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  1. Matt96xr6

    Spare wheels / rims for 06 YZ250

    front wheel is like 96- current. BUT.... in 2002 they made the hub wider for more stability. Rear is 99-current.
  2. Matt96xr6

    Oops! Must see pic

    From the local track saturday www.mcleoudphotos.net
  3. Matt96xr6

    06WR450 BK mod pics

    Again, the BK mod only works on the 426 Yamahas. WRs and YZs. Why? cause they dont have a leak jet in the carb. The Boysen quickshoet and other covers will not cure any jetting issues. They dont change ANY jets. You need to jet the bike properly. waste of $80 there. So for the 426 bikes, do the BK mod. For all other bikes use the different sized leak jets available to you.
  4. Matt96xr6

    TUSK fork seals

    Let me post this again. Cheap is not necessarily cheap! There is only about 2 or 3 companies that make seals. The factory seal is a NOK brand. Get this, the bikemaster brand that everyone brands with "cheap" is the SAME NOK seal. So who is smarter? the one that buys the factory seal or the person that saves the $ and buys the same seal cheaper??? Call Rockymountain and find out the brand of seal. Probably will be a NOK seal. Most all "name" brands out there use the NOK seal. Only different seals out there is the MSR triple lip seals and the Factory connection thicker seals/thinner washer setup. FYI, I have had really bad luck with the factory connection seals going out quickly and getting stuck in the fork leg. MSRs have been holding up well. Not enough time on them yet to see if they hold longer/better than the NOK seals.
  5. Matt96xr6

    Idle/Engine trouble

    there is a factory mark there that was left with ink or paint. Line it back up to that. That is the quick and close way. If you want to dial it in any closer, get in the manual and get out the multimeter
  6. Matt96xr6

    06WR450 BK mod pics

    Why the hell would you do this? STUPID! The reason the BK mod was used was for the 00-02 YZ426 ONLY! The 426 did not use a leak jet in the carb bowl. Thus no way to limit your duration easily. All the YZ250Fs and all the YZ450Fs have leak jets in them. This is WAY better and much more adjustable then the BK mod. Plus no screwing with the carb.
  7. Matt96xr6

    good luck with 05 yzf jd kit in 2006?

    no. use the stock needle on the 06.
  8. Matt96xr6

    Idle/Engine trouble

    Dont remove the TPS, just unplug it. Clean out the pilot jet and then remove and grease the hotstart plunger. Was is a gas jet?
  9. Matt96xr6

    HELP! Bike Won't Start

    Well if it pops, you have spark. Also with the symptoms you describe, the hotstart is stuck in the carb. You are going to have to get into the carb. Clean the pilot jet first, then remove the hotstart plunger, clean and apply a light coating of grease. After that it should start up with a few kicks. If not, install a new spark plug. Now next time you store it for more than a week, use the drain at the bottom of the float bowl and store the carb dry.
  10. Matt96xr6

    Portland jetting expert

    email me. I can help you out. Be sure to tell me what you have done to the bike (free mods), what throttle stop you are using, pipe, cams, cam timing and what jets/needle you have in there. Also what problems you are having. I am down here in salem. Matt mjbobbitt@yahoo.com
  11. Matt96xr6

    what cold weather gloves to use?

    use some surgical latex gloves under your normal ones. Keeps your hands warm and dry.
  12. Matt96xr6

    Powerbomb vs. Megabomb

    And thus the rumor mill starts! What you heard is crap. Any motor will get a benefit from a higher compression piston. Now there are drawbacks also. Who cares about tearing into the top end. Simple work, takes about 1 hour to do. Get way more gains than a pipe if you are after bottom end power. Spend the money where it counts. But run the new 13.5:1 piston and it will wake the bottom end up. More than any pipe or cams. FYI, I have one. Ran the +.75 01-04 piston in my 06 before then came out with the +1 (13.5) piston. Now the 13.5 piston is in there with many other mods. But that was first on the stock bike and I was able to jump things out of the corner that only 450s could or modified 250fs. stockers couldnt make it. It definately helps. For running race gas, you can run as little as a 25 race/75 pump mix and not have problems. and that is using just 87 pump gas.
  13. neither one. just scroll down the page and find one of the MANY jetting topics posted daily. Get the correct jets including the leak jet.
  14. Matt96xr6

    I need help

    if you want to fix it before you ride, remove the clutch cover and the pressure plate. Remove all the friction and steel plates in the clutch. You will notice they are like glued together. Separate each one and reinstall. Be sure to watch the 1st friction and the spring boss in the clutch that it is reassembled correctly.
  15. you need to start replacing some bearings. Probably in the dog bone #31. Good indication they were not greased when new. You have to tear the bike down and grease it before you ride it.