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  1. jacko748

    Yz250f carbs

    Hey you guys!! Could any of you guys tell me if any other year of carb will go on my 2002 yz250f? I know the later models have the hot start lever on the bars but is this the only difference? Will it be a straight fit? Will I need a mod? I would be really grateful if someone can shed some light on this as my boy tried on climb a tree on my baby. MAYBE HE THOUGHT IT WAS A MONKEY BIKE!!!! Cheers.
  2. jacko748

    Coolant in the oil!!! YZF250 01

    The seals are fitted right, when I took w\p cover off to check, there was no indication that it was leaking through the seals i.e drips. Is the only other way of getting into the oil through the head or base gaskets or is there another way?
  3. Hi there, Ive just rebuilt my engine, started it then coolant was leaking out of the weep hole. Stripped water pump down decided to get new shaft and seals, once I rebuilt it again filled with coolant, oil sump plug still out, coolant just came straight out of the oil drain off. This engine has had full seal kit inc head and base gaskets! dont know where else coolant can come out of, please someone advise?