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  1. RichDesmond

    How much HP u think my DRZ 125 has?

    I've got a very similar setup, bike dyno'd at 8 1/2.
  2. RichDesmond

    03 DRZ 125L Fork Oil amount?

    Yes, always take the tubes off the bike (it's very easy) and always set the level, not the volume of oil. 30w oil at 170mm is a good starting point. After you've added some oil make sure you stroke the fork through a few full cycles to make certain any air bubbles have been purged from the bottom of the fork. It's more oriented towards street bikes, but there's a write-up on our site about the procedure at: http://www.sonicsprings.com/catalog/damper_rod_forks_tech_article.php
  3. RichDesmond

    Need info on Stiffening ride on KLX125

    I'll second that, they're really great people to work with. The owner, Kerry Cannon, is a bike guy through and through. Definitely "one of us" not just a guy moving product.
  4. RichDesmond

    does anyone have IRC or AMS tires?

    I had some IRC GP110s on a KLR250. Very good 80/20 tire IMO, loved them on the street and they were ok in the dirt as long as things weren't too muddy or sandy. For a cheaper 50/50 tire look at the Chen Shin 858s. Had those on the 250 also and really liked them both on and off road. I'm about to put a set on the 400, hopefully they'll work as well on the bigger bike.
  5. RichDesmond

    klx125 wiseco 11:1 stock bore piston

    I'm running 2 teeth up in the front, which I think means a 16 (it's been a while). For dirt use a 57 (stock) rear, when I road race it I go down to a 54 on the rear. Don't remember which vendor or how much, a friend owns a shop so I just go in and look through the books and find what I need. Pretty sure it was either the Tucker Rocky or Parts Unlimited book.Sorry for the delayed response, I've been on vacation.
  6. RichDesmond

    mods for dr-z 125

    Try the search function, there's a zillion threads with tons of good info.
  7. RichDesmond

    klx125 wiseco 11:1 stock bore piston

    Cool, thanks for the info. The Powroll cam works well, whether or not it's better than the Hot Cam I couldn't say. I'm a little (ok, a lot) dubious of the "remove the inner valve spring" bit. In fact, though it's been 2 years since I put the cam in, I don't remember there even being an inner valve spring. I reealllly didn't want to build a hand grenade of a motor, so I've been pretty conservative with the mods. The cam, BBR pipe, opened up airbox and jetting to match are all I've done to the motor. On dirt I go up 2 teeth on the C/S sprocket, on pavement I do that plus 3 teeth down on the rear. Bike still tags the rev limiter occassionally.
  8. RichDesmond

    DR-Z Haiku

    Dizzer borne I go Through trails, fields and mighty peaks Joy defines the ride. Good grief that sucks, but it's all I got for now.
  9. RichDesmond

    klx125 wiseco 11:1 stock bore piston

    Sounds like a good mod. I roadrace mine in class that's limited to 130cc, so the big bore kits are out. Plus I'm always a little worried about reliability in punched out motors. How much did you pay for the piston? Source? Just a data point for you, I used the milder of the 2 Powroll cams in mine, it really woke the motor up. Thanks, Rich
  10. RichDesmond

    Changed my mind...Kenda 270 question

    Over in the KLR650 world both the Kenda 270 and the Chen Shin 858 have good reps as 50/50 tires. I ran the 858's on a KLR250 and really liked them. Decent in the dirt, surprisingly good on the road, and extremely cheap. I'm going to try them on the 400, if the added power is too much for them it's not like the experiment cost a whole bunch.
  11. RichDesmond

    jetting on drz 125 /L

    You should open up the top of the air box, use a 107.5 main, a 20 pilot, shim the needle 0.020", and turn the fuel screw out to 2.5 turn out from fully seated. It'll make a big difference in how the bike runs. Also, going up 1 tooth on the C/S sprocket helps a lot, the stock gearing is ridiculously low. After that if you still need more power put in the milder of the 2 Powroll cams and go up to a 112.5 main. That's how I've got mine set up, I run 2 teeth larger on the C/S with the stock rear sprocket in the dirt, and then drop 3 teeth on the rear when I motard it. It'll do 70+ mph with street tires on it. In the dirt it hauls my 155 lbs around with no problems. I do have a BBR pipe instead of the White Bros., but I doubt that makes much difference either way. Stiffer fork and shock springs are a huge help also if you're adult sized.
  12. RichDesmond

    Best DOT approved knobbies?

    Kenda 760's work really well off-road, about like a non-DOT knobby. They pretty much suck on pavement. Cheap too.
  13. RichDesmond

    road tires

    For a pure street tire I'll second the BT45, they just started making the 90/90-21 front size this year. Most of the other street 21's are for cruisers. For a mostly street tire I had good luck with the IRC GP110's on my KLR250. Avon Gripsters have a good rep with the high-mileage adverture touring crowd.
  14. RichDesmond

    Drz 125 Big Bore Kit

    Another option is to just do the cam. Cheaper and easier than the big-bore kit. I put the Powroll mild cam in, and that along with the opened airbox and BBR pipe have really made the bike a lot better. With street tires on the bike will do over 70mph, off-road it pulls a 2-tooth larger C/S sprocket with no problem.
  15. RichDesmond

    Comparison? XT225 vs. KLR250

    I've got a KLR250, and I love it, but I think the XT is a better choice for a short newbie. BIG difference in the seat height, even with the Kouba links installed the KLR is taller, and the e-start makes all the difference for someone just starting out. If on the other hand your friend is already an experienced rider and just needs a manageable D/S bike, then the KLR might work, just depends on how they deal with the height of the kickstart lever.