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  1. Just a video of a weekend ride i made.... annnnnd its -25c outside right now.
  2. Deman

    2004 rm250 forks- will rm125 fit?

    I hope you are righ, I will be getting 2006 rm125 and hold my fingers crossed:) Thanks you for your help
  3. Deman

    2004 rm250 forks- will rm125 fit?

    I looked up the part number on the 06 rm125 and 04 rm250 - for some reason the inner fork part numbers don't match, why would that be?!? :-/
  4. Deman

    2004 rm250 forks- will rm125 fit?

    I guess I need to know if the upper tube diameter would fit in the clams and the wheel would fit with the caliper..... So diameter of the upper tube and the crime tube would be nice to know
  5. Need forks for an rm250 2004 (showa) Will rm125 forks fit? What years? I want the same showa forks..... No clamp change etc Please help. Thanks
  6. Hey guys, this year I registered to the nationals harescramble races (is like cross country) here in Ontario Canada. It is my first year of trying to race (I signed up to the intermedeate class). I bought a new 08 300xcw in the winter and set it up with the goodies *also took off the e-start. Trying my skills in the races and so far I got myself a couple of trophys for 3rd places! Throught the races I make mistakes and they cost me in positioning, such as wrong tire pressures, suspention set up and unsecured grips. I was hoping some of you could giva me a heads up on things such as this so I dont have to learn from my own mistakes. By the way, I have a helmet camera at each of the races and post my videos at my blog here -----> http://www.dirtybikesxtreme.ca/index.php?o...id=36&Itemid=61 Any advice apreciated and let me know if you like the footage!
  7. Deman

    Is this the correct chain for my DRZ?

    I will be geting the regina then. Are JT sprockets good ones?
  8. Deman

    Is this the correct chain for my DRZ?

    Its the DID o-ring. Is it a good choice? anything cheaper?
  9. From TT SHOP: List Price: $95.84 Our Price: $86.26 You Save $9.58! MFR Part #: 520V x 112 Alternate Part #: PU_D18520V112 Will be running stock gearing of 15-44. Need the chain to be the same legnth as stock. Thanks
  10. Deman

    03 DRZ 400E vs. 05 KTM 450EXC

    If he the exact same level of a rider as you are (or a better one) He will kick your butt in any of those conditions and would be ble to ride for a longer time, as the bike is lighter and more "flickable" Realibility wise..........I think you win there.
  11. Is the Hotcams stage 2 (i think i got this right, the ones that the EX came without the auto decompression), so are those desirable to anyone? I know their spec are different from the Hotcams that got out later on (stage1). Basically, are people interested in Stage 1 or stage2?
  12. Deman

    Rm 250 forks, too much money. Why?

    If you are in the market for some RM fork. I got some 2000 RM250 forks AND tripple tree that are a direct bolt on to any of the DRZs. PM me if you are interested.
  13. Deman

    RM forks, respring/revalve? 200LB rider

    What would be the correct springs for this rider /bike weight Nothing crazy is going to be done with the bike (MX is not on the list) Just singletrack/fireroads and street duty.
  14. Basicaly this is the situation, Got some 2000RM forks and clamps lying around. Those are a direct bolt on to my DRZ400S 2003. The drz IS a havier bike than the RM and The rider weight 200pounds. Will the forks handle it/peform properly if I just bolt them on? No need to do 90' jumps. Or I realy should put stiffer springs.......(anything else i need to do?) Will it look like a low rider because the springs in the RM forks will be handling 500pounds