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    Which skidplate and handguards?

    Have the rooster, works and covers well but installation is a pain, with removal required to do a full oil change. Someone needs to come up with a better install method.
  2. KTM black plastic. Its really thick and light. Takes rocks and other bashes well, and every easy on and off for oil changes and clean up.


    Thanks guys, will pull jets and clean. If that doesn't do it "I'll be back."


    Been in storage a year. Fresh gas, plug is good, used an in gas carb cleaner to help get rid of build up. Still hard to start and won't idel. Have to use a lot of throttle to keep going. Suggestions?
  5. Have their contact information? Tbanks

    TTR 125L trick and stock parts for sale

    I am interested in a fuel tank. Do you have one. If so and its in good shape, let me know at JBRANDON44@HOTMAIL.COM thanks.

    KTM525 EXC Overheating

    Check your jetting as JEB suggests, if no luck with cap change. If still over heating, be sure you have not OVER filled the rad. and then go to KTM, get a fan, install it (easy) and problem solved.

    suspension question . . .

    Dicks Racing in Las Vegas does a really nice job. Just had my 525EXC done. It is way different from stock. Pricey, but then that is why you went with the BEST in a KTM. Save up, and save some skin from being thrown to the ground by your bike. Get the front and back done and you'll feel the difference. More stable, easier to turn, results in more confidence and fast speeds. Try it, you'll like it.

    Headlight for Nite Ride on XR400 - Help!

    Philthy, Gadsan, et al Thanks for the help. Based on an email from Gadsan I messed around with the wires this afternoon (while the wife was napping - this is HER day!) Unfortunately I had received some erroneous info from Rickystator on friday. Corrected the wiring and I had a shop full of LIGHT. Test ride tonight, race 31st. Now, Philthy and others, do you think I should be looking to change out the voltage regulator from stock to something that will handle more juice? I bought and installed the Rickystator 200w stator, along with their light kit, and if the stock regulator won't take the extra work, I will get replacement that will. Again, thanks all for the input. JB

    Headlight for Nite Ride on XR400 - Help!

    Philthy, Thanks for the input. The bike runs with the new stator in place, I just have no juice to the lights (front or back).

    Headlight for Nite Ride on XR400 - Help!

    Anyone able to help with instructions on checking to see if a stator has output? Put on new Rickystator 200w with their light kit. Nothing! Don't even have my tail light any more. What should I look for and what do I use (ie is output ac or dc, and how do I check with a multi metor, etc.) There were no wiring instructions so I called them. Did I perhaps getting bad instructions and have"wires crossed".

    TTR125 Rims

    Working on third front rim and first rear rim replacments - daughter is a little rough on the bike!? Have attempted to find upgrade rims without much luck - only source found is BBR and their price is a little steep. Any other suggestions? Thanks.
  13. Will someone post a complete list of the torque specs for the XR4. They seem to be all over the site, but not complete and not a complete set. Perhaps a link to a listing that can be printed out. Also is the Clymer repair manual good or should I get the shop manual from Honda? Thanks. JB

    Headlight for Nite Ride on XR400 - Help!

    Gadson, Thanks for the input. I am contacting Rickystator for a new stator and a new set of head lights as I really want to "race" - although that is an inaccurate term for the speeds I go - at a night. - I saw a post or ad somewhere about lights which attach to the helmet , with battery fanny pack. Any idea where I can find that again?
  15. Anyone have experience with adding/changing, etc for the XR400 (1999) to allow for night riding. Stock lite is way to weak. Would like to keep it inexpensive as I am a novice rider, and there are only about 2 rides a year for MRAN at nite. Thanks for any input and pointing me to other relevant threads if possible.