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  1. Montesa

    STIC metering block testing 17 300XC

    The first KTM EFI was the same Keihn EFI others have been using since 2004 with few issues. My '05 Montesa has the same FI and has been flawless for 12 years. The only issues KTM had was sourcing some troublesome fuel pumps and using a 14 hole injector because of emissions and performance (better atomization-sound familiar?). These types of injectors require very clean fuel. They went with a different injector in '13 and a simpler wiring harness. As to the last thing I bolded. EVERYTHING can be better so the statement makes no sense. Cost, manufacturing complexity, reliability, all are factors. Small performance increases on mass market products is well distant to other factors. If I were to guess,virtually all carb development stopped years ago except for the aftermarket, the writing is on the wall. Sort of like building a better 12vdc automotive generator when vehicles are now headed towards using 48vdc alternators. Might be pretty cool but in the end pointless. I bought a little 5 hp Subaru-Robin generator the other day and it too is fuel injected. Surprised me.
  2. Montesa

    STIC metering block testing 17 300XC

    I read it someplace earlier in this thread about the iCat. The inventor refused to say what it did, members swore it worked and it was snake oil. The sales guy doesn't want to say a word about it other than "trust me." I made a post in response to some guy claiming a 60% decrease in fuel consumption just using different oil and another guy claiming a 40% increase in horsepower just by putting the STIC part in their carb, both stunningly ludicrous assertions. Not trying to be a jerk but people need to think. I clearly said it likely works by increasing the efficiency of the carb and pointed out this has been done before in other applications. Seems that's to be taken as slamming the unit. Heck, the unit is probably pretty neat, the guy selling it on the other hand would be brilliant as a corrections officer or some other endeavor that requires one to be rather less than diplomatic.
  3. Montesa

    STIC metering block testing 17 300XC

    OK, one, the other or both.
  4. Montesa

    STIC metering block testing 17 300XC

    Of course it is. The more you properly increase airflow and the better you atomize the fuel stream the better it burns resulting in more power. Basic fuel systems 101. I 100% guarantee he's doing one or both. If you make either worse, guess what happens? Are you really that dense understanding fuel systems? I think you need to talk to him so he can school you on this. Product knowledge really helps on sales. I think I could do a much better job selling than you have if I talked to him and he showed me how it works.
  5. Montesa

    STIC metering block testing 17 300XC

    Well, duh, an idiot can figure this one out. It's the principal, not the implementation I was commenting about, well known for many years. He's figured out how to make it work in our 2 stroke carbs, exactly as I mentioned or can you not read? The Holley thing I showed is incredibly easy to look at and understand why fuel would atomize easier for anybody sort of familiar with how Holleys work. I could have easily posted much more complex devices but it isn't clear how they work. The aircraft industry played with high velocity variable venturi carbs to increase atomization and power along with deicing at all throttle openings too. Chandler Groves in WWII played with this one. To make it as simple as I can for you, he's done the mechanics, didn't invent the theory. It's been around longer than any of us have been alive.
  6. Montesa

    STIC metering block testing 17 300XC

    And he'll agree 100%, it's a well known principal. What he's done is implemented it in our 2 stroke carbs with a design that apparently works well. That's the trick. The affect is well covered in any fluid dynamics classes, has been well known for many, many years and used in other applications with success as I pointed out on the Holleys.
  7. Montesa

    STIC metering block testing 17 300XC

    Seriously? 60% increase in fuel mileage just by using some kind of super oil? 40% power increase by using something similar to the gadget I posted? Has everybody lost their minds around here? Next somebody is going to post something about fuel magnets and 100 mpg. I have no doubt STIC works, it's a very basic idea that's been around for years. It's the outlandish claims being made.
  8. Montesa

    STIC metering block testing 17 300XC

    You actually fell for things like this on their site? 61% decrease in fuel consumption because of the oil? I have put over 18,000 miles and have never touched anything, going from 8 miles per gal.to 13 with no add on parts Time to dust off my London Bridge deeds. Oh, everybody that's buying into STIC being some kind of revolutionary technology. Similar stuff like this has been around for years in the drag racing world. Atomize the fuel better and you get better performance. Nothing like 40% though. Here's a common Holley mod. http://www.hotrod.com/articles/carburetor-showdown/ Very simple, very obvious what's happening. Grabbing an extra 20 or 30 hp on a 1,000 hp engine can make or break in the NHRA. A 2% to 3% increase in this world is significant. Here's a nice explanation of what's happening and the general idea applies to all carbs. Well worth reading. http://garage.grumpysperformance.com/index.php?threads/holley-annular-vs-down-leg-boosters.5229/ Done correctly you gain a small increase in horsepower. You should get better throttle response at lower RPM, especially with oversized carbs, although this really wasn't the goal. I used to run these. Still had all the jetting issues but there was a small difference in overall ET times with the better atomization. Select the bore size and number of holes based on carb size and engine displacement. Then decide the height of the units which made a slight difference based on RPM due to some rather complicated airflow testing. The units alter airflow changing the fuel signal and dispersion efficiency. I scrapped it years ago for FI like everybody else has done in the class. Even NASCAR has dumped carbs. Vastly easier to tune and more power.
  9. Montesa

    STIC metering block testing 17 300XC

    There is no way in hell you'll get a 12% power increase over a properly tuned PWK by a metering block change. You are not going to get that with FI or any other carb with the same bore, isn't going to happen. Sorry but I'm not buying this. I will buy smoother transitions, throttle response and possibly a 2% or so but 12%? Every factory sponsored team and pro racer in the world would be knocking your doors down.
  10. Here's the real one. It costs the same as the Honda. http://www.amazon.com/Yamaha-EF2000iS-4-Stroke-Generator-Compliant/dp/B002RWK9N2/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1332195846&sr=8-1
  11. Please keep in mind he scammed KTM owners. Ktmtalk is exclusively KTM owners and a bunch of them got hit. I don't think as many people here were swindled and it only very slowly became known. I'm guessing the owners here also have a huge number of issues they deal with on a daily basis. TT may be a bit slower to react to something but I know the owners do take action. Ktmtalk is relatively small and caters to a very focused group, KTM owners. It was KTM owners that got clipped and this smaller group was able to react very quickly. Members here and over there have both been working on this issue and seem to be zeroing in on the guy. It doesn't really even need any board owner input. There's nothing they can do that we can't. 65k+ KTM owners over there added to the thousands on this board are a formidable group. This kid is going to have a real problem. He cannot hide. I applaud Pat for his efforts but it neither sped up or slowed down anybody zeroing in on this guy once it became known. Both boards have members that can find out things quickly that the owners here or over there can't. The owners of both did the most important thing, provide a forum for members to help each other track the guy down. Bryan and Bryan, the owners of TT and Pat, the owner of ktmtalk, do a great job and frankly I think are way under appreciated. They all deserve our thanks for doing the great job that they do.