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  1. The WR250R shift shaft assembly is back ordered till Aug 31st. part # 3D7-18101-01-00 Open to suggestions for dealers that might have one. Thanks, Steve
  2. KillerHiller

    WR250R Electrical Problem- Code 46

    Fixed it! Bought a bad battery. Bought another one and problem solved :wings: Thanks for the feedback and help
  3. I have a 2008 WR250R with 1800 miles. This is my 2nd one. 1st one had 22,000 miles and never an issue. Anyway, I was cruising on pavement at about 45 and the bike started to sputter bad, Pulled over and could barley keep it running. Turned it off and then it would not start. Bumped started it but would only run at low rpms. Limped home but the bike actually ran slightly better when I used more electrical power. High beam and horn actually helped a little. Went and had the stator replaced but that didn't fix it. Bought a new battery too. Getting code 46. Anyone know what that one is? When connected to the charger and try to start, the starter just buzzes, then the display cuts out completely. EFI is engaging. When I turn the blinkers on, the front ones work fast and both right and left go at the same time. Rear blinkers worked properly. When trying to start without the trickle charger, I get a similar result but sometimes nothing happens including no display. I've checked the wiring harness and all plugs as well.(pulled the tank and radiator mounts to access everything. Checked the kill switch and fuses. Pulled headlight/ taillight and inspected for bare wires, etc. Looking for any feedback. Trying everything I can berfore bringing it to a dealer or shop for diagnostics. Thanks in advance!!
  4. Hey WRR riders! I put 21,000 miles on my 1st 2008 WR250R that I bought in 2014, and just bought another 2008 with 700 miles. I'm swapping parts over to the newer bike. I've done all the emissions mods to the old bike. I want to take off the FMF pipe and programmer and put the stock pipe back on the old bike. Will that work as long as I leave the EXUP servo eliminator on the old bike? To ask in a different way, what will it take to get the bike to run with the stock pipe again, without the FMF programmer? I removed the AIS, the exhaust cable butterfly crap, etc. Do I have to leave in the EXUP servo eliminator plug and that will do it? Thanks in advance! Steve
  5. KillerHiller

    Initial Yz250fx test ride today, better than I expected.

    You're right! Spring is better to sell but thought I'd post it now to see what happens. Yes, it's on Denver CL
  6. KillerHiller

    Initial Yz250fx test ride today, better than I expected.

    They are awesome bikes!! I just bought a sled and need to sell my 2015 YZ250FX. It's got about 25 hours on it and is listed in the TT Classifieds for $5900. I'm in Colorado.
  7. KillerHiller

    Look what followed me home today, a Yz250fx.

    Nice!! How much did you get it for?
  8. That was nice of you to stop!!
  9. KillerHiller

    Switched power point on YZ250FX ? (Lights)

    Thanks again! Sorry, looks like I got 2 threads on this topic. Both have been helpful. I'm a pretty confident wrench but still learning the electrical side of things.
  10. KillerHiller

    YZ250FX Light solutions

    Thanks for the info? What headlight are you using? Did you need a ground for the headlight? The kit is already grounded so I'm guessing it's not needed but double checking. Anyone know the locations of the auxiliary plugs? Thanks!
  11. KillerHiller

    YZ250FX Light solutions

    Looking for the best place to tap into a power source on this bike. I bought the Tusk Dual Sport kit which has a harness and all the lights except a headlight. The kit ties directly into the battery. I bought the stock WR headlight because I liked the factory mounting but now not sure how to power it or hook it up. Dont have the factory plug for the headlight. There are 3 prongs on the back of the stock WR headlight. Guessing one is power, Hi beam and low beam. Not sure which is which. The tusk kit recommends splicing into a live wire, but I'm looking for suggestions. Maybe I should return the WR headlight and go aftermarket but still looking for a power source. Direct to the battery? Thanks in advance for any feedback. I'm loving the bike!!
  12. KillerHiller

    Switched power point on YZ250FX ? (Lights)

    Did you find a solution for power? Couldn't find any info. Thanks in advance!
  13. I know this is an older comment but are the IC springs the small springs? Not the regular larger springs? I'm trying to get a litttle more plushness and have some extra lighter fork(both small and regular) and shock springs Has anyone tried this? Thanks KH
  14. KillerHiller


    I didn't see a price on the website. How much? Thanks
  15. KillerHiller

    WR250R Questions

    Thanks! Mission accomplished and all buttoned up. Experimenting with settings for high altitude and searching TT.