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  1. slowxr

    Tiger in the Utes

    Yes, more photos!!!
  2. slowxr

    Fitment of air filter side panel XR650R

    I’ve used a UNI. Almost exclusively here in the California desert. Well oiled and grease around the edges....still have dust on the inside of my air box. My intakes are almost always tight after about 1000 miles.I was told this is from dirt getting through the filter. I should mention I almost always ride solo, so my rides are low dust. I’m on my 3rd 650r and about 100k off-road miles I decided to give the OEM air filter a try. Same results. Dust in my air box and 1000 mile intake valve adjustments. There is my 2cents!
  3. slowxr

    Barstow to Lauphlin Gps Trail

    We usually stage in Cal City near the prison. Head to Peggy Sues and get gas. Down towards and through Afton Canyon, over to Bacon Strip Ranch, then second gas in Baker. Then last stretch(about 130 miles) out towards and on the Mojave Trail and into the Avi for the night. That's 330 miles and takes us about 9 hours. Only about 10 miles of pavement. All the stuff Mojave Mutt talks about off Kelbaker is some of the best out there. I'm sure he know all the best stuff. I've only explored the jeep trails that are on the AAA map and have been stoked. Super scenic and fast!
  4. slowxr

    olancha to jawbone

    Yes, many times.
  5. slowxr

    throttle cables - oem or aftermarket...?

    I have both OEM throttle cables on ebay that might sell for $1. Maybe someone could use these.
  6. slowxr

    Cal city to Primm Nevada

    The pole line rode was open as of March. I'm assuming its still open. Such a fun overnight trip. I've done it many times.
  7. slowxr

    Creeping with clutch pulled in? xr650r

    So....I adjusted the clutch at the motor and on the lever. Both directions hoping this might help. I normally run 30mm of play in the lever. I adjusted it to 10mm and it seems to help. Back to 30mm then back to 10mm. Now the clutch doesn't engage near the grip but out about 1/2in(like it always did) and it feels normal. Shifting smooth. The rear wheel still spins when in gear, clutch in and wheel off the ground. Maybe it always did this? I replaced alot of parts, so I'm not sure what cured it. I suspect it was the clutch basket from the beginning and I didn't adjust the lever properly after replacing the parts.
  8. slowxr

    Creeping with clutch pulled in? xr650r

    So, I've replace metal and fiber disks, new inner and outer clutch basket and replaced the bushing(it was the upgraded part and slid right off the shaft). And.....the symptoms are the same. Still feels like its creeping when the clutch is pulled in and in gear. I only have to let the clutch lever out a tiny bit and the bike starts to move. I guess I could replace the clutch rod but it "looked" fine when I inspected it. Any other idea's?
  9. slowxr

    Kick Starter Spindle. Install question.

    That was it. With the spindle installed, the spring rested just a bit off the insert hole. So I wound the spring over a full turn, then inserted it into the hole. That fixed it.
  10. Xr650R. I was removing my clutch basket and when I pulled the basket off, the kick starter spindle 'popped out". I followed the directions in the manual and slid it back in and reinstalled the spring. Now the kick starter doesn't feel right. I goes down when I push it through but doesn't return or align correctly when I pull the kick starter back up. I taken it apart 3 times and am obviously missing a step. Any idea?
  11. I'm looking for a pair of OEM XR650R handguards. Anyone have a newer/clean pair they'd like to part with? thanks
  12. After removing OEM hand guards, there is a lot of slop in the clutch lever. I've tried to shim it with a washer etc but it never seems quite right. Anyone come up with a clean solution for this? Thanks
  13. slowxr

    Creeping with clutch pulled in? xr650r

    So, I put in new fibers and steel plates. Didn't cure it. Removed the basket to take a look at the bushing. No problem slide right off. But the inner clutch basket does have notches in it from the steel plates. Deep enough to catch my finger nail when I run it across them. Maybe this is the problem?
  14. New problem. Clutch fully pulled in and rear wheel moving while in gear. Turning fast/hard enough that I can feel it while sitting on bike. What caused this? I was told maybe warped steel clutch plates?