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  1. Hey, no offense fella's, but it is Schwantz, with an n, Kevin Schwantz. 😊
  2. Also, is the accelerator pump working well? A good strong squirt when you turn the throttle?
  3. Did you try turning the fuel screw out to 31/2 to 4 turns? 1/2 turn at a time from where it is now.... Thats to see if it will idle. The off idle response sure sounds like the pilot circuit is not clean. You will have verify the jet is clean, the shoot carb cleaner up through the orifice and see if it blows straight through to the venturi.
  4. And be sure you don't have the idle turned up to high ( throttle plate open to far ) That can render the fuel screw pretty useless because you are starting to uncover the pilot jet orifice.
  5. This ^ Be sure you're fuel screw is set up properly. Screw, spring, washer, o-ring. And the o-ring is in good shape. 😃
  6. Hi RapidDog. You said it runs fine but are having trouble with it idling. Keep coming out with the fuel screw and see if that helps your problem before tearing it back down. Don't be afraid to come on out to 4-4.5 turns to see if it helps. Like said above....if your fuel screw is turned way in... .5 to 1.5 your pilot jet is probably one size too large. If you get out to 4-5 turns and it is idling then your pilot jet could be one size too small. Give it a try and let us know it starts to idle. At 3000 feet you should be fine with that 45. Don't be afraid to get that screw out to 4 or so turns. Also, the passage way between the screw and venturi could be partially plugged. If you take the screw out and spray cleaner up through the passage way it should shoot right up into the venturi. Same with the pilot jet. Lots of people "clean" or replace there jets but don't get the passage way clean. The fuel flows through the new jet but gets stopped before entering the venturi. Those passage ways MUST be clean.
  7. I received great service when ordering parts for my DT175 from these guys. Good Luck! http://www.speedandsportinc.com Enter your bike in the upper left where it says "Parts Catalog?" http://store.speedandsportinc.com
  8. Thank you for catching that YZEtc....if I had installed my reading glasses I may have been able to see...heh heh.... Everything I wrote does apply to that 3rd from the left fuel screw scrappymcnugget. And I agree...that looks like a float bowl screw.
  9. scrappy....that is your fuel screw. It's for metering fuel to the idle circuit. Tapered end and threaded in the middle, it should have an o-ring, washer and spring that go on it before you screw it up in there. Inside the rubber gasket in the upper right picture is the washer and o-ring. The clip on the end beside the washer is for the needle on the far left of the photo. Then down beside the float needle, bottom right in the picture is the spring. First the spring, then the washer, then the o-ring. Lightly seat the screw, then turn it out 3 or so turns to get started. Then after you have the bike idling and warm, you can turn it in or out to get the highest idle. Then adjust your idle to proper rpm with the idle screw. Then adjust the fuel screw again to get the highest idle, and readjust the idle rpm. Once you have the proper rpm set, blip the throttle a few times. If the revs come down slowly, the mixture is too lean. Slowly turn the screw out until the revs drop quickly down to idle. If when you blip the throttle the revs come down below the set idle and then come up too where you have it set, it is too rich. Turn the screw in slowly until the revs drop quickly down to idle and stay there with a nice smooth idle. Hope the helps. Charles
  10. Been sitting here going back and forth between your before and after pics. Great job.....I think the final product looks really nice. I have a 2005 sitting in my breezeway and like everything you did, thus all the nosey questions.
  11. Looks good HazzyG..... what fenders and number plates did you use? I like all of the stickers too......where did you source those?
  12. Thanks very much RacerX. Time to start shopping. Did you use YZF250 stuff or 450? Or are they the same? Is there a specific year cutoff? (I guess 05 to current 250s should receive the YZF stuff no problem) I may be able to find an inexpensive donor bike here in Kentucky pretty easily. Again, thanks a bunch, the info is very much appreciated. Charles
  13. Really nice bike Rider X. A couple questions......did you transfer the entire fork assy including clamps or did you use just the forks and bore the clamp? (which clamp) Do you know if the 2015 bodywork will bolt right on or should I use aftermarket? And does the swingarm, shock and linkage bolt right on? 2009 rear wheel, axle and hardware or what combo? Thanks for any help, Charles
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