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  1. Rediron

    Bead breaker

    I had to use a vice for my harley tire
  2. Rediron

    Value of Suspension Work

    That's the catch with the XR400 suspension, they were broke from the factory. About four years back I got some excellent advice from Trailryder42 among some others on this site and I sent my forks and rear shock to precision concepts in southern Cal. They customized my suspension based on my weight and riding style and it is not the same bike. I love it now and it was the best 900 bucks I ever spent on a bike. I've been riding it for ten years or so and I wish I had done it sooner. It rides like my sons CRF except for the extra weight. I am an excellent mechanic but I let the suspension experts do my suspension work. Good luck and good riding, Dave
  3. Rediron

    Trouble starting

    Check the simple stuff first, usually a starting problem starts with the pilot jet and mixture screw/fuel passage. I would check and clean those first, be careful of any springs orings or washers on the mixture screw
  4. Rediron

    XR400 sand dunes question

    So I'm delusional, an idiot, gee I wonder what you would say to provoke me? I don't wonder why you've gone through 4 xr's but I'm pretty sure you don't have a clue. Your right though, the sandy cooch comment was too crude for TT, sorry about that, guess I thought I was in TS for a second, maybe I am delusional?
  5. Rediron

    XR400 sand dunes question

    I guess that means you don't have any more brilliant opinions on how to destroy a dirt bike huh
  6. Rediron

    XR400 sand dunes question

    Thanks but I already did. I don't "think" the sand will get into everything, I know it. What part of "everything" do you not understand? Since you understood the crude part and not the simple part I guess I will go with another crude analogy to help you're comprehension along. If I say don't jump in the sand with no clothes on because sand will get into everything I mean your nose, mouth, ears, armpits, the crack of your ass, your brown eye and up your tailpipe, between your toes and all over your junk, are you getting this yet? Since you seem to have a magical sand proof motorbike by all means, hit the dunes, I'm just relating an actual personal experience for the benefit of someone seeking some advice, you and he may take it or leave it as you see fit, capice?
  7. Rediron

    Swapping from High CC engine to lower CC engine

    sounds like you bought an xr and you've discovered how hard they can be to start until someone dials them in and then schools you on the sacrificial chicken ceremony. I have a suggestion in the same spirit of your original post. Leave the 400 engine in the chassis and install the xr125 engine as a starter motor then you get the best of both worlds. Only in england
  8. Rediron

    XR400 sand dunes question

    I would never put my xr in the sand dunes unless I was a mechanic and I was prepared to tear it down for clean up and damage repair regulary, which I'm not. I bought my xr because I want to ride my bike, not work on it. Sand is like water in that it gets into everything, have you ever submerged your bike. Take your woman and sprinkle a handful of sand on her cooch right before you pile drive her, notice a difference? My only experience was with a friend who took his YZ 250 to pizmo, one trip, he rode the dunes for a weekend and we spent hours getting the sand out of everything, not to mention he was injured in a crash. There is a huge difference between desert trail riding and sand dunes. My advice is don't do it, you or someone else will regret it.
  9. Rediron

    DPR8EIX-9 Iridium plug?

    I love my iridium plug, I pulled the stock ones out of my Pontiac at 120k and they looked like new so I put them back. last plug I will ever buy for my XR4 (meaning I will never replace the one that is in it now!)
  10. Rediron

    The old choke plate trick

    XR's only has them for 25 bucks. I couldn't find one in thumperstore http://www.xrsonly.c...a-xr400r-xr600r
  11. Rediron

    XR400 Exhaust can woes with jetting question ?

    press the kill button while rolling the engine over with the decomp. I turn my idle up at least two full turns, or about 5 quick quarter turns. and do not open the throttle when starting
  12. Rediron

    Advise on diet

    Looks like you'll be eating pretty well for any kind of training. I eat every two to three hours when I am training hard and the pounds or kilograms don't matter much to me, I can tell by how my belt fits me on a given week if I have been eating too much, besides, weighing yourself often can be misleading when training hard because you are not dieting to lose fat weight, you are trading fat for muscle so without a body fat percentage test the scale won't tell you a lot, at least not more than you can tell by just looking in the mirror to see what areas need more work. Portion size is most important when training to lose weight, short term or long term. Just keep track of the calorie counts on your meals and increase or decrease as the mirror and or scale tell you to. No two people get the same results from the same work out plans. Dave
  13. Rediron

    Weight Lifting And Motocross

    There is some excellent information in this thread, no two people are the same but most results from certain types of workouts are pretty similar. Heavy lifting, enough weight that you cannot do more than twelve reps and no less than 8 reps will result in increased muscle mass. Higher reps, like 20 to 30 reps in six sets or more will increase indurance and strengh. Thats the formula I use in the gym depending on the season. Larger muscles will have less endurance, hence the cramping. For me I discovered the hard way about heavy lifting mixed with strenuous excercise. I am a freediver, no tanks, for abalone on the northern california coast and one season I had done a lot of heavy squats. While diving one weekend I developed such severe cramps in my legs that I was unable to swim back to shore. My brother had to tow me in, and he still takes pleasure in reminding me of that to this day. For diving and riding I have stopped using weight for squats and I have had excellent results in the area of leg fitness with hikeing and cardio. Arm pump is another issue, I just can't seem to give up working my upper body with heavy weights so for riding I just have to stop and rest a little more!
  14. Rediron

    Chasing a white Bros pipe

    I have a white bros on my stock xr4 and I love the sound, it's loud but that has always been an asset where I ride. I would like to have a can that sounded like it does but with the quiet insert that I could install when I want to ride where the db's are strictly enforced. I bet you'll be happy with the muffler you bought, depending on how high that top dollar was, Dave
  15. My bike is too loud to pass the decible test at Hollister (96) and I was wondering if this muffler was quiet enough to be legal? They seem to be readily available on ebay and priced reasonably. MY XR400 has a white brothers can on it that is unusually loud