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  1. i had the same problem with my 2004 525 exc 1.Find an allen key just bigger than your stripped plug requires. 2.Grind the key to a tight fit, cut off so key is straight and you can fit a socket on the other end to drive it. 3.Lay bike on clutch cover side, make sure engine is cold. 4.Fit allen key, may need to gently tap it in for a snug fit. 5.Use a butane torch to gently heat the case around the plug, but not the plug itself. DON'T overheat! 6.Give the allen key one good crack with a hammer to loosen the thread. 7. Should now come out ! 8. Buy or borrow a tension wrench. 9. When refitting a replacement plug coat thread with engine oil and tighten to 15nm. 10. Use a tension wrench on every nut & bolt and you won't have any more problems!
  2. lgst75

    stuck oil drain bolt

    Had the same problem with my 525. Found this process worked. 1. Cut about 2-3 inches off a 10mm allen key you don't need! 2. Lay bike on side (Left side up). 3. Grind down one end of allen key to just B4 it slots into mangled plug. 4. Use a hammer to drive the allen key into plug. (Don't smash too hard!) Plug is fairly soft so allen key will create it's own grooves. 5. Now the vital part (HEAT)!! Gently heat around the plug for 10 -15 seconds with a butane torch. Ensure the engine is cold when you do this. Make sure that the plug itself is not heated. 6. Whack a 10mm socket on the allen key and out she will come ! 7. Take your new plug to an engineer and get him to weld a 13mm hex head on it or machine one up. 8. Buy a 1/4' drive tension wrench and ensure the plug is properly tensioned when replaced. Grease or apply oil to plug thread, NOT never seize. Any feedback or suggestions appreciated !
  3. lgst75

    Short Screen Plug Fix

    I was in the situation that this was a second hand bike and my first oil change! I have purchased a torque wrench. I am getting the local engineer to make a steel plug with a hex head. I'd rather spend $15-$20 on a hex plug than have to deal with tapping new threads in a crankcase ! Is anti-seize a safe alternative for any threads coming into contact with engine oil (contamination?). I thought engine oil would be a better alternative on threads.
  4. lgst75

    Short Screen Plug Fix

    Do a search on the short screen plug on this site, I think Brag make one
  5. lgst75

    01 KTM 520 EXC question before purchase

    Have a 2004 525 EXC. The bike is very stable and lugs really well from the bottom end. The only vibration I have experienced is in the top end of the rev range. I have found that all the power delivery is bottom end/mid range and the bike is a real stump puller ! Oil changes are a bit messy, but the extra oil filtration is worth it. I loved my DRZ 400, but the 525 is something else !!!
  6. Had the dreaded short screen plug jammed in my 04 525 EXC. The plug started to round out..... Thought I would post what finally worked to remove the plug ! 1. Turn off fuel 2. Drain carby 3. Lay bike over with left hand side facing up 4. If plug has started to round use either a T50 Torx socket or custom fit a 9 or 10mm allen key (Note if use allen key, cut off bend so you can turn key with a socket.) Plug is soft so can tap in hex key/Torx socket with hammer, but not too hard! 5. Gently heat casing around plug with a propane/butane torch for 15-20 seconds, evenly distributing heat. Note (Do this with the engine cold. DO NOT heat plug). 6. Apply plently of inward pressure on socket handle to ensure Allen key/Torx socket remains tightly seated and does not try to round out again. 7. You will know when it lets go! 8. Get someone to pick up bike until oil comes out of the plug hole. 9. Check for any metal shavings that may come out. 10. If some metal shavings present, bolt everything up and go ride for 5 minutes 11. Check long and short screen and magnetic plug for any caught shavings. 12. Replace plug with one that has a hex head ! Hope this helps as I'm sure I am not the only one who has experienced this problem !
  7. lgst75

    CRF 450X vs KTM 525 EXC

    What made you choose the CRF over the KTM ??
  8. lgst75

    CRF 450X vs KTM 525 EXC

    I live in country SA, plenty of good riding about !
  9. lgst75

    CRF 450X vs KTM 525 EXC

    Would it be correct to say that to make both bikes perform you would need to tweak the suspension on a KTM 525 and the CRF would benefit from a performance exhaust and rejetting ?
  10. lgst75

    CRF 450X vs KTM 525 EXC

    The KTM gets my vote for the 6 speed tranny and linear power delivery. Has anyone had problems with headshake or twitchymess @ higher speeds ? The CRF sounds like the power delivery is somewhere between a WR 450 and the KTM. Sounds like the suspension is easier to dial in on the CRF. I have posted KTM vs CRF in the orange section as well ! Thanks for the info fellas, any other comments/observations much appreciated !
  11. lgst75

    CRF 450X vs KTM 525 EXC

    G'day All, First time poster in the Honda section. Have had a 2000 DRZ and loved it. I am now looking at stepping up to a CRF 450X or KTM 525 EXC. Comments or advice much appreciated ! Cheers
  12. G'day All, First time poster in the KTM section. Have had a 2000 DRZ and loved it. I am now looking at stepping up to a CRF 450X or KTM 525 EXC. I am looking @ a 2004 525 EXC with 13,000km. It has been maintained consistently. Comments or advice much appreciated ! Cheers
  13. lgst75

    DRZ 400E Headlight

    I have busted the headlight lens, does anyone have suggestions of an after market brand name that is H4 compatible?? I'm from SA 2000 DRZ 400E Baffle Out, Barkbusters, Hogan Racing Radiator Guards, 14/47 Sweeeeet
  14. lgst75

    DRZ 400E Headlight

    Hello, Need some advice. I am looking for a secondhand headlight insert to fit a 2000 DRZ400E as new ones are way overpriced!! Can someone recommend any wreckers in Australia that can help?? Also are there any after market headlights that will fit a DRZ and take a H4 globe??