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  1. Parenting goals reached. Finally got some pictures of my son and I riding. There is nothing better than the relationship we have formed based on dirt bikes and watching him transform from a CRF50 punk to a fine 16 year old young man who handily passes me at will. We are recreational races and the only pressure is to have a great time at the tracks, though he does very well and has been on the podium. Post up some parent/child pics and show off!
  2. DirtDad3

    '16-'17 bikes with air forks, are they ok?

    My son is racing a 2016. Had the forks done by FC and have no complaints other than checking the pressure a few times a day if the temps change.
  3. DirtDad3

    OEM RM parts

    I have had good luck with parts for my 06 125 and 250 through MotoSPORT.com. Some parts may be back ordered but they usually have what I need.
  4. DirtDad3

    Decal works

    On the DeCal Works website you can change the basic design colors and even plastic colors, but can't view with logos. I agree that the extra fee for proofs before printing is a good idea with the money you are spending for custom graphics. Once the initial printing is done you can order separate pieces to keep bike fresh looking or change logos. I'm actually waiting for UPS to deliver as we speak. Talk to Sean, he is on point.
  5. DirtDad3

    DIY Fuel stabilizer?

    It's what I do. Just remember that when you starve a 2 stroke of fuel you are also starving it of oil. IE; don't go wide open throttle to drain the carb!
  6. DirtDad3

    DIY Fuel stabilizer?

    Have been using 93 octane and Star-Tron in all my toy and equipment fuel. Over the winter I try to run the carbs on the 2t's empty too. The 4t's I mix with VP T-4 and a VP stabilizer. Over the off season I will run them mostly T4 as it's has no ethanol. The ethanol in the fuel is what the problem is, and it's the only fuel available here.
  7. I happen to own a fleet of Suzuki's currently and have owned yellow for years. My son and I are both more comfortable on them and that's what matters. He can be competitive on both his 2t and 4t models. Me, It's all rider. I just look good. We are both over 6' and the cockpit just fits better for us. - I don't know about this sub-standard statement as I have had no problems with any that haven't been avoided with routine/preventative maintenance. I have owned RM65s, 85s,125s, 250s, and RMZ 250s, and 450s some have been wrecked harder than others but I've had no catastrophic failures. - Haven't seen the books but will agree that the Automobile idea was not a good one and almost put them under. - Don't have much first hand knowledge of the off road competitive market but agree that with Suzuki it's either trail or full on MX. - Personally I don't make purchase decisions on the hiring or firing of Corporate riders/racers. I agree JS7 has been a dark cloud over the S, but don't think it really affected sales much. If it did, then KRoc and Dungey should have spiked it also. - No inside info on the corporate merging of Zook and Kaw, guess it made sense at some point and it did make it easier to get parts for the RM65 when I needed them at the track! - This one I agree with, perception. It seems like Suzuki was going to dump MX like the auto division a few years ago. The R&D team took a vacation and all they were producing is BNG year after year. They did this with the Hayabusa too. When they revamped the 16 RMZ250 they used the KYB air forks that got poo pooed immediately. There were a bunch of other changes they made that just didn't cut the mustard with the nah sayers but my son rails his around the track with no problems. If Suzuki were to iinvest in R&D, maybe produce and import a woods model or two, and import and revamp the 2-strokes I think you would see KTM and Huskey's piece of market share pie get much smaller. As far as your opinion on looks, it is what it is and you're entitled to it. I happen to feel they are sexy and not only have a distinct place in the market, but also in my garage!
  8. DirtDad3

    RM-Z 250, 2106 bike.

    My son has been riding/racing a '16 this year. I think it has 20 or 25 hours on it now. We've had no problems with it. (knocking on wood) We had Factory Connection set up the suspension, added a Yoshi system and dropped a tooth from the rear sprocket. Short of watching the fork air pressure during the day if the temps change, it's been reliable.
  9. DirtDad3

    Distric 34 Race Questions

    For some reason I checked up on the finish line double/double-double/triple section and took a fairly large sized dirt sample. Didn't go to ER until wife yelled at me Monday night. It wasn't too bad so I spent 9 hours with high flow O2 and it thankfully re-inflated on it's own. I saw Gotham was opening this year. Let me know how it is. You should go to Hurricane Hills next weekend if you can. OP on Saturday, race on Sunday. It's the Pa. State Championship weekend.
  10. DirtDad3

    Distric 34 Race Questions

    We are good. 'Dilla was fun. He raced Friday before the deluge and finished 18th. Not bad considering it was our first time on the track. My moto Friday was canned due to lightning and Sunday was a mud fest. For some reason my fuel line wasn't connected properly (after dealer did the top end) and it blew off on the first lap. Left me wallowing in mud kicking and spraying fuel all over before I had to load it on the "couch-cart" for the pits. We foolishly bagged our second motos and hit the road for home. U2 is a great track, I wish I had more time on it in nicer conditions! Did you guys race? We make whatever D34 events we can. I collapsed my left lung in April at Walden and Thomas cracked the top ten overall finishes at Hurricane Hills a month ago. Looking forward to E-Town this weekend and Hurricane the 10th-11th. Then I have to go back to bill paying on weekends. Would love to get back to Walden before the end of the season, but not sure if I can make it happen.
  11. DirtDad3

    Distric 34 Race Questions

    You can pick any number you want for your race number as long as it isn't already taken in the District you are racing. If the last three of your AMA is the number you want, contact Sam and see if it's taken. If it's available it's yours! My son used the last three because he had no idea what number he wanted. BTW, I'd get rid of the address in your picture.
  12. DirtDad3

    Distric 34 Race Questions

    My son and I have been D34 members for several years. You can sign up for both the AMA and D34 at the same time. Now or towards the end of the year contact Sam at D34 and ask if your preferred number is available. I'd have a back up or two just in case. My son used his last 3 of his AMA number. You will get an RMATV 10$ gift card just for signing up and renewing, and also get one for each class you enter and race. Recently Lucas Oil has also been giving $10.00 cards so, each race class is actually only $15. Those little cards add up! My son races 250C. All classes are 2 moto format. 250C usually has full gates and the first couple of turns can be sketchy, but it's motocross. There are a few guys who are in C class that should not be, then the legit. C riders. Schoolboy and college boy are age based and fast. Right now D34 has Hurricane Hills, Englishtown, Walden, Dutchman, and Field of Dreams in the series. Broome Tioga also had a race this year, but AK Farms ran into some trouble and has not been able to operate. Information on classes and ages can be found here http://www.district34sportscommittee.com/ Most of the tracks have an OP the day before a race. Personally, I like Hurricane Hills in Pa. but all the tracks are fun and challenging. First race tips? Have fun and don't put unnecessary pressure on yourself. As Dan mentioned, (BTW how are you guys doing Dan?) if you have any further questions ask.
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  14. DirtDad3

    2016 front end swap

    Thanks. You're right, it sounds like a lot of work. I was hoping it would be one of those "yeah, just swap out the triples and forks from a KYB SSS setup on a YZ125 and you're good to go". Guess we'll just keep on top of the pressures for now and see how they hold up. It's just the "what if's" that had me thinking.
  15. DirtDad3

    2016 front end swap

    Any ideas on what it would take to swap out the front suspension on a 2016 RMZ250? Not that I have had a problem with the KYB air forks, but I am thinking about possibly going to a regular spring set up in the future. I figure I'd need to find triple clamps to fit a KYB SSS fork, but would the stem fit in the frame tube or would that need to be swapped as well? Would any of you guys happen to have the info. at hand? Thanks in advance.