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  1. deanojonesy

    12 tooth front sprocket - any problems?

    Hey Bushman let me know how it goes and if u see and major wear on the chain guide
  2. deanojonesy

    12 tooth front sprocket - any problems?

    Thanks everyone I think I'm going to give it a go, I realise it will wear out my chain guide a bit more. I suppose with the tighter circumfrance it will wear out the chain more too. Riding trails I find comming into tight turns I have to clutch it to prevent from stalling. If I find the gearing too short after changing it then I will probably go to a 51 rear.
  3. Hi, Wanting to lower the gearing on my 2011 CRF450r and was thinking of going to a 12 tooth front sprocket. I know I can change my rear to a 52 or something similar, but it's a new bike so cost wise it is cheaper to replace the front. Are they any problems going to a 12 tooth front?
  4. deanojonesy

    fathers day down under

    Hey thanks, had an awsome fathers day out at the Red Bull event at Picton. Wicked track they made out there for it and good to see Robbie Madison pulling of some of his insane tricks like Heal Clicker Backflips etc If only I could ride half as good as him I would be a happy man!
  5. deanojonesy

    Best year for KLX110

    Might be a bit too expensive to ship to Australia - unless you can come on a holdiay here and put it in your luggage!
  6. deanojonesy

    Best year for KLX110

    Hey can anyone tell me if there were any significant changes/upgrades throughout the year models of the KLX110. Any know problems with certain years? Thanks
  7. deanojonesy

    KTM 50sx Pro Senior which year?

    Hey just wondering if anyone would know the best year model to get for the 50sx Pro Senior? I am looking at second hand ones from about 2003 to 2007. Were there many changes between these years and if so what. Also anything specific i should check when looking second hand? Cheers Jonesy (from downunder)
  8. deanojonesy

    250R Fork/Shock Springs fit 250X?

    Thanks Highmarker, from the rickramsey website he states the 07r spring rates as .45 front 5.3 rear same as yours and the 08r as .46 front 5.3 rear. The Fork Spring Free Length is stated as different between the r & x - what is that and will it make a difference? How much fork oil did u have to put in? On his site it has 06x as 340cc, 07r as 372cc & 08r as 408cc.
  9. deanojonesy

    250R Fork/Shock Springs fit 250X?

    Hi, Just wondering if the 07 or 08 250R Fork and Shock spring would fit into my 06 250X? I'm around the 95kg mark so was looking into getting stiffer springs in both ends and have found these available, also how hard would they be to change out and do you need any special tools? Jonesy