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    trials, baseball w my boys. VINTAGE HIFI/vinyl music.
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    Stu is good people.. and yes 80:1 is exactly that... People often try to borrow other techniques from off road and apply them to trails bikes... and for the most part they do not work... ( the trials bike for trail riding thing,,,) people always asking about sag and such... I actually have heard of guys cranking down the rear spring ,,, because it was "bouncy" and why would anybody want that... ?? and all other sorts of foolishness... I heard a saying that in trials " you have to THINK really fast to go really slow.." and that is where we lose most people who think they are interested in trials...
  2. polarity3232


    WOW.. looks pretty good !!!.. Lots of lines hiding in there for sure,...
  3. polarity3232


    SABOR.. I would love to see some photos of your spot/s....
  4. polarity3232


    Where in AR are you ? If I end up there I might have to look you up.. I have been riding trials for about 8yrs now, have cleared , set up , ribbon'd and marked HUNDREDS of sections over the years have also been promoter for MANY days of trials events.... I cannot believe there is no trials there, the terrain looks amazing ...where do you ride ?? private areas, public , stealth ?? Thanks for the response. Chad
  5. polarity3232


    Good afternoon all.. SO... I used to stop by here fairly regularly on the TT OBT forum , but have not been here I some time... ( to be honest it got kind of old seeing all the posts about " trials bike as a TRAIL bike thing. Get a freaking trail bike already.... ) SORRY, anyway .. I am possibly moving to Arkansas (will live in the greater Little Rock area) with a job promotion and wondering what kind of trials scene there is or is not ? Maybe just a few guys local , with no club a place or places to ride ...The terrain looks well suited for trials in the NW areas of the state. I have looked at the clubs around the area and the closest I can find is some stuff in the MO area ?? Maybe I am just overlooking it ?? Any help is appreciated..
  6. polarity3232

    Help finding a bike

    The "ECO" models are a great option for beginners ( or most of us club level riders). The 2012 GG eco has the same motor as the other 2012's but utilizes an older frame style ( 2008, 09, 10 ?) and some older different components.. I am not an expert on the eco but these are things i have heard.. Seems like everything almost any of us could need in a trials bike... 20 miles from hot springs.?? (awesome)... I drove from there(HSpr) to bentonville, through the (forget the name) state forest area.. AMAZING.. is there any off road riding areas near there ?? Chad
  7. polarity3232

    Help finding a bike

    Here is a great deal .Its been on the STRA site for a few weeks... they might even work on price..?? http://www.stratrial...rame/index.html look in classifieds (2012 GG ECO model) Where are you in AR, It is in my work territory and have seen some AMAZING looking terrain there as i travel through, especially around hot springs... would love to ride out that way sometime.. chad
  8. polarity3232

    2002 SHERCO 50cc

    FOR SALE....2002 SHERCO 50cc trials bike.. PERFECT for the little ones.. Bullet proof, runs great every time.. can send pics if interested.. Call or text quick, I'm thinking this wont be around for too long... not too easily found..$850 Thanks , Chad 205.370.1817
  9. polarity3232

    want to buy oset trials bike

  10. polarity3232


    Here is a link to our web page with the flyer and all the info you might need for this event ... http://www.stratrials.com/ also links (home page and trials page) to THE RIDGE offroad complex in springville AL , where the event will be held... http://www.ridgeriding.com/trials.htm http://www.ridgeridi...m/home_page.htm This is some of the BEST trials terrain you will find anywhere..... hope to see you there.. Chad
  11. polarity3232

    1999 GG ec250 4sp trans...

  12. polarity3232

    Trials in the Carolinas?

    Never had one of those TY (had a 74) , sounds like a reasonable starting point as well as pull the carb and giving it a good cleaning/blowing out . have fun. Chad
  13. polarity3232

    Chris Blose on a YZ 250 for Hangtown

    I agree w gnarly .... let them run whatever they want 2t , 4t, vtwin, whatever, but set a RWHP limit for a "lites" and "SX" class... if there is any question after a race if some team snuck a 500 2t that makes too much rwhp ...test it ( dyno etc...) and if it fails DQ the rider for that race and fine team etc... maybe a little oversimplified but you get the gist....
  14. polarity3232

    99 ec 250 clutch

    anyone know what size the large nut that holds the clutch basket on is ?? ??? want to make sure i have the correct socket on hand before getting in there... thanks
  15. polarity3232

    Trials in the Carolinas?

    Welcome, (back)... STRA is the biggest club in the SSE, we have events all over the south, (GA, AL, TN, MS, NC) take a look at the site. There are plenty of resources there ( as well as quite a cast of "characters") !! chad http://www.stratrials.com/