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  1. motowidower

    HT Racing 350XCFW

    Do you have to run race gas in the 320 with it's higher compression?
  2. motowidower

    Thoughts on novation/ N.O.S.T suspenion?

    thanks for the reply Jedd. anyone use novation on a japanese bike? Jared "pickle" Smusa #246
  3. I'm intrigued with novations suspension technology, but before i spend the big money i was hoping to get some feedback. anybody use it? good or bad results. thoughts and opions needed. bike is an 07 wr450 used for woods and a little sportsman supermoto. thanks in advance jared "pickle' smusa #246
  4. motowidower

    cams for 07 wr450

    i've got an 07 wr450 that is looking for a little more ommpf. i know that most yz450 cams will fit, the question is what year. 06, 07, 08, just exhaust, or intake too? if anyone has a thoughts on the subject your knowledge would be very helpful. thanks jared smusa #246
  5. motowidower

    West Coast Supermoto First Race Class !

    congrats bruce on finally getting to ride. hope to see you at the first race. motowidow smusa #246 p.s. I think we have some parts for you at the shop.
  6. motowidower

    Infineon Raceway open track days.

    best news i've heard in a long time. this rocks any dirt?
  7. motowidower

    Iron Man Front Sprocket.

    Hollow side in, if you flip it the sprocket sits 3mm farther out and will eat your chains. motowidow
  8. I have an 02 crf450 with an 04 piston, twin air filter, cleaned up ports, nology ign coil and wire, and a remus full system. Does anyone have any sugestions on a good starting point from the stock jetting. Thanks motowidow smusa#246
  9. I have an 02 crf450 with an 04 piston(slightly higher comp-12:1) twin air filter, remus full system, cleaned up ports, and nology ign. system. the bike has not been run in this condition, as the jetting is currently stock. Any one have any sugestions on jetting this bike to run on VP u-4 race gas? The bike will be used for supermoto at aprox.1500 ft and 70 deg. Thanks Motowidow Smusa #246
  10. motowidower

    4.25 or 5.00 rim on a crf

    I'll be riding on 02 crf 450 next year so I have a question. should I get a 5.00in. rear wheel or is the 4.25in wheel ok. Thanks motowidow smusa #246
  11. motowidower

    Where to buy -13mm mastercylinder

    crash, you can buy them from Desmoto sport in S.F. 415 552-7729. call us for a price, and ask for lance. it is the shop I work for. great to meet you at the supermoto school. jared motowidow smusa #246
  12. motowidower

    West Coast Supermoto racing school -summary

    I also went to the oct 5 school. awesome! The instruction was great, it really help with being smooth. Smooth = fast. absolutly worth every penny, just hope my results in the last two races prove it. hopefully I was one of those guys on the inferior bikes going fast on my 98 wr400. motowidow smusa#246 :cry:
  13. motowidower

    help with stock 02 450

    the bike will be set up for supermoto/trails, so any sugestions on how to make it the best bike possible are helpfull
  14. motowidower

    help with stock o2 crf450

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I just got a stock 02 crf 450 and I was wondering if there are any thing that I can do to make it run the best. Jetting?(sea level) Also are the stock pistons know for being noisy, or should I just replace the piston? Any sugustions would be great, as I am new to the hondas, past bike was a yamaha wr400. anything extra needed for supermoto conversion becides the usual? thanks motowidow