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  1. Bosley -30mm pegs and -20mm brake tip for my 701SM. I'm 5'9" tall and these make riding so much comfortable, and they make the OEM seat more comfortable and easier to move around on. Although, the OEM seat is still on grippy for me.
  2. Can't you print them from something that will hold up better?
  3. Do your ASV levers work properly? Because ASV wants them all back. My brake lever had no free play and put constant pressure on the master piston. They have no plans on making levers that work for the 701 and they don't offer them for the 701 anymore.
  4. Almost 5000 miles and it's been wonderful!
  5. Don't be gealous. I was just in Georgia. I love it there, it's so beautiful and nice!
  6. Canyon 701SM

    new 2016 enduro R eating oil like a pig

    Yeah, this just isn't true. Not all dealers put miles on a new bike. My 701SM came with .2 miles on it. If you think about it rationally, if the rings were so soft to be seated in a few minutes, they would wear out in a matter of hours. They need an very aggressive breakin because they are made of a very hard material. The 701 comes with non-synthetic oil for the breakin. I broke mine in very hard for 1000 miles on non-synthetic oil and I changed the oil three times during the breakin. Then, I switched to synthetic oil. I have almost 5000 miles on it and I havent had to add a drop of oil. And, I ride the shit out of it.
  7. Canyon 701SM

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    This thread is for posting pics of supermotos, if you haven’t noticed. I’m getting tired of getting subscription emails of you guys chatting. Try messaging each other instead!
  8. Canyon 701SM

    My wife sure knows how to push my buttons

    Oh good God! She didn’t tell me she was married. I guess you always have to ask these days.
  9. Canyon 701SM

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    Let's get back to posting pictures of Suoermotos. There's plenty of other places to talk about wheels.
  10. Canyon 701SM

    Show your PIG

    Street legal? How the hell did you do that? I need to leave this stupid state of Caliphukme!
  11. Canyon 701SM

    Show your PIG

    I saw any XR or XL 500cc or above.
  12. Canyon 701SM

    Show your PIG

    KTMs definetely are not included.
  13. Canyon 701SM

    Show your PIG

    What’s a KTM doing here? There’s always that one dip shit!
  14. I already told you guys what it is.
  15. Oh I forget, it carries a gallon of gas in a conventional tank and two gallons in the subframe.