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  1. lmaballa

    Gas tank is warped at the petcock/leaks.

    I still haven't gotten mine fixed on my 2010's. I thought they replaced the entire tank? No? I need to call up my local dealer.
  2. lmaballa

    YZ 125: Does my shock look blown?

    Thanks for the motivation. I weigh 163lbs without gear. Would you recommend a revalve or simply service the suspenion and then dial in the clickers, sag, etc?
  3. lmaballa

    YZ 125: Does my shock look blown?

    Thanks everyone for the input. I am going to try some adjustments. Hoping to have the suspension revalved in the next couple months hopefully.
  4. I have a stock 2006 yz 125 and my rear shock feels super soft compared to my 250F. Not sure if its blown or just needs some adjusting? Opinions? http://youtu.be/yoNRiP4Q8nY?list=UUXC5XIAWj9rnKVkWVI6Er6A
  5. lmaballa

    thoughts on rotella in these bikes

    Sorry to revive this thread, but is that what people are running? Triple protection? http://www.walmart.com/ip/Shell-Rotella-T-15W40-Motor-Oil-1-Gal/14958327
  6. Lol i see. Man I want to ride dunes sometimes, looks like a lot of fun. Nothing like that here in Houston.. lol..
  7. I think if you got some blue side panel graphics to match your graphcis kit, it would help out. Good job though.
  8. lmaballa

    New 2013 Kawasaki toy!

    lol what a idiot ... was funny though
  9. How in the world do you remember where you parked lol ?
  10. lmaballa

    Cannot believe this...

    blast him next time
  11. Man. I pray for him. I hope he gets everything he needs. However, forgive my ignorance, but why will he never ride again? Even if he gets a successful transplant?
  12. lmaballa

    lil' bit of Rev Limitering

    was your mom on a swing when she was recording this?
  13. would love to know that as well. I do not really like the new side panels .. looks kind of ugly :/
  14. lmaballa

    broken wrists

    Good luck. I have the same question. I just broke my wrist nasty 3 months ago. I still cant ride until January 14th so I am kind of worried how my wrist will feel. Uploaded with ImageShack.us