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  1. jdaugherty33

    Riding near Sequatchie, TN

    Correct they are closed for turkey season but I think that starts in late March this year.
  2. jdaugherty33

    Riding near Sequatchie, TN

    There's a great single track riding area about 60 minutes from there. They offer a few long loops that range from a 24 mile fast flowing single track loop, to a 25 mile mile adventure loop that is GPS only. The loops in-between progress from straight single track to hilly, technical riding. It has a great area for camping (no hook ups though) and it's close to Winchester TN so there's places to stay/eat. The land is leased by a private club and there is an annual fee. They normally do not offer a day-rate but can when there is a planned group ride. They are closed during April and the early part of May but open otherwise in the spring and summer. PM me if interested and I can put you in touch with the right person with the club.
  3. jdaugherty33

    Cylinder and head coolant ports don't match up

    I put about 3 hours on the bike yesterday and it only lost a little bit of coolant, I think most of which came out of the overflow. Hopefully the last rebuild took care of it. To answer some of the questions, I had reused the metal head gasket which may have been part of the problem the second time around. This time I used a new metal head gasket with the copper spray and a new paper head gasket with Pematex red. Jar944 - thanks for the info on the mis-matched ports. BW - it's interesting to know you had the same issue. What is the free head mod - I haven't heard of it?
  4. jdaugherty33

    Cylinder and head coolant ports don't match up

    There are no visible external leaks but I think it's leaking into the cylinder. All I know for sure is I lose quite a bit of coolant though the course of each ride - about 20 to 30 ounces.
  5. I've got a 2008 YZ250 with the Eric Gorr 300 conversion. I put the kit on a few months ago and have had problems losing coolant ever since. I just reinstalled the base and head gasket for a third time and noticed the coolant ports don't line up very well between the head and the cylinder. I am referring to the ports that circle the cylinder. Most of the ports line up but two of them overlap by about half an inch. One of the ports is a large one inch opening in the cylinder but the metal gasket and the head only have a tiny hole in them. Does anyone know if this is normal? I just found a picture of a big bore kit that looks similar but wanted to confirm this is normal. Thanks in advance.
  6. jdaugherty33

    losing anti freeze

    I had this exact problem recently after installing the EG kit. There were no apparent leaks whether the bike was running or not. I reinstalled the head and base gaskets and still had the problem. It turned out I hadn't tightened the hose clamp on the bottom of the right radiator. It would only leak when the bike was running and on its side or nearly upside down. Because the radiator tube went inside the hose, it didn't leak when it was upright even when it was running. I was "lucky" enough to end up laying next to my bike when it was upside down after a failed hillclimb and noticed it leaking. It may not be the case with yours but it's worth checking all the water hoses to be sure.
  7. jdaugherty33

    My 1989 rm250 build

    Damn, Matt, that bike looks awesome! Great rebuild. It'll be good to get you back on the trails - but that bike's too pretty to bring to the Ridge.
  8. jdaugherty33

    Lost my low-end mojo - 2008 YZ250

    Thanks for the replies. I pulled the cylinder and it is extremely worn, especially in the center. A couple gearhead friends looked at it and said it is most likely the problem. I'm surprised the problem came on so quickly but enough people I trust agree that it's the problem that I'll take their word for it. I've ordered a new cylinder and top end kit. But I'm going to research the EG kit tonight and may cancel my other order if it looks like a good option.
  9. jdaugherty33

    Lost my low-end mojo - 2008 YZ250

    The plug looked more rich than anything which is why I wasn't too worried about changing the jets - well, that and just plain laziness. I'll probably just change the top end if I have to pull the head off to inspect the PV closer. I'll be surprised though if the top end is the primary cause since the problem seemed to appear so quickly while riding.
  10. jdaugherty33

    Lost my low-end mojo - 2008 YZ250

    The top end makes sense but it's strange that it would come on so suddenly. I would've expected a more gradual decline in power. I didn't test the compression when it was fresh so I don't have a good comparison. It starts great cold - one or two kicks with the choke on. But it's more difficult to start warm - it's now taking 3-4 kicks whereas before the problem it would always start on the first kick warm. Is this more of an indication of top end issues?
  11. jdaugherty33

    Lost my low-end mojo - 2008 YZ250

    My 2008 YZ250 seems to have lost its low end. We were climbing hills a couple weeks ago and about the 6 run up the same hill it seemed like the low-end just disappeared. It had been running great all day. From that point on, it bogs big time until I get the revs up. Once I'm on the pipe, it runs great. I've rejetted to stock and the plug looks good. I have VForce reeds and they are in good shape - no cracks. I've also checked the power valve from the outside - I can move the linkage smoothly and see the valve moving in the exhaust port. I also checked the valve in the front of the head and all the parts are there and it looks like it's working fine - (I had heard of bolts falling out). I read someone's PV was sticking causing the same symptoms so they ran race gas with Yamalube and it solved it. Mine doesn't feel like it's sticking when operating it manually but maybe I wouldn't be able to tell? It seems like the problem gets worse throughout the day. The top end's about 60 hours old and the compression is reading at 170 psi. The bike was running great up until that day a couple weeks ago. It might be worth mentioning that I've probably run the bike too lean for the last 20 hours or so - I was running 168/48 on the jets which is closer to my summer jetting. I zoned out on the jets and ran them several days around 30-45 degrees. I'm not sure if this could've caused any issues that wouldn't manifest in low compression. Any ideas on other things to check before I start tearing into the motor and getting myself in even more trouble?
  12. jdaugherty33

    Motorcycle Carrier

    I have used several different carriers and they've all worked fine. Harbor Freight sells one pretty cheap and you can usually find a 20% off coupon. I currently use the Ultimate MX Hauler with the hydraulic jack like mentioned above and I'm not a fan. I only switched to it so I didn't have to use tie-downs on my Flexx bars. The bike moves around way too much for my comfort and it can be a PITA getting the bike on and off when the ground's not level. I'd definitely go with a straight aluminum one over it if you have regular handlebars. I've never done it but I would expect you could secure the gas can pretty easily between the bike and the SUV on the carrier. You could probably rest it on the ramp or weld a small platform and strap it in.
  13. jdaugherty33

    Shift lever won't slide off after removing the bolt

    It finally came off after about 30 minutes of prying. Guess the good news is it's just the lever that's stripped and not the shaft. Thanks for the tip. I mainly wanted to make sure it was SUPPOSED to slide off before I got crazy with it.
  14. My shift lever keeps coming loose on my 08 YZ so I'm trying to remove and inspect it. The bolt is removed and the shift lever is extremely loose on the shaft, but it won't slide off. Any ideas or do I just need to keep working it? TIA.