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  1. JR650


    suppose I should post a pic of my 5 hunny sleeper got a very mild port, pc pipe, fmf silencer.
  2. JR650

    Bike wont rev?

    first off, what bike is it?? i would start chasing wires, that sounds like a crap ground or a bad cdi connection, dirty pickup on the stator, something like that. I would clean the jets and then start chasing ignition. just my .02 JR
  3. JR650


    as for speed, my 02 250 with an 85 cr500 engine (wide ratio) 14/48 passed buddy's ktm 300 xcw going 80mph and i had some left, road was too sketchy to go any furthur. i would say 90mph for sure, maybe more.
  4. Define "bored the jets". best thing i found stoplight to stoplight was starting in second gear when i had the 14/48, my 650r will happily burn the crap out of the tire or hang it 4 feet in the air in second (with my sm wheels on), first is for going slow not racing. now geared 15/45 its a different story.
  5. Id side with the rich too, will it start with the choke off?. Im at 1600 feet, stock can with open tip (chrome ring, thats it), uncorked, i run a 182 main. Throw the thermostat in the trash, it will help.
  6. any engine mods?? I run a 68 at 2 turns out, no issues and mine is sm, i ride it on the street, it will boil if I sit in traffic for a couple minutes. Is it hard to start cold??
  7. JR650

    XR650R cush drive needed??

    the same thing was what got me wondering, because the 650 feels more violent off the line than my gixxxer 750 and it has one.
  8. JR650

    XR650R cush drive needed??

    guess no comment means no.
  9. JR650

    XR650R cush drive needed??

    So ive had my 00 650R for a little over 5 years, finally decided to plate and motard it. just wondering if a cush drive is a good idea?? These bikes have pretty violent torque as most pig riders will tell u and im wondering if there have been trans problems, lots of eaten sprockets and chains etc with the SM 650Rs that have seen alot of street??? Any input is appreciated, JR
  10. JR650

    XR650R (00) vs (05) Ktm 300

    ive had both a 650r and a crf450r at the same time. the crf will stomp the guts out of the 650 up till about halfway through third gear, then the pig is gone. my 650R has embarassed a few 250 2smokers but i raced my 650 with the 450 and vice versa with a buddy and the results are, the 450 kicked the BRPs butt to 45-50mph. my crf was an 02, but had 12:1 comp akrapovic full system, uni, and a cam that was a little warmer than factory, my 650R was uncorked, no tip (wide open), 13/48 gearing
  11. JR650

    650R historians, step forward....

    thought they started racing the 650r in like 98???
  12. ive had cruise control from the throttle pushed on too far and jamming on the end of the bar on mine too (dropped it) like said above, just pull it out a little and see what happens.
  13. JR650

    xr650r vs 600 sportbike

    I dont have a 600 but i do ride a GSX-R 750 (99 S-RAD). I could swear my 650R would stomp it to about 40MPH, then it would be over, big time, but this is a straight up drag race, i have 2 of my street riding bddies that went/going the SM route, one had an 00RC51 other had an 04R6, neither would go back to a sport bike (we got all crappy tracks so keep that in mind). i am planning to get rid of mine too and supermoto the 650. everyone i talk to with a supermoto just tells me how much more fun they are (ever try jumping a crotch rocket?? the suspention sucks, trust me) and i really dont need to go 100+ all the time, and the sore back, and and.
  14. JR650

    i have betrayed the 650...lol

    well ive owned both at the same time. The CRF is quicker, lighter, twitchy the 650R is faster, smoother, and straighter. my crf was an 02 but with a bunch of stuff done to it. it got traded off, still have the brp. traded the 450 on a crotch rocket, its gonna go away for a 250 2-smoker here soon, but keeping the BRP. I love this bike there is something about it. congrats on the new bike, you wont be dissapointed, but your arms might be pissed at you.
  15. JR650

    XR 650R shock rebuild

    been a member here for quite a while, just havent been real active in the last year or so, i think i got to ride 5 times last year anyways, went for a rip on sunday, and in my efforts to stay ahead of the 125 250F and 450F following me in the whoops, my rear end was bobbing alot and trying to pass the front, got stopped and it appears all the oil emptied itself from the shock. i have a shop that can charge it, my local honda shop is crap, the yamaha shop is great and i know most of the guys that work there. they can rebuild it, just wondering, how much pressure and what weight oil comes stock??? it was pretty good before, might put a little heavier oil in it, but thats about it, this isnt a motocross bike and is prolly gonna be supermotoed soon so i dont want to get into the suspention too much just yet. Any help is appreciate. thanks, JR