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  1. Spokes391

    Help...How to remove the clutch lifter lever on kx450?

    Ok thanks guys!
  2. I'm trying to pull out my clutch lifter lever on my 12' kx450. I've never done it and no one I know has either? I removed to C clip that holds it in but I'm not sure what to do next. Does it simply lift out or do I need to remove left side case to get to it? Any help would be great!! Thanks
  3. Spokes391

    Loosing front end in corners

    I would properly check your sag first, I would bet your sagging to much which is causingyou putting more weight on the rear which is why your front end feels light and washes out, I would play around with sag range from 100-104mm and see which one your most comfortable with. I'm super picky with sag myself and can usually tell when mine is a mm or two off.
  4. Thanks nice write up, that's my last resort right now but it's good to know.
  5. Cutting it off is not an option right now, there's no way to carefully tap it off and have it still be useable? Maybe some heat?
  6. Hey guys I've removed many steering stem bearings by pressing out the stem so im familair with that technique...My question is there anyway to remove the lower steering stem bearing without a press with out damaging it? I need to swap the bearing to a diff set of clamps but do not have access to a press right now! Any suggestions need help ASAP! Thanks in adavance!
  7. Spokes391

    A kit fork coating ding

    Thanks for the help guys!!
  8. Spokes391

    A kit fork coating ding

    Hey guys, I got a set of 49mm kit forks that somehow got a little ding in the coating, when you run you finger over the ding there's no rough edges burs....just like a little dent...my main question is the fork slider ruined? The forks have the turquoise TiNi coating so it would be quit a exspensive repair if I do need to replace it. Opinions please! Thanks
  9. Spokes391

    Shock lowering?

    Ok awesome...thank you again for you help!
  10. Spokes391

    Shock lowering?

    So its basically a spacer that sits on top of the clip against the shock body to hold the seal head lower in the shock body right? Thanks for your help. P.S would you consider this a safe method for a pro rider who is hard on there bike?
  11. Spokes391

    Shock lowering?

    thanks for the response Im no suspension expert lol, could you explain that in more detail? also what is the most you could lower with this technique?
  12. Spokes391

    Shock lowering?

    I'm looking to lower my shock about 3mm. I've been doing some reading on lowering spacers but can't find much info on them. what I want to know is does the spacer just float on the shock shaft or does it somehow attach to it?? also im thinking about making my own spacer as it looks pretty simple ( im a machinest) any one here make there own spacer before? if so some tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  13. Spokes391

    2012 KX450 radiator question...

    Hey does anyone know if a 2012 kx450 left radiator is any different than 2011 ?? I know the shrouds are different so that's why i'm unsure.... Need to find a replacement as my radiator decided to do some yoga today! Thanks in advance!!
  14. Hey guys I got a couple different questions I need some help with. Question 1. does a shock clevis just simply un-thread off?? I know that the rebound adjuster needs to be adjusted all the way out, and that the shock needs to be unpressurized...but is that all there is to it... nothing weird like reverse threads? also what is the best way to hold the shaft so you can thread off the clevis? Question 2. Do Pro circuit 49mm works forks take a special size fork spring? or can you use standard springs from 47mm forks?. I need to stiffen up my PC forks and Im just curious if I can use the stiffer springs from my stock forks. Thanks in advance!