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  1. In a straight line, for sure.
  2. That's a good lookin' bike right there
  3. Makes me wish I was a little kid!
  4. KcDavis

    1995 CR125

    If trans fluid is getting into the combustion chamber, there are other problems.
  5. KcDavis

    1991 Cr125 missing badly

    Powervalve working correctly?
  6. KcDavis

    My 2001 CR500

  7. KcDavis

    What kind

    The engine is lubed by the premix.... Are you asking about that or the transmission oil?
  8. KcDavis

    96 cr250r

    Mine idles like a happy kitten.
  9. KcDavis

    Yz 85

    What's a pop starter? Probably needs a new top end.
  10. KcDavis

    98 KX125 Front Rotor Shield

    Have you checked UFO... or any place that sells plastics?
  11. KcDavis

    1992 cr80 cylinder

    What does your manual say?
  12. KcDavis

    Cr250 leaking coolant into cylinder

    No way to tell without knowing what the problem is.
  13. KcDavis

    Cr250 leaking coolant into cylinder

    Bad head gasket, uneven mating surfaces, etc.. Have you opened it up to see?
  14. KcDavis

    Cr125 96 piston question

    Measure the cylinder.
  15. KcDavis

    how far can a 1986 cr250 jump

    I'd say 6 or 700 feet, but that may be pushing the limits.