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  1. If its looks like fine filings, normal. Dont want to see big chunks. The amount of filings will settle down as it breaks in.
  2. Kilroy Was Here

    Yamaha XT250 (2008)


    My little grandpa put put bike.
  3. Kilroy Was Here

    Yamaha XT250 2008

    My little grandpa put put bike.
  4. Kilroy Was Here

    On/Off switch for the lights

    OK, was PM'd on this conversion, the wiring instructions are above in the reply I posted 13 years ago. The switch I used was made by K&S industries and the part number was 12-0050. I removed the stock push button kill switch and put this in its place, so I still had my kill switch, but I could now turn headlamps on or off, plus was now able to run a low beam by added extra blade in connector (these run on high beam only, same wattage, just reflector is different) and makes for a spare headlamp element of high beam burns out. Its still avalible. It has a kill switch, so you can install it where the stock kill switch is now, but it also has a headlamp off-low beam-high beam. So headlamps can be run off, or high beam, same at stock, but add a pigtail into the headlamp connector and you can get low beam also. Great for backup headlamp if high beam burns out. The way I wired mine, when lights was off, it will also kill running and stop lamp (I added the brake lamp switch) My WR450F was a 2004, headlamps were always on. I wanted control of the lamp
  5. Kilroy Was Here

    Help please! Broken main jet

    I think you are right. Without carb in my hand, and going by his description, I assume something broke trying to remove it (what he was implying). So the main jet is out then? And the threads just need cleaning up? A flat bottom tap might be able to salvage that carb, clean up the threads then. Leave the seat in place.
  6. Kilroy Was Here

    Help please! Broken main jet

    A small dremel tool with a small cut off wheel, cut into the stake, you will eat into the damaged main jet, dont sweat it. Just dremel out enough till stakes are gone. Should be a snap to get that jet out then. Why is it staked in, is this an EPA compliant no tamper cally model or something? Is this the main jet or the needle jet? https://smile.amazon.com/Diamond-Cutting-Mandrel-Screwdriver-MoArmor/dp/B0714PNJRG/ref=sr_1_16?ie=UTF8&qid=1532922012&sr=8-16&keywords=dremel+tool+cut+off+wheel Then grab the dremel head, and you have a nice tool to clean up ports too and some case matching. You damage jet seat, its over. Check out Sudco for any carb part you ever need. http://www.sudco.com/index.html ­čśë
  7. Kilroy Was Here

    Help please! Broken main jet

    Ok, the easy out you want to use is the 4 sided square one, hammer it lightly in there, screw it out. There is the corkscrew types and all they do as expand the sides out the more you turn them, thus, locking it in even tighter. If you look close, its been staked in place, you need to cut the stakes out. Use these: https://smile.amazon.com/Williams-EXS-30-6-Piece-Screw-Extractor/dp/B001DNRJ7A/ref=sr_1_17?ie=UTF8&qid=1532921229&sr=8-17&keywords=broken+bolt+extractor+set Not these: https://smile.amazon.com/Screw-Extractor-Set-11-PC/dp/B0798HWTD5/ref=sr_1_39?s=hi&ie=UTF8&qid=1532921325&sr=1-39&keywords=broken+bolt+extractor+set
  8. Kilroy Was Here

    Lets see your modified XT250's

    OK, sold off the last of my massive fleet this coming weekend (KTM300XC/W and KLR650) and replacing it with a 2009 XT250. Mine has a black front fender, I don't like, so will order a 2012 fender, looks to be white. I like the rear rack you have and found it. But what is the brand of that semi rigid tail bag you have? Who makes the skid plate? I want that too. Curious on those mirror units too. I'll post pictures after I get it home, cleaned up spotless like. It only has 3,058 miles now.
  9. Kilroy Was Here

    85 sx bigwheel

    T/M is right, 85 had 48, the 105 had 50.
  10. Kilroy Was Here

    VIN Swaping

    Its a crime.
  11. Kilroy Was Here

    Yamaha launching an ebike

    I have already seen signs reading "CLOSED TO MECHANIZED TRAVEL". This is electric, and bicycles too.
  12. Kilroy Was Here

    twin throttle cable, why?

    It does nothing until it hangs up, but when its needed, it PULLS. Doesnt push.
  13. Oh, I see someone need some butthurt cream fast. Apply is "liberally" to affected area (caboose) Butthurt Care Package Move fast, I see they have a 10% off special.
  14. Lighten up log, I was making fun of your overweight 4 strokes. Yes, they will keep those anchors coming in. Now would be a good time to chime in before the deadline. Good news, Trump seems to like 4 strokes based on his throttle twist motion followed by the Braaaaap noise he made and he seems to like 2 strokes too. He should have a helmet on though.
  15. No log, its for bikes over 230 lbs...