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  1. i would love to see Short on Chad's team
  2. sconeracing

    Sidi boots

    anyone need a pair of size 11 crossfire SRS? all black and BRAND NEW??
  3. sconeracing

    Rip rmc

    Sad news.
  4. sconeracing

    What kind of riding is there around austin

    thanks everyone for the info. we will see what happens
  5. sconeracing

    2011 BAJA 1000 Live Coverage

    whats going on with 2X and 8X?
  6. sconeracing

    2011 Baja 1000 Starting Order

    how is the weather down there? wet? Dusty?
  7. My wife and I are thinking of moving to Austin and I am wondering what kind of riding is available as in off road and trials. When I visited awlile back I was talking to a dealer and he told me that you have to join a club as there is no open areas to ride. is that true Thanks Shawn
  8. sconeracing

    OTBG 2012 proposed schedule

    Looks good Scott, the only issue I see is the race March 31st April 1st is the same weekend as the Desert 100 in Odessa. Hoping to hit a few races at the ridge next year.
  9. sconeracing

    24 Hour race reports, pics and everything else

    So next year are you going to sandbag or race AA??
  10. sconeracing

    Need some racing this winter?

    sounds good. Scott is awesome:thumbsup:
  11. sconeracing

    Ryan dungey just got a hall pass

    with everyone not doing this race it will be #2 I mean #1's MILLION to lose
  12. sconeracing

    Kawasaki Fires Mike Fisher

    Who is running the Suzuki team in 2012? can you say Mike?
  13. sconeracing

    Kawasaki Fires Mike Fisher

    this is going to start the merger of PC and Factory Kawi into 1 team
  14. sconeracing

    sherco 2012

    i think Franks in bellevue sells them