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  1. vesil

    Cracked case

    Bike CR125 2003. So I went riding a sand track today and on the first laps warming up the left engine case suddenly got cracked. There is a visible crack above the front sprocket and a piece of case and a couple of bearing balls came out from under the sprocket. I havent even looked closely or disassembled anything yet but I suspect I will need a new left crankcase plus some gears and other stuff probably. Problem is there doesnt seem to be any 2003 left cases available anywhere as it seems to be discontinued. However both case halves are available for a 2004 CR125 and the title says 03-04 for those parts. It is a different part number than the 2003 case but is it still the same part? I mean can I just buy the 2004 left case where available and it will fit the 2003 motor? Does anyone know this? Or does anyone here have a spare 2003 CR125 left crankcase maybe? Thanks!
  2. vesil

    Should I get a MCT?

    I have a 2006 RMZ450 which has a manual cam chain tensioner and recently also got a 2012 model. The 2012 has automatic camchain tensioning as you all know. I was watching JS7's Yoshimura Suzuki on youtube and noticed it has a manual camchain tensioner that looks just like the one on my 2006 RMZ. I realize they have a manual tensioner because of reliability. But how many ordinary riders replace their auto tensioners with manual? I kind of liked it on my -06 because I knew when the chain started rattling about how much it had stretched. You really cant tell with a auto tensioner until the tensioner is bottomed out, or the chain snaps.. -So do you think it would be worth getting a MCT instead for the -12?
  3. I just got a 2012 RMZ450 coming off a 2006 RMZ450. I suppose I need to buy some springs for it since I weigh about 156lbs and the bike has stock springs in it. I havent ridden it yet... Now in the 2006 RMZ I have 0.44 fork springs changed from stock 0.46 and a 5.4 shock spring changed from 5.7 and that bike is handling very well. The 2012 RMZ has 0.48 and 5.8 springs stock and according to the mx-tech spring rate calculator I need 0.44 and 5.4 for 176lbs (in gear), so same rates I have in the -06. But the racetech calculator says 0.458 forks and 5.24 shock rates for 156lbs (without gear) which would mean closest available rates would be 0.46 and 5.2?? So Im wondering which calculator to trust and what springs to actually get for the -12... And if anyone has any used suitable spring I might want to buy them.
  4. vesil

    CR250 broke rod (warning graphical)

    No problem. Big end bearing still spins freely and has no noticeable play. Click for bigger pictures.
  5. vesil

    CR250 broke rod (warning graphical)

    I wasn't over revving, it happened in the middle of the powerband actually.
  6. Was out riding MX yesterday when suddenly BAM and back wheel locked. There was a big hole under the crankcase and gearbox oil came out through it. This was a 1993 bike with a 1999 engine, new 1998 cylinder, wiseco piston, OEM crank. All that survived was the gearbox and cylinder head. A sad day, and I need to look for a new engine.
  7. vesil

    1993 upgrade suspension

    Well I am trying to update my 93 CR250's suspension. I have been studying what can be done and so far I have gotten a 1996 CR250 shock from ebay which Im going to rebuild and use because it has the hi-speed comp adjuster. Havent tested it on the bike yet. It was about half full of oil when I got it and hasnt been rebuilt before, so stock shims still (peen on shaft). Does anyone have any opinion on the stock -96 shock? stiff, sloppy, or ok? I would rather have it stiff than sloppy. Im going to ride mostly mx-tracks. Also the stock spring on the -93 (Showa) is a 5.0kg, but stock on -96 (KYB) is 5.6kg?? Why is that, arent the 92-96 more or less the same frame/bike? I am also planning on getting some twin chamber forks for this bike. I really dont like the 93 forks. Even though I put stiffer springs and heavier oil in them they're still too sloppy but really harsh on high speed hits. Anyone have advice what model/year forks would be best to get? (CR/CRF Showas?) Thanks!
  8. vesil

    2006 suzuki rmz450 help

    Do you use a OEM Suzuki head gasket? If not then it may well be leaking even if its new. I have seen it happen on my own RMZ with a aftermarket gasket.
  9. vesil

    Son needs a new bike

    Here is another video, he's going WOT on that jump and bottoming on landing.
  10. vesil

    I have a question,

    Sounds like its running really lean. I would say a dirty pilot jet. (there may be 2 pilot jets on top of each other)
  11. vesil

    Son needs a new bike

    He is turning 6 this month. He has been riding a JR50 the past year and has really started riding over the JR50's capabilities lately, jumping and forks bottoming hard. I have made a small track behind our house where he has been riding almost every day. If he keeps beating up the JR there wont be anything left of it for his younger brother... The bike is also looking a bit small for him. I have put a 11 front sprocket on, drilled the airbox and a 70 main jet. The speed is enough but the frame cant handle it... There is a 2004 KX65 available locally at the moment. I know its way too big for him, but could it be lowered enough to be rideable for a 6 yo? Here is a video of him riding: What do you think?
  12. vesil

    Gaerne,Sidi or Alpinestar?

    I have 2 friends that use the A* tech10 and they both need a small hammer to get the buckles open and closed. btw. Im currently using SG-10 and they are getting somewhat worn at 300 hours and many hard crashes... Will be getting SG-12 next i think.
  13. vesil

    checking for TDC without removing valve cover???

    At first I always tightened my camchain by the book and removed the cam cover and timing plug checking for TDC exactly. These days I just ride until I hear some chain noise. Then I kick the engine over just until when it goes over the TDC pop. Close enough, loosen the 12mm nut and the hex bolt. Tighten hex bolt and 12mm nut back up and Im done. Takes about 30-60 seconds. And I have 280h on the bike now
  14. vesil

    3rd gear 2006

    I seem to remember reading that its common for the (06) 450 to jump out of 3rd gear sometimes. Mine has always done it more or less. Typically once or twice during a moto if I dont let the revs drop enough when shifting up into 3rd without clutching. When I let go of the gas momentarily it goes back into gear, or into 4th gear by itself. Anyone know whats causing this? Cant be just worn parts because my bike has been doing it since I bought it almost new. I measured the shift fork thickness once because of this, but not recently and they were in spec. It hasnt bothered me all that much until about a week ago. I quickly shifted into 3rd and WOT just before a jump with a gap between it and the landing. As I was going up the face of the jump the gear popped out. I remember hearing the rev limiter and front end diving as I went to the air. Landed too short and went tumbling on the landing. It didnt hurt because I was well protected, until the next rider that was right behind me landed and ran over my legs. Didnt break anything this time, just bruised badly. I would really like to know that the gear stays in when shifting before a jump the next time however... Any theories about this?