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  1. redpillar

    Steering lock and wiring

    What I did was to remove the harness from the white cable clamp then reinstall the cable clamp and use a tie wrap to attaché the harness to the top of the cable clamp which holds it away from the steering lock. It works but I am looking for a permanent solution. I will post a photo later if you like.
  2. redpillar

    2018 Power valve

    It matters to me as I like to have a known starting point. I have adjusted it to what I think is optimum for what I am doing with the bike, but it is good for me to know if I am in or out from what is stock. just like it is good to know how many clicks from the original suspension set up you are running or what stock carb jetting you had before making adjustments. Not a big deal but nice to know.
  3. redpillar

    2018 Power valve

    Interesting.. thanks
  4. redpillar

    Whelp, I’m done riding for a while.

    I fully agree with this advise. This would be a very good starting bike to ride for a couple of seasons. You will get no surprises from it and would be rock solid form a reliability standpoint. IT would be easily saleable when the time comes. Do not give up riding, just go slowly with your progress and you will be fine. You have just learnt a lesson that did not kill you. There have been plenty of people out there that didn't get the opportunity to learn the lesson that easily.. you don't have to go fast to enjoy riding a dirt bike..
  5. redpillar

    2018 Power valve

    Ok thanks, I will give that a go.
  6. redpillar

    2018 Power valve

    Can anyone tell me what the stock exhaust power valve setting for the 2018 is? I lost count...
  7. redpillar

    2 stroke going straight to power band when reving

    So what was the problem?
  8. redpillar

    Here is one for FCR experts.

    So before ripping the carb apart again, I took it for a good hard run. I cranked it through the gears a couple of times on the pavement. That cleared it up just fine. I don't normally rip on that bike, I can't believe the power of the 450, how fast it accelerates and the balls out torque in comparison to the 300.. it shouldn't come as a surprise but side by side it is a pretty stark comparison. Thanks for your help again guys..
  9. redpillar

    New RR300 for an old guy

    I am used to riding my 450rr it tight woody rooty single track, and how the power rolls on. I never stall the 450 or the 300 while riding a gear high, but the throttle tamer allows a more even power delivery which is key. It does this without changing too much else.
  10. redpillar

    New RR300 for an old guy

    I added a throttle tamer with the 400 cam, and it really helps smooth the power delivery. Much nicer to ride, I will ride it like this for a while and then look into the carb slider mod that Hera has suggested. I am going to change the springs out to the correct weight and re-valve the forks.
  11. redpillar

    Here is one for FCR experts.

    Thanks guys, I have the RD fuel screw, but will recheck to make sure that the o-ring in is good shape. I have it a 1.5 turns but will make some adjustments thre to see if I can clean it up some. I know that the emulsion tube is in good shape and clean. I did not check the spark plug so I will do that and give the pilot jet passage a going over. Thanks for all the help..
  12. redpillar

    Here is one for FCR experts.

    I recently took the FCR carb apart on my 2012 450RR to clean it as it was bunged up. I cleaned everything right up. I put it back together and the bike idles fine, and operates under load nicely, but when running along under light load, it stutters slightly. Any ideas on what I need to look at? Thanks
  13. redpillar

    New RR300 for an old guy

    I need to ride the bike for ten or twenty hours to figure out what I do need to do. I have noticed that if I tip it a few degrees to one side that it will leak a bit of fuel, and also if it is running when I tip it on to it's side stand that the oil light will come on. I am quite proficient with feathering the clutch so have no issues with it stalling out at standstill speeds on tight single track, but am thinking that I would like to make 1st gear more usable and to make the bike more tractable by smoothing out the throttle a bit. Having said that though, I won a 50% off coupon from Rekluse. I am not convinced that the benefits outweigh the downsides of the recluse at this point but may consider one at some point. I have not touched the suspension yet. I am 180 to 190 with gear on, I need to set the proper sag and wear it in a bit. I am not sure which way I will go with spring rate. I was looking at the XT for it's height advantage but finally decided on the RR after a long night of reading reviews, that it would suit me better. I thought I might lower the RR and inch, but that is on the back burner for now. Thanks for all you replies so far.
  14. redpillar

    New RR300 for an old guy

    Thanks for all the replies guys.
  15. redpillar

    New RR300 for an old guy

    Well I have added to my Beta collection with a new 300RR hoping to extend my riding life by a half dozen more years. (The 450 is getting a little heavy for tight single track when I get into trouble after a few hours of riding.) I took the 300 out yesterday for a first ride and aside from getting used to riding a two stroke again, I really like it. The lighter weight and lightness of steering surprised me. I wonder what the good set up is for gearing. I am thinking that I would like to stretch the gearing our a bit as I have licenced it and would like to get a little more speed out of it for cruising on road between trails. I have read a bit about the jetting and using a Suzuki NECJ needle to enhance the smooth power delivery and also trying out a throttle tamer but as I have only ridden the bike for a couple of hours I don't know if I need them or not. I read about the fact that the float needs some adjustment as it comes from the factory a little high. Any comments on that?