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  1. motolink

    2017 & 2019 Tripple Clamps do they have the same off set

    It looks to me the stem is shorter on the 2019.
  2. Does the 2017 and 2019 triple clamps have the same steering off set angle.
  3. motolink

    Rekluse clutch cover on 2019 ?

    I wonder how difficult or possible it would be to have spacer made to fit between the clutch cover and the case, then use longer bolts.
  4. motolink

    Rear wheel - 2015 vs 2019

    I will be interesting to know as well, I looked into fitting new wheel bearings to the front 2019 wheel with an inside diameter to suit the 2019 front axle but the outside diameter of the bearing is about 1 mm larger than the 2019 bearing so I did not do the change.
  5. motolink

    2019 KX450 Dailed in RACERX

    Pleased to say I picked up my 2019 Friday, but won’t get a chance to ride it for a week, I will be away working.
  6. motolink

    2015 KX 450 big bore kit

    It could be the fuel mixture at closed throttle, I think to stop the decal popping the mixtures are richen up. What big bore kit have you got. The last one I had on my 2013 when real well but I could never stop the over heating.
  7. motolink

    Will a 2015 cylinder fit a 2016 KX450F

    Partzilla only goes to 2015 so I could not check.
  8. motolink

    Will a 2015 cylinder fit a 2016 KX450F

    Another question, is the head gasket on the 2017 different than the 2015?
  9. motolink

    Why does chain guide do this?

    I think it's poor quality chain guid material from the factory. I don't understand why because not many riders buy the genuine part to replace them. Maybe a cheap one is fitted to keep the price down.
  10. motolink

    Bought a 2018 KX450f

    Are the 2018 any different to the 2017?
  11. motolink

    DFI Couplers

    There are three maps loaded into the bikes ECU from the factory, the three different couplers open a different map in the ECU. I am sure this right, green is the standard map, white is mapped for soft surface tracks and the black is mapped for hard surface tracks.The workshop manual will explain it.
  12. motolink

    KXF450 2017 4th gear pitting issue

    It looks to me the hardening is coming of the gear, it will only continue to get worse, definitely replace.
  13. motolink

    Will a 2015 cylinder fit a 2016 KX450F

    What is the difference?
  14. A mate has a new 2015 KX450F cylinder he never used and will sell it to me very cheap, will it fit a 2016/17.
  15. motolink

    Will my 2013 mapping tool work on my 2017

    Nice try Burnie, but I will keep you in mind if I sell it.