6mm Hex bolt is stuck so tight I've turned 1 allen key into a spiral :foul:and broken a 6mm extension for my ratchet. Can't even begin to think how tight the flat blade screw for the pads is gonna be. Can anyone help? Any little tips or tricks to get these litte feckers out?
  14. Inch_Speller

    Road legal headlight options DR-Z400E UK

    With that light you may as well try and ride holding a candle. I had something similar to that now I've got http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Polisport-MMX-Headlight-Road-Legal-Supermoto-Enduro_W0QQitemZ320326593778QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_Motorcycle_Parts?hash=item4a94f3ecf2 Not great but a whole world better
  15. Inch_Speller

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Running light blew so Upgraded and tidied everything up a bit. Where'd it go? Nope still cant see it! There it is MMmmmmmmmmm LED