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  1. Would like to here yall's opinion on the following: 2002 - 2004 F150 Extended Cab 5.4 4wd - I am personally a big fan and have had a bunch of buddies that have said model with 150k miles and no issues. I am in the process of looking for one with lower miles and haven't had much success yet. 2004 - 2005 F150 Extended Cab 5.4 4wd 6.5 ft bed (i.e. new body style). What is the word on the street with this model???? Seems to be quite a few at a resonable price with low (under 25k miles) Note - I am not brand specific, but my last new truck was another major brand and had some significant issues (weird brake issues, a transmission that would never shift quite right - new valve body at 10k miles - new tranny at 70k.... etc etc. Gonna pass on this brand for this go round. This is why I am not looking at other brands (however if I could find an extend cab 96-98 extended cab vortec 4wd z71 with low miles I would jump on it). Not looking at Toyota's because it about impossible to find a used one with lower miles a resonable price. Chickenhauler?ToyotaTechGuy?yes even cowboychevy your comments are requested.
  2. georgiajim

    Northern California - Bigbob, KevinXR and all

    Re: Bigbob I really don't want to live in the suburbs (maybe my impression of bay area suburbs is mistaken) Suburbs in Atlanta - nothing to do, a good drive to anything of interest to a 28 yr old single guy that likes to drink a few beers from time to time and hit on a few ladies. Are there certain areas that might be good other than the city? Had a buddy that was out there in San Jose for about a year and a half and he indicated that the bay area is a great place to live, but he indicated it is lot more fun in the city or even Sacramento. I am moving to a place where I don't have a big social network and want to live in an area that is populated more with single people (the more ladies the better) than families. Am I missing something here?
  3. georgiajim

    Northern California - Bigbob, KevinXR and all

    I realize nowhere is perfect and Austin is on my shortlist of cities (been considering moving for about 2 years now and am now in the planning stages probably six months out). However, the bay area wins for me from a job perspective (computer engineer/network consultant). One of my largest concerns is being able to put together a social life - living somewhere with no friends sucks big time. I do have a few "friends of friends" and am pretty out going, but am concerned if I don't live in the city (i.e. marina, richmond, western addition, presidio) I will be somewhat isolated and it will be more difficult to make new friends etc. Dirt? I will gladly trade my dirt for your views.... Wheelz - are you moving or just taking a vacation???? Jim
  4. georgiajim

    Northern California - Bigbob, KevinXR and all

    Employment is already in the works - been an independent consultant for about 2 years, but if I make the move I want the stability of a full time job in the bay area. I have many good clients in the area that would love me to come on full time. That being said I am more interested in the living aspects - I don't mind apartment living and will probably be looking to live in the city - 28 and single (yes I know $1500 and up for a decent apartment). Really looking for input on the "life" aspect of the area. Is is just my imagination that people are much more active. It seems like in Atlanta, there are two things to do (get married make babies lie on couch all weekend or get drunk all weekend). Whereas in SF, everyone is biking, hiking, boating, surfing, skiing, snowboarding, dirtbiking, fishing etc etc etc. Jim
  5. Hey - call me crazy but I am seriously considering loading up and moving to the Bay Area. Been out on work several times lately to SF and surrounding areas and am ready for a change from Atlanta. Call me crazy but it seems like you have so much to do (last time I flew into SFO and drove out to Tahoe that night went skiing the next day and drove back to Sausalito for business). Realize it is quite a bit more expensive, but there is also a lot more opportunity for the work I do (telecom consulting). Is it pretty easy to find people to ride with? Lots of places within about 4 hours to ride? Any advice? Comments? Any thing I may be overlooking? Thanks Jim
  6. georgiajim

    Bike not paid off - How to sell?

    Hmm. I have always wondered about this, but am almost sure it does not work this way "the lien holder will send the new buyer the title". I am pretty sure the title must be signed by the lien holder (releasing the lien) and also signed by the title holder (the title may be in possession of the lienholder, but the individuals still "owns" the vehicle). My understanding is that further legal action is required before a lien holder can convert the property to their possession (and then have the title reissued in their name). Thus the state would not simply reissue the title in a third person's name once the lien was satisfied - I dunno maybe it is law in some states that a bill of sale will suffice for the owners signature on the title???????
  7. georgiajim

    Tongue Weight Explained?

    whatch yall talkin bout boys. down these parts we just chain the sumbeech to the bumper of our 83 caprice and hit it. then again, i guess all the chicken wire patches make the trailer lighter than it used to be. Kelstr - 42 ft hmmmm, I never thought bout it but i guess i should just take my house next time too after all it does have wheels. just kiddin akpilot7 - all this math got me confused. you saying I should strap my coolers filled with Natty Light and dufflebag stuffed with my wife to the roof of my trailer or the tongue
  8. georgiajim

    am i to fat ?

    unless you are 7 feet tall, then yes you are to fat - I am too. Your bike was setup for a 5'8" asian guy weighing about 160 lbs. you need new springs and no your azz doesn't look fat in those jeans.
  9. southern powersports is the real deal. went to pickup an 06 crf250x for 5289. don't eat ahead of time (it took about 5 hours after writing the check for the motorcycle to get delivered to the shack they work out of. The way they do business had me concerned with it being some sort of rip off, but everything went as promised (I think that has to do with the amount of volume they do - 120 bikes/atvs the Friday I was there.)
  10. georgiajim

    wheel change

    interesting to hear how much trouble people have with tires.. My first time installing tires (S12 front and rear) was extremely easy. Used two tire irons and was done in probably 30 minutes (not including taking the rims off of the bike). However, I am convinced it was due to an added step. Before I attempted to put the new tires on, I put them in the shower with the hot water wide open for about 15 minutes while I watched TV and drank a couple three beers.
  11. georgiajim

    How do you adjust your valves?

    forgive my ignorance. how do you check them with a dial indicator?
  12. LOL - instead of letting you spend 5 minutes looking at some chicks they are costing themselves a couple of hours while you find a way around it. Interesting bout the reverse lookup - I used to work for a Tier I Internet provider and not using the domain name would work. Another possibility is that the metatag (or whatever the terminology for the description etc is) still will have xxx and that is what is blocking the page???
  13. if it is just the dns then go to for example
  14. georgiajim

    BRP + BWP (Big Red Pig + Big White Rider)

    BWB63, Great photos. However, the best one you have posted was of that young lady you claim is your wife in front of your BRP (I am still saying daughter - just kidding). Hopefully one of these days I'll get my BRP out of the woods and mountains and into it's natural habitat (desert). My plan is to ship it to a friend of my in LA so I can take a 3-4 day vacation every couple of months and keep my newly aquired wr450f for the woods.
  15. georgiajim

    BRP + BWP (Big Red Pig + Big White Rider)

    hmm. maybe I shouldn't have put big white rider - was just poking fun of my self (larger than your average rider here in the south east @ between 250-300 depending on what I had for dinner the day before - kinda went with big red pig - in hindsite should have put big white pig lol).