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  1. Blackwoodz

    04 kx250

    Love the bike. Added some dna wheels.
  2. Blackwoodz

    1994 KX250SM Build

    Is rear hub centered or do you offset to sprocket side?
  3. Blackwoodz

    Thoughts on how much this bike is worth - 1996 KX250

    Don't sell it for less than it will cost to replace it. So unless someone offers $3500+ I'd find other means rather than give the bike away. You know it will not be appreciated unless buyer pays good money. Good luck and speedy recovery.
  4. Blackwoodz

    04 kx250

    Thanks guys. Got it from the original owner......I think that in itself is awesome. Just need to find some nice looking oem styled graphics.
  5. Blackwoodz

    04 kx250

    Just traded off a 12 kx250f for this little 250 plus got some pocket monies...lol Solid little dingger. Going to clean and go through it. I need to find some oem graphics.
  6. Blackwoodz

    Valve issues

    He charged you pennies to ruin your engine.....hmmmm
  7. Blackwoodz

    Valve issues

    Yes it is now....after you let this guy screw with it. You said bike cranked in 3 kicks before hand. That's where most will crank. FI bikes need one to two kicks to charge the capacitor and prime the injector
  8. Blackwoodz

    Valve issues

    And needs more work when you let a hack mechanic work on it. Why would you let this so called mechanic work on it again after he screwed up sometime as simple as a valve shim adjustment?
  9. Blackwoodz

    my rebuild log

    Money ahead to just move up to a 450 instead of boring stroking these 250 engines.
  10. Blackwoodz

    Oil Seal gouged surface

    Just use some threebond on this surface before you replace the seal.
  11. Blackwoodz

    Engine Spacer Baffle

    Buy a cheap blind bearing tool that uses the expansion collettes. They come in very handy for things like this. I'm sure the isolator would be fine but might have a touch more vibration without it.
  12. Blackwoodz

    12 kx250f

    I run 50/50 of 91 and u4 Bikes always ran great. A quick map ecu would be nice though.
  13. Blackwoodz

    Another yz finished and GONE

    Couple holes in the passenger seat.... original floor mats in car. PO put in the disco lighting...lol
  14. Blackwoodz

    Another yz finished and GONE

    It's 80s plastics.... Oh yeah.. But no cracks...95% unmolested car
  15. Blackwoodz

    Another yz finished and GONE

    Took me sec to get that....lol Those pics were from the seller's house. She's sitting cozy in the shop now Just ordered a few parts. Hoping to have it finished by the summer mods can close the thread. Didn't mean to drive off a cliff with my builds....lol