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  1. GMO397

    Outta here..

    I have 30 hours on mine. Zero problems. My buddy had 60 on his and zero problems. He now has skf seals and working good. I wipe my tubes down after a wash and make sure everything is clean. Another thing to note is keeping the two tubes parallel. This will slow bushing and seal wear extending their life. This issue sounds hit or miss with different folks, could it be the terrain/dirt type?
  2. GMO397

    Foam stuck around air intake normal?

    That's not normal.
  3. GMO397

    2014 KX450 whining when hot

    I have s similar noise on my 13. It's worse when the clutch is over worked, like a sand track. I have no cure, but was wondering about this recall?
  4. GMO397

    13' PC linkage?

    I didn't notice a difference in the corner, but coming into and exiting the corner were improved with the link.
  5. GMO397

    2013 kx450f linkage

    I bought the pc link for my 13, noticed a big difference in corner entry when hard on the brakes. The bike was more settled.
  6. GMO397

    Enclosed trailer sizing?

    I bought a 6x12 v nose for a great deal, couldn't pass it up. My wife and I use it as home on a lot of weekends and have decked it out accordingly. Every day I wish I held out and went bigger. Gas mileage isn't good with a half ton 5.4. My buddy has a 7x20 that I've towed with my truck. The gas mileage was better. The ease of towing is much more dependant on wind and road conditions than the size imo. Any size enclosed is like a kite behind your truck. If you're not camping out of it, you don't need a large trailer. The larger trailers are more of a pain when traveling, especially parking lots. But if you plan on setting up base camp on multi day rides or races, the larger the better.
  7. GMO397

    Chain tightening problems

    I have a Regina x-ring on my 13 and on my yz. On my yz I adjusted once in about the last 40 hours, amazing chain. On the kx, I've had to adjust it maybe 4 times in the last 20 hours. It stretches enough to scratch up the swingman. I have the tm slider kit also. It seems to stretch to the same length every time, something with the geometry. I've since adjusted to my normal routine, then it stretched a little and I left it there, it hasn't stretched anymore since.
  8. GMO397

    rocky mountain discount codes ?

    Thank you! I should have a code now, but I can't seem to find it in my emailed receipt or at the end of the order confirmation? Someone explain? I'm too preoccupied with SX to dig for answer. Thanks. EDIT- I figured it out. I should have a code Monday.
  9. GMO397

    why do my brakes sound like a feight train?

    Mine started sounding like this after about 20 hours. I haven't had a chance to clean the brake rotors, but it squeals louder than any bike I've owned.
  10. GMO397

    Opinions on pinhole in New plated cylinder

    Pin holes are completely normal, and millennium claims they're beneficial because they aid in oil retention. Search and you'll find a handful of this exact thread.
  11. I put down indoor carpet from menards 2 years ago. I was skeptical how it would hold up, but for around $35 to cover my 6x12 I had to try. IMO it is the best. It's nice on the feet and if you use your trailer for any camping. It is free floating, and I cut access holes for the wheel chocks, work bench, etc. So it easily comes out without having to remove very much. Clean up is easy, vacuum for the light stuff and powerwash it once a year. I will definitely use this on the next trailer.
  12. GMO397

    2013 kx450f rear shock

    I didn't revalve. I didn't ride very long with the stock spring, because it wouldn't let me correctly set my sag. Putting in the correct spring and setting my sag to 106mm was a huge improvement. I've set the clickers to pro circuit recommendations. Now I want to mess with fork oil volume/air pressure in the forks. Trying to maximize stock valving.
  13. GMO397

    13 kx450 handlebar settings

    The position isn't set by the factory, the bikes come crated to the dealer with handlebars removed. I bought mine in the crate, and none of the instructions I saw mentioned stock placement. My guess would be the neutral position.
  14. GMO397

    Should I sell my pro circuit pipe

    Should have financed the protective equipment the same time, you know, putting the horse before the cart.
  15. GMO397

    Should I sell my pro circuit pipe

    Love my titanium t5 pipe, broader power and notably quieter. Big question is-you have the money to buy a 13 450, but not quality protective equipment?