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  1. jbnc77

    Andrew's MX/Mike's MX - what is it like?

    Very close to Lowe's MS. Maybe 10 minutes. http://www.andrewsmotorsports.com/mxtrack/bio.htm Only open on Sat. Open for 4 hours to ride. Either 9-1 in summer or 12-4 for spring and fall, so 12-4 in May. Usually not too busy., regardless of the weekend. No membership, Just $10 to ride. Usually not too busy becuase many consider it an "A" rider track. Some fairly large jumps for the tracks in this area. HOWEVER, I am a B or C rider and i have no trouble with it. Always groomed perfect. Mike Andrew's know what he is doing. Period. Track runs through the woods. Very cool. Tight in places. Whoops section can be nasty if Mike just rebuilt them. Otherwise very fun. Bring your bike, have fun. You will not regret it.
  2. jbnc77

    Good Tracks...where are they???

    Big D!!! How is it going? How are Julie and the kids? Want to meet us up ay Center Road tomorrow? I haven't seen Austin in a while. Is he still on that bike every day? Thanks for the info on Longtown Rd (Starmount). Randy & I ran into that last time we went, but we found a quick shortcut. I just hope I can remember it..... Andrew's was awesome today. Mike dug it up fairly deep and watered it perfectly. I was the first one on the track and I was in heaven! Man, those whoops still scare me....
  3. jbnc77

    Good Tracks...where are they???

    I can gurantee you the track will be nice for Sun. They really have it figureed out. You are going to have to trust me on that one. If you all are coming up I-77, which almost anyone south or west would, we can meet just off I-77 and you can follow me up from there. I am headed to Andrew's for a few hours (9-11ish), so i will check to see your response when I get back.
  4. jbnc77

    Good Tracks...where are they???

    Yeah, this gas thing looks like it is going to get a bit worse before it hopefully gets better. Maybe some hybrid motorcycles are in our future! Low (er) gas prices: An even better reason to ride this weekend!! I got an email back from the Center Road folks and they are open on Sunday! I'll see you all (y'all) there!! Oh yeah, I am #77 on a CR250F. Not sure which one of the crew will be driving.
  5. jbnc77

    Good Tracks...where are they???

    Yeah, it looks like we lost some info. Sunday at Center Road sounds like a good plan. They open at 12:00, and we try to get there by 11:30. Nothing like a freshly groomed track. It is a fairly wide open track, compared to some others. I am probably a "C" rider and have no problem getting around people. Normally they do 20 min big bikes, 20 min little bikes, so there is alot of riding time. JCMINNIS, as an A rider, I would think that you could ride in 4th quite a bit. On my 250F, I am 3rd & 4th (75% 3rd). I would give you all directions, but last time we went one of the bridges was under construction, so that would just make it worse. I don't want to get you lost. I would follow the instructions on their website. (crmxonline.com). It may be a few extra minutes, but who really cares. If you all want to meet up near there, I can suggest a few places. Email me at jbnc77@yahoo.com and we can hook up. I will email Sandy & Jay (the owners) just to confirm that they are planning to be open.
  6. jbnc77

    Good Tracks...where are they???

