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  1. dpollock

    76 Yamaha DT100 Enduro

    Well here goes nothing. After a long time of waiting to get my man cave back (reno's), Time to start the restoration project for winter. Was a free bike. Ran as of last year, but was neglected and left outside until then. Will post up (mainly questions) pictures as I go along.
  2. dpollock

    1999 CR 250

    My 99. Love this thing. Currently being stripped to frame and being rebuilt. Nothing like spending double what the bike is probably worth on parts hahaha.
  3. dpollock

    rocky mountain discount codes ?

    Anyone have a discount code? Hoping to make an order today. Will repay with my code. Thanks!
  4. "You dont need a big truck to do big things" - Nick Wey
  5. dpollock

    Whats your #1 Mod?

    New flat brim hat, and new sickkkkkkk MM decal for the back of my truck.
  6. dpollock

    seattle supercross

    Anywhere where you get a good sight of the whoops or a triple. I was there last year and on the oppisite side of the whoops and couldnt really see them, but right down close in front of the triple on the other side which was awesome (watching all the guys come up short. opps. did i say that out loud)
  7. dpollock

    Anyone know of an Indoor track in SK, AB or BC?

    Lethbridge Arenacross is Feb 2-3 i think
  8. dpollock

    Any Alberta Riders?

    Possible Double Digits This Weekened. Anyone riding?
  9. dpollock


    haha nothing to huge? Looks pretty huge to me haha. Nice Pics!
  10. On my last ride of the year, dispite been thread locked and torqued, I had a head bolt come off. I am going to pick one up today, but forgot the size. I am pretty sure the head bolts are 8mm. 1999 CR250 Can someone confirm for me? Thanks BRapppppppppppppppppppp
  11. dpollock

    Stewart to stay on YZ450F for 2012

    His New teeth make him look like tiger woods haha
  12. dpollock

    any news on decotis?

    he tweeted (god i feel gay saying that) that he would be there for supercross. so im guessing he has something in the works.
  13. Last road before getting back to camp at the end of a great day of riding. Nothing like a good old fashion high speed run. Until...... Sorry for the terrible camera angle haha
  14. dpollock

    XGames Best Whip (spoiler)

    McNeil got robbed. Pages got hella robbed. Those two guys by far had the best whips. i would even put potter ahead of Twitch. BRO
  15. dpollock

    Pinky Tuscadero...

    Why brand of grips are those? My sister has been looking for neon pink grips