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  1. juantedman

    39.5 PKW on 2003 CR-250

    Hello everyone, I hear of a lot of folks running a 38, but haven't talked to anyone running a 39.5. I was recently given one and am debating mounting it on my bike. Carb is missing the needle and jets....and the bike is low hour with v-force, P.C. Pipe and P.C. Silencer. Thoughts or suggestions? Thanks!
  2. juantedman

    04 Oil pump issue...

    Hello, My brother has an 04 that recently started having some issues. Riding along and suddenly start coughing and sputtering until dying. Did the usual checks, carb, etc and no luck. Read about the chance of some metal bits causing and ignition issue and checking revealed a bit of glitter.....inside the stator cover. During the process noticed the oil pump drive gear "ears" were cracked and replaced the gear and added a new snap ring. Cleaned and flushed everything as best possible and re-assembled to see if the issue had been corrected. (knowing we still need to find the cause) Alas first kick and the new gear broke, it seems perhaps the oil pump is now jammed or siezed perhaps? Oh good times.....LOL (no plug wire connected to prevent ignition) We haven't pulled the pick-up as of yet or dug any deeper into the issue... Just kind of throwing this out there to see if anyone has had any experience with either issue, the "glitter" or the oil pump. Thanks!
  3. juantedman

    1989 CR500 / 250 Tank

    Coolidge, Sent you a P.M. regarding the tank. thanks!
  4. juantedman

    CR250 cylinders 92-01?

    There was a change from/to flat top and and domed piston. So as Kc said, the cyl can be swapped but you need to make sure you have the correct profile piston for whatever style head you run.
  5. juantedman

    will 04 pipe fit 96?

    Not even close......
  6. juantedman

    1989 CR500 / 250 Tank

    Excellent. Would you have any use for the high cap tank? Not sure if it is an IMS or a Clark.
  7. juantedman

    1989 CR500 / 250 Tank

    Hello, May be getting an 89 CR-500 with a desert tank. I would like to make the bike correct and am having a tough time finding an 89 oem tank. Anyone know if the 88-89 250 tank with fit? Thanks Juantedman:thumbsup:
  8. juantedman

    CR-250 flywheel reduction

    Hello gang, I know most add weight to their flywheels to make the bike a bit more controlled however I am curious about going the other direction. I am wondering if a reasonable amount of weight could be removed from the flywheel to gain response during accel and decel? I know is can be done on other models, as it is a common model on CRF50s and I have had all three of my kids 50 flywheels on my lathe.... I realize the piston is heavier and thus the counter balance of the crank must be heavier as well but........? Thoughts? Comments? As to the question of why?.... I am a 125/144 guy and really like the way the bikes spin up and down quickly. When I get on the 250 (2001 & 2003) the bikes seem soo slow to rev by comparison. As a result, I never ride them. Thanks Much:thumbsup:
  9. juantedman

    Keihan airstriker great mod for cr125

    Thanks for the info! I have a 144 and am running the TMX but have been thinking of getting a PKW. Looks like I will be spending a couple hundred bucks very soon.....
  10. juantedman

    What gear oil do you run???

    Type F ATF.
  11. juantedman

    cr500 fork interchange...

    Did the 500s change forks like the 250s, or were they the same from 1990 to end of production? I am guessing diameter was increased and rebound control was added at some point? Also, do you know if bearing sizes are the same to allow a direct bolt on of said clamps and forks to a 1990. Hmmm maybe axle issues as well?......
  12. juantedman

    anyone with eric gorr big bore kit for cr125

    :ride:Nope it wasn't me. I might try that when I have some time though, as a have complete 91,92,00, & 03 motors sitting on the shelf. Sounds like a good winter project.
  13. juantedman

    anyone with eric gorr big bore kit for cr125

    The swap is amazingly easy, if you want to run an earlier model 6 spd (i.e. HPP) motor. The issues you will encounter are: 1) swingarm pivot is correct diameter however the other two engine mount bolts holds will need to be enlarged slightly. 2) Depending on the pipe you run, you will need to do a bit of fab work with either the mount pounts or the flange angle. Also, a late model pipe will need to be dimpled on the inside to clear the large HPP powervalve cover. 3) the CDI will need to have a new home, and the harness is too short to mount it behind the front plate. Either extend the harness or be creative. If you want to run a HPP top end on your 00-01 bottom end, that can be done as well and eliminates problem 1 & 3. However you don't get the 6 speed trans. The only rear mod needed for the motor is an early model power valve actuator/lever. Have Fun!
  14. juantedman

    anyone with eric gorr big bore kit for cr125

    Mine is slightly different. I have an 04 with an earlier model HPP style motor done by Gorr. The advantage is 144cc and 6 speed trans. Add a pipe, silencer, carb upgrade and Rad valve. Presto. Can't say enough good stuff about the bike. When I had the head and cyl done, I specified it would normally run a sea level with a steady diet of VP fuel, adn the the head was configured accordingly. Enjoy!