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  1. MountainRoar

    Inspection cost?

    I'm currently looking at buying a 2002 KTM 520EXC in excellent condition. The bike has a street title and all but does not have an inspection. I live in MD. (so does the guy with the bike) but was curious to know what a ball park figure is on an inspection for it and what hoops I have to jump through to obtain one? All help is greatly appreciated, Thanks! ~Justin
  2. MountainRoar

    Street Snow Riding

    I live in MD. and I heard from a buddy that its legal to ride dirtbikes and quads on roads if theres at least 4in. of snow and covered roads, is this fact or a lie? ~thanks
  3. MountainRoar

    KTM, GasGas and two Quads.

    great vid man! what camera did you use?
  4. MountainRoar

    01' yzf 250 stock pipe

    Quick question, can you remove the tip to the stock pipe on a 01' yzf 250? if so, how? because the pipe looks like its just riveted...
  5. MountainRoar

    Post your favorite TWMX model!

    Every TWMX girl can't be your favorite. Ok?
  6. MountainRoar

    Post your favorite TWMX model!

    Evy: http://sharerevmedia.com/component/option,com_seyret/Itemid,52/task,videodirectlink/id,755005/
  7. MountainRoar

    DRZ Insurance

    I'm not into the whole street bike craze, i prefer to keep my back, thanks for all the help yall. I was just hoping I wouldnt be biting the bullet like some of my buddies even though they bought streetfighters.
  8. MountainRoar

    DRZ Insurance

    I'll be turning 17 soon and I'm taking my Basic Riders Course in two weeks and looking to get a new DRZ400SM when the time comes to get a bike. I was just curious how much the insurance would be, and if I would get hacked on having one. I assume it wouldn't be too bad with a 400cc dualsport but I have no idea. Thanks for reading.
  9. MountainRoar

    Won't kick?

    I have an '01 yzf250 that I bought used. The owner said it has high compression and won't kick until its been ridden for awhile. I have no trouble bump starting it but I wish to be able to kick it. Sometimes it does kick but its completely random when it does ie: cold, warm, hot start, choke, nothing on. Does anyone know what to do? I think it could be valves or shims but I have no clue. All help is greatly appreciated.
  10. MountainRoar

    check out uhaul's new trailer!

    55mph speed limit? That's rough...
  11. MountainRoar

    My 01 250F what'cha think?

    which graphic is it for you 01' Monster kit? I cant find a kit for my 02, they are all for 03 and up...
  12. MountainRoar

    I need to ride this more.

    If you've got it, ride it.
  13. MountainRoar

    Harley D**K Head ruined my ride

    Harley hasn't made a good bike since the 70's. it's all about the "ego", not the riding.
  14. MountainRoar


    Ouch... facial.
  15. MountainRoar

    First ride on a 250F

    If it was only blue