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  1. Had to pump a tire once to 70psi to make it seat on the rim. Might have to deflate it 3-4 times to wear in the rubber and don’t try it on cold ground. A warm driveway in the sun works best.
  2. I had a jetski that sat for a couple of years and didn’t start so I took it to work after I took it apart and ultra sonically cleaned. Your definitely going to have do some deep cleaning with today’s gas & no previous fuel treatment.
  3. Great news. Truly lucky the stoners that robbed your bike were really lazy, because they usually part the bikes out on cl & eBay Around where I live.
  4. supercross

    How old are these people posting. Sounds like there in prom mode.
  5. Went to a ims tank on mine for a yz and also changed the seat made cornering much better
  6. Check your kill button first then go thru what the other contributors mention and maybe look into finding another wiring harness on eBay
  7. If you drill it out use a lefthanded bit it will drive the screw out instead of in so you don’t have it use an extractor
  8. Check the needle main jet clearance. Could be a lot of dirt or sand getting thru the vent hoses
  9. Clean it off with a wire brush as best you can. Then pull the carb and spray a lot of pb blaster into the rotary & crankcase and let sit overnight. It should be loose the next morning, if not maybe pour some diesel fuel in the crankcase and let it fit a few days. Got nothing to lose
  10. If it held a bearing it was machined. Tolerances for bearing fits are usually-/+ .0005 of an inch
  11. If the screw extractor doesn’t work. Use a left handed drill with pb blaster.
  12. You might want to look into a later suzuki trail bike with a disc brake front end . Maybe a dr 200 might work
  13. j b weld first and clean it really well with alcohol & scotch brite, first & use mesh. Always worth a try first
  14. Put magnet on it. If it sticks it been sleeved
  15. Have a 2002 400 exc & could a few things first try a good plug and gas. If that doesn’t work take the air filter out to see if it’s glogged and as a last resort check your valve clearance