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  1. This hurts! I am unemployed and having to sell my favorite possession in the world. This bike has a 320mm supermoto brake kit, Honda brake components. Runs 110 octane. I have ridden all the new 450s and owned several. This bike feels like it weighs half of thst and is most definitely going to win any drag racs with any other MX bike. It is faster than my KX 500. Hit me up. I'm Justin Hatfield. 931 309 8695. The best offer will be taken. These bikes go for 3k with ease. We all know how rare this bike is. It has many mods that aren't listed. I may can kind some pics of it somewhere if you'd like. Thanks
  2. jhatfie4

    supplemental medical insurance?

    I thought I did. But it looks like my "voluntary high risk accident insurance" isn't worth crap
  3. jhatfie4

    05 YZ250 issues with stalling

    I wouldn't worry unless it does this repeatedly. How do you know you didn't just flood it? Check the float height?
  4. jhatfie4

    rocky mountain discount codes ?

    I need a code! Will return my new code to whoever sends me one!
  5. jhatfie4

    03-06 brand new cylinder k6

    why can't I delete
  6. jhatfie4

    03-06 brand new cylinder k6

  7. jhatfie4

    BROtocross' A1 breakdown...pretty funny

    no funks given
  8. jhatfie4

    i THOUGHT rockymountain was reliable?

    15 years is the slowest shipping i've personally heard of..
  9. jhatfie4

    What 250 4stroke?

    here we go again.. dude read the other 500 of these started in the past month. then decide which 250 smoker you want, and don't get stuck in the dark
  10. jhatfie4

    ready to give up on this bike

    premix possibly came out of solution with the fuel?
  11. jhatfie4

    rm250 piston question

    those windows are there for the air and fuel mixture to flow through during its intake into the crankcase. there are ports that the charge can go through without the piston window, but you'll be experiencing reduced flow and no telling how it will run and what kind of jetting issues you'll run into
  12. you can force induce a 2 stroke, but probably not on a dirtbike. you could make a turbo system for a 450 pretty lightweight, lots of people use the Garret GT12 Turbo and it's tiny... the only crappy thing is that turbo's like a consistent supply of exhaust gasses to spool effectively. That's hard to get out of a single cylinder machine that is constantly varying RPM's alot of development would be needed to make it worthwhile.
  13. jhatfie4

    Am I too tall for a 125 two stroke?

    if you have any experience id get a 250 smoker.. god I love Fade's avatar
  14. jhatfie4


    the only way I can make an educated guess right now is using the fact that the wheels from an 01 are the same width as 04+. this makes me believe they should work assuming the forks are the same diameter, and I'm not sure on that one
  15. jhatfie4

    best website for honda goodies

    honda fanboy lol rmmc is the only website you need