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  1. aneal000

    Need a dual sport to replace the DRZ400S

    Don't know about CA, but I can tell you that I went from a DRZ-S to a KTM 450EXC and it's amazing. I did put a plate on mine here in MO, didn't even have to jump through any hoops. The 450 easily did over 100, tried it once, but that's not my style anymore. Actually ended up getting hooked on the purly off road stuff and the benefit of not worrying about breaking signals, mirrors, lights, made me pull my plate in return for the trailer, never thought I'd go there, but I did. Anyway, all I'm saying is the KTM is a day and night better bike for offroad than the drz, you may also gain some top speed with the ktm, but that wouldn't be my reason for buying it. It's an offroad bike that can be rode on the street in some states.
  2. aneal000

    250X Awesome Ride this Weekend

    Granted I did come to a sacred place But reread m3's first post... going off on poor old KTM's for no good reason... He can't just be happy to have good riding buddies, no, he has to trash talk them behind our back in his own "room" I think my comments were waranted.
  3. aneal000

    250X Awesome Ride this Weekend

    It keeps going down... I just saw 21 for the high! 6 for the low... and were not talking Euros here either!
  4. aneal000

    250X Awesome Ride this Weekend

    <troll/> HONDA = Had Only Nine Dollars Available or KTM.............Because second sucks! or Roses are Red (Honda) Violets are Blue (Yamaha) I love KTM And smoking the pants off you! Roses are Red Violets are Blue Real dirt bikes are Orange JUST LIKE THE ONE YOUR BUDDY RIDES!!! <end_troll> Buddy # 2, the other KTM onwer here, not the one that wouldn't even try the hill! Can't wait till this weekend when I get to defend KTM against your little red wagon!
  5. not only are you going to loose you are going to get ran off the internet with your smack talk about ktmtalk... it's going to get ugly around here... lol!
  6. Dude that is too funny... I don't even have to respond that is so pathetic... You are going to loose so bad! And you forgot to mention that there will be one CRF230F in the comp also. ha! You might beat him if you can balance.
  7. aneal000

    Owner Of A New KTM 450EXC

    Ahhh... the emotional part of buying a new bike! You will love it then!
  8. First off make sure the bike is good and warm, ride it hard for 15-20 min to make sure every part of the motor is at proper operating temperature. Then start with the screw at the recommended position per JD, start by truning it out in 1/8-1/4 turn incriments and riding it hard for 10-15 min each time to see if it's better or worse. Don't go past 3 turns out. If that doesn't work, then try going in with the needle following the same procedure above. You need to try this first before you try chaning the clip position, neelde or MJ.
  9. aneal000

    "steering" head bearings

    Good question, what is good grease to use on the steering head? I should probably do mine!
  10. aneal000

    450 exc running lean

    Congrats, I was on the same bike, did the same chage for the same reasons... awesome bike! Congrats! Frist do the JD kit, it helps. I found mine still had the decel popping and it was due to the exhaust pipe not sealing up tight around the header. Used some high temp silicon and it stopped... for a day or so! Seal it up and I'll bet your decel popping goes away but comes back when the stuff wears out, seems no one knows of any good high temp sealer that will last in that applicaiton. Doesn't seem to hurt anything and you learn to not rev it up real fast with the clutch in just to make noise... normal riding I don't notice it much at all...
  11. I second, or third, or whatever we are up to on the Synergy seals. Blew my 04 stock seals after a few rides, well 1 ride in the mud. Ordered up the synergy ones and they look like a much better design and higher quality than the stock ones. The customer service is great also and that goes a long way. I would recommend trying them!
  12. aneal000

    Owner Of A New KTM 450EXC

    Your going from a 450R to the 450EXC... the honda makes a lot of power and has a stong hit, you might be a little let down by that, but I think you will like it a lot in the woods. I, like many here went from a DRZ to the KTM and couldn't be happier. Had a chance to spend some time on the new honda 250x over the weekend and still love my ktm! Can't say there is a lot more maintence on the ktm over the drz. Had to adjust the valves for the first time on a bike... that wasn't too bad. Probably should of done it at some point on the drz but never did. Fork seals... everyone knows about those, but now I have the Synergy seals and hopefully will be done with that problem. Other than that it's been rock solid and a absolute blast to ride! Can't imagine changing to something else... man that's a good feeling!
  13. aneal000

    KTM 450 EXC VS. 250X

    An opinion on the CRF250x from a KTM 450EXC owner... I'm a fairly newbie here, started riding dirt last year on a DRZ and quickly realized I wanted a pumpkin! Bought a 04 450EXC this spring and couldn't be happier. Have done a lot of the recommended mods, JD kit, GPR steering damper, etc, etc... nothing major. Getting to the point where I'm pretty comfy on it and truly happy with it. Finally talked my buddies wife into letting him get a bike! So we go and get him (malibu3) a CRF250x last week. Spent the weekend riding and had a great time. I got to spend some time on the 250x and liked it alot. It made good power, very smooth, with no real hard hit or down low grunt power like my 450, but it did make smooth power thru the entire rpm range, would even pull the front wheel in 1-3 if you got on it. It didn't have the low end I was expecting, I tried to lug it around once like I am used to doing on the 450 and it died on me, almost put me over the bars. But as long as you keep it revved up you have plenty of power. Not 450 power, but enough... lol I know the bike is lighter but didn't notice the weight difference at all. I was really worried going into the weekend that I would fall in love with how light it was, but I didn't. Not saying it's heavy, just saying it wasn't the day and night differece I saw when I went DRZ to KTM. The suspension was great... no complaints there. I did feel a little skittish as I also got real used to my steering damper, so without one it felt real squirly. I know apples and oranges here (get it?) but from what I could tell it did handle well. I wouldn't say better than my bike, just different and equally as well. Would take some more time to see if I liked one or the other better. Final thoughts... overall very nice bike, but not in the least bit tempted to go trade in the ktm like I thought might have happened. I love the power of the 450 and all the other little things that go along with the ktm (read: hydraulic clutch ) I think it's going to be a great bike for him! Now if I can just get him to listen to me about what to do to it...
  14. aneal000

    Just got a Brand New 04!

    Yeah you can buy the bike out the door for $4900, but it will come in a crate. And the other catch is they are all sold out!
  15. aneal000

    Rejetting CRF 250x with JD Kit

    You can find all the answers you will ever need at www.tony's-garage.com