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  1. oldmanb777

    Any experience?

    I have an '02 DRZ400s. It's my 85%+ dirt use bike. I have a WeeStrom for other stuff. So I just saw a 99 KTM LC-4a 400cc bike for sale. ~2000 miles,$2400. Looks nice. So anybody have experience with these? They weigh about the same, the KTM makes more power, should have better suspension, and maybe get ride of that horrible spaced gearbox of the DRZ. The KTM may have a little more maint issues, but most I have been around were not too bad. Anybody go to a DRZ from the LC-4 400?
  2. oldmanb777

    Lc-4 400?

    I just saw a 99 LC-4 400cc for sale. ~2000 miles, $2400. Currently I ride a DRZ400s. It's my 85%+ dirt bike, I have other bikes for other stuff. But I do need it plated. I'm 57 yrs old, so not racing anymore, and a little cushy is nice. So seems like they weigh about the same, the KTM make more power, should be better suspended, and a little more maint. Anybody got experience with these 2? Whats your impression? My big complaint about the DRZ is the narrow spaced gearbox/no 6th gear, and very slow turning offroad.
  3. oldmanb777

    Best dual sport to me?

    The problem for the DRZ400 for dualsport riding is the close ratio gearbox or lack of a 6th gear. So check out the bikes with the 6th gear.
  4. oldmanb777

    Fan on drz400s?

    Depends on the riding you do. My fan comes on mostly when stuck in traffic on a hot day, or, lugging up some slow trail. The E produces more heat than the S. I believe I could get along without the fan 95% or more of the time,especially if I was aware of any overheating.
  5. oldmanb777

    Vacation late March

    Sure wish I could make it this year. First year in a long time that I havn't been able to get to Moab in the Spring. I havn't even been able to get there at all this year. I'm even going to miss the kokopelli un-official ride.
  6. oldmanb777

    Moab RV park recomendations?

    I really avoid the comercial campgrounds, generally I hate them. However, i have stayed at the Spanish Trails campground several times foe Easter Jeep Safari. It's nice and clean. I have some freind that have been staying there for lots of years, and never had a complaint. It's south of town near the arena. On the West side of the street.
  7. oldmanb777

    How much did you pay for your DRZ

    $4920 back in April 2002. S model, they paid tx and lic, and threw in a (cheap)helmet and Suzuki factory manual, and gave me a percentage off all stuff I bought for 6 months. can't remember how much off, but it was a decent amount.
  8. oldmanb777

    Mini-Battery Replacement - Intial Results

    This is way too cool! I will be needing a battery in the not to distant future. Current one is almost 3 yrs old. I would really like to do this.
  9. oldmanb777

    Pirelli MT21, Don't buy them

    Maybe I missed something here. the MT-21 outlasted the D606 by 800 miles. The D606 is worthless after a couple trips to Moab. I had to run about 4lbs less pressure in the D606 to equal the hookup of the MT-21. The only place i think the D606 was "maybe" better was in sand. Neither works well there. And The MT-21 is much better on the slab. My D606 was wasted after 900 miles. 90+% dirt. Thats Moab, Rocky's etc. So very hard on tires. Sharp rocks and things.
  10. oldmanb777

    What do you pay for insurance?

    I was in Tel Aviv recently. Stopped in at several bike shops to inquire about rentals. Almost none available. Insurance is the issue. The owner of the KTM shop said his Multistrada is about $2700 per year when converted to USD:foul: He agave me a protest sticker to put on my bike about the issue.
  11. oldmanb777

    Thoughts of luck DRz family

    Colon cancer is one of the most curable, if caught early, So that is the good thing. The liver failure, I have no idea, but prayers to you and your family.
  12. oldmanb777

    Might be going to Moab Utah for 10 days

    There is so much aready written on it. Do some searches. In March, it's spring time, so anything goes. Could be in the high 80F and dry, or could be snowing. Rain is a good possibility as well. But these storms usually don't last more than a couple days. I don't know when Easter Jeep Safari is this year, it ends on Easter Sunday. but it's the BIG week of the year. So avoid if you can, but go anyway if you can't avoid it. The news letter for the Jeep safari is a good place to get your bearings. What kind of riding are you looking for? how experienced a rider are you? What kind of bike are you bringing? Are you camping, or hotel/motel? It's big country, lots of options. The high country will still be snowed in, but March is generally a good time to go.
  13. oldmanb777

    When is a knobby worn out?

    I'd replace it. The rubber compounds get harder and thus less traction as it get more worn out. If you did lots of dualsport slab stuff you might use it a little longer. I usually replace mine when it is about 70% gone. Makes a big differance. I might run it a little longer if I have a Moab trip planned. The Moab area eats knobby's
  14. I thought about going. Then looked at the weather. Dress warmly, it's suppose to be cold this weekend. So I'm remodeling our bathroom instead. It's a keeping peice in the family thing.
  15. oldmanb777

    Highway Performance of DRZ400S?

    If it does, I will be first in line! Better not get in my way. Suzuki...............ARE YOU LISTENING? Guess not.