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  1. 4thAD

    2007 KTM 450XC or WRF450

    yep I was gonna say that! The Katoom will be lighter and feel much lighter.
  2. nothing for woods riding IMHO!
  3. 4thAD

    Ouch! Pics of your injuries...

    Glad your OK brother!!!
  4. 4thAD

    you be the judge

    Ahhhh youve been reading the forums !!!! LMFAO
  5. 4thAD

    Is the 300EXC included in KTM's 2006 lineup?

    PMB end cap for the spark arrestor!
  6. 4thAD

    Proud new CRF owner!

    wait till the valve adjustments come!
  7. 4thAD

    525sx vs 525exc

    Definately 450xc Just came off an 03 250sx and I absolutely love the XC. Its the best bike Ive ever owned. Feels just as light as the 250sx. Has great power with pretty good hit. The only other bikes I would consider are the 300xc or the new 250sxf!
  8. Dude theres a naked chic in the back of your wifes car. This is not an adult site!
  9. 4thAD

    '03, 250F, PLEASE help!

    I'm trying to think where I ran my fuel screw(thats exactly what you are talking about) on my 02 CRF450 when I had it! I think your best bet would be to screw it all the Way in, and then back it off about two full turns and then play with it from there with half turn or quarter turn adjustments. Be careful not to back it out more than three turns I think as it can vibrate loose and fall out. I hope this helps, if some one has more accurate info I'm sure they will let us know. I haven't been on a two stroke since the beginning of 03. Tomorrow will be my first ride back on a four stroke since then. Just bought an 06 KTM 450XC. Riding Stony Ford tomorrow! - 4thAD
  10. 4thAD

    Brett Downey Vid

    That was very heart touching, especially because I have a son of my own that age that rides. God Speed little brother!
  11. 4thAD

    Diff between EXC-G and XC-G

    The motors on the EXC and the xc are not the same! The motor on the xc is the same short stroke motor as the sx. The bike is basically a 450sx with more flywheel weight an E start and a few other minor differences.
  12. 4thAD

    Whats all the hype?

    Just a fad thats BS. I was raised on hondas and been on KTM's for the last three years. There is no other bike!
  13. 4thAD

    XC vs XCW

    XC-w = Wide ration trans XC = close ratio transmission
  14. 4thAD

    metal in gearbox

    On my 03 250 sx I changed the oil every two or three rides(depending on how hard the rides were). I always had atleast something on the magnetic drain bolt. Normal wear and tear. Probably from the clutch!