    For good loamy, dirt/sawdust, try Center Road (crmxonline.com). It is very well maintained. You won't get to crack that thing open there, but it is vrey nice. I saw Daniel's Ridge menioned. That place is well maintained. Also, Andrew's MX in Charlotte (ok Concord) is very well maintained, but sort of technical, depending on your level. I haven't been to Silver Creek, but want to try it out. TNT.....ouch....rough on the tires and body! Oh, also groomed tracks: Thunder Valley (sort of) & East Bend. I like groomed tracks, so I focus on those. PM me and we can hook up sometime. (at the beach this weekend). I live in Charlotte.
  7. Email me at jbnc77@yahoo.com when you are around and I can show you some of the local tracks. We have a really good group of MX riders, but we may be talked into doing some trail riding.
  8. Dan, Congrats! That is a nice area. Are you an MX or trails (or both) guy? You may have said, but it was a long time ago and I am too lazy to look.
  9. I know Denver is growing fast. Is Sailview the development right off of Highway 16? If it is, it is nice. I have been through there, though it has been a while. Is it a Ryan Homes development? If so, I live in one also, but right in Huntersville. Likely many of the same homes styles. You are not too far from Hwy 150, which takes you to I77 @ exit 36 - Mooresville. Not too bad to travel north for some good riding.
  10. I am back from my Ironman training and ready to ride! I was so pissed about all of the rain last weekend. We have a group going to both places both days. Hope some of you all (y'all) can meet us there! I am going to be sooo sore next week!!
  11. Lincolnton is still a nice little town, though i have only been there a few times. Hasn't been touched by the Charlotte community yet. YET. There is a great track out that way, Parker Valley. Hardly ever open for practice, but they race there alot. I would think you would be fine with a track out that way. That is where I wouild do it. I live in Huntersville and is much busier than Lincolnton. But, it is convienant and we like it. I do live in one of those HOA neighborhoods and it can be a pain, so read the rules carefully. Send me a PM at jbnc77@yahoo.com and maybe we can get some guys together to meet you on Labor Daty weekend, if that is still the plan.
  12. Did you by any chance work for Goodrich in Phoenix? The good thing about Huntersville is that many of the better tracks are north of there, so you are already on the right side of the city. When I say "better tracks" I mean Center Road, Daniel's Ridge, East Bend (ok). Andrew's is just a few miles away. However, I am biased towards Andrew's and Center Road. Huntersville is growing like crazy, but does not feel busy...at least to me. We have lived here for 5 years and we love it. Many riders live in the Huntersville area. We have a great group and if you are cool , we will drag you along!!!
  13. 30min Huntersville to Downtown. Piece of cake now that I-77 has 3+ lanes!
  14. We forgot to tell you that there are three lakes within 20 miles of Charlotte (Norman, Wylie, and Mountain Island), so if you're into that, then you will be even happier! $100/sq. ft. is about right. I just built a house in Huntersville, about 12 miles north of downtown, for $93. sq,. ft. Huntersville tends to be expensive. My point, houses will be CHEAP for you here compared to Ariz. Great weather, real dirt, very inexpensive tracks, friendly people, real dirt, real dirt, even some sand tracks!!! Traffic is no problem, but my baseline is Atlanta. We have 5-7 Fortune 500 companies here in town, so the job market is good depending on what you do. I would roll up to the Andrew's Track and at least check it out when you are here. You will likely be looking at houses in that area anyways. It is generally called the "University Area" as UNC Charlotte (big state school) is in that area. Lumpy, I will be back riding at the beginning of Aug. I have been training for an Ironman Triathlon for the last 6 months.
  15. It is "ya'll" and you will be saying it in two years. I am from upstate NY, so I still say "youz guyz" quite a bit. First off, the people here are fantastic. Enough said. The riding is also fantastic. For MX tracks, the NCDIRTRIDER link is a great resource. Andrew's MX is just northeast of the city and very well maintained. Only open Sat. I would highly recommend Center Road MX, just an hour north of Charlotte. Parker Valley is cool, though not open too much for practice. Daniel's Ridge (1hr 15min - Thrs night) and East Bend (1 hr 15min Tues & Thrs) are fun for practice. Both well maintained. Also, Top Gun (Lincolnton), Flight School (Mooresville), Robbins Ridge (not sure of town) are all OK. So, there are a few places to ride. A few other tracks as you get to 1.5-2 hours. I stick mostly to Andrew's and Center Road. For trails, check out the other posts. Oh yeah, our heat is not a "dry" heat. It is muggy, soak you to the bone heat. I personally like ti like that. But you can not touch our Fall and Spring. Best weather anywhere.