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    you can make a small fortune racing motorcycles,if you start with a large one!

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  1. firstplacephoto

    Trails bikes

    maybe you should ask the same question again,its been almost an hour!
  2. firstplacephoto

    american adventure dirt bike tours las vegas

    trac on didnt have any openings in my time frame, 220 offroad did. I ended up booking a ride with american adventure tours instead,only because he supplied gear. I would have had to bring or ship all my gear to go with 220 and that would have been more bother and money. Thanks to all,looking forward to the ride,and the Supercross finals,front row baby,which is a 65th birthday gift to myself, and a trip to Vegas and Grand Canyon,Hoover Dam etc.
  3. anyone used these guys? want to do half day ride vegas area day before supercross finals,any suggestions guys?
  4. firstplacephoto

    admo tours vegas still in operation?

    220 looks like just byob, bring your own bike. I need the bike supplied,but thanks for the info!
  5. firstplacephoto

    nevada admo tours vegas still in operation?

    going to vegas for supercross finals in May,and was going to do a 3 hour desert tour with admo tours the day before. Tried to book online and it wouldnt let me book any tours for any dates. Anyone familiar with them,and any good,bad things i should know? Bikes good,reliable,etc. Coming from Massachusetts and would love to try a little desert riding for first time. Sure its better than snow riding,probably similar to florida sugar sand,probably not as bad,or at least not worse,have ridden in Florida sand many times.
  6. firstplacephoto

    The Speed Secret

    I wonder if Pixy stix is a sponsor,or going to be one? Seems like he is really pushing it when cameras are on him. If they are not paying him,maybe he ought to use the air time for his sponsors!
  7. firstplacephoto

    XR200 connecting rod

    buy an oem rod from honda,and get an offset crank pin from green human on thumpertalk. Then you will have a stroker engine when you are done!
  8. firstplacephoto

    Are these cheap cylinder heads any good?

    Crank did not come welded from powroll. My throttle stuck and bike was screaming during crash,not sure after that. When i fixed bike and raced again,it didnt rev the same or as high,seemed tight. Pulled engine and found crank was twisted on pin,had to realign halves and then tig welded ends of pin. Crank was out a few thousandths when put between centers. Cant believe it actually ran as well as it did.
  9. firstplacephoto

    Are these cheap cylinder heads any good?

    you dont need to tack weld pin on ends? Did that on my tt500 powroll stroker,after it twisted the crank during a stuck throttle crash.
  10. firstplacephoto

    XR650L 2009 xr650l seat interchange

    Will a 2009 xr650l seat bolt on a 2018 xr650l? Think it is same,anyone know FOR SURE? THANKS
  11. firstplacephoto

    Are these cheap cylinder heads any good?

    dont you need a shorter rod with this pin? Thought powroll strokers had shortened rods in them?
  12. firstplacephoto

    My XR440EX with rack and mods.

    which shorai battery did you use? Do they require specific charger?
  13. firstplacephoto

    The Epic Motorcycle Meme Thread!

    Want to know how to make a small fortune racing motorcycles? Start with a large fortune!
  14. firstplacephoto

    Tight piston after rebuild XR200r 1994

    is the back of the cover,and mating surface on head smooth and flat? any old gasket piece forcing it to flex/twist when tightened?
  15. firstplacephoto

    Fuel additive question

    I run sea foam in everything now,seems to work great!