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  1. kpphotos

    Front Disk Rotor

    After a chat with a mechanic, it seems that the rivets that hold the rotor together have worn. The play feels excessive, so I'm going to get a new one. Any thoughts or going for a solid disk, or an oversized rotor instead of the orginal Cheers
  2. kpphotos

    Is the klx450r the right bike for me?

    At the risk of abuse, 4 pages of blah blah blah Take the bikes for a test ride your a#se will tell you the right one for you. Everyone rides differently and what someone likes on one bike you might hate and vis versa
  3. kpphotos

    KLX 450 dual sported

    The KLX450 is as slow as you are.
  4. kpphotos

    Front Disk Rotor

    Was checking the bike over and noticed some play in the front disk rotor, first question it that right? My first answer is no. Is there are way of tightening it up? The whole set up seems a bit bit to flimsy, so has anyone replaced it with something better. Cheers
  5. kpphotos

    Oil Filler Cap

    Thanks, that's the go, be ordering one of those.
  6. kpphotos

    Oil Filler Cap

    It's not a problem using a big screw driver is more a pain in the a#se, especially when it's tight. Yes I do oil changes at home with tools, but after one ride I had cracked the crank case and was leaking oil, luckily didn't have far to go, but if I needed a top up I wouldn't be able to take it off. I'll check the KX cap Cheers
  7. kpphotos

    Oil Filler Cap

    Hi Had a gut full of use a large screw driver to take the oil filler cap off and on. Brillant Idea to say the least Just want to get a feel of what people may have changed it to and what type. Use to have an RMX250 1998 and you could use your fingers to remove it. Ahh was that nice. Would like to go the same way but haven't found anything yet. Cheers
  8. kpphotos

    Mid-Season Video Review

    I'm supprised he didn't go in the drink with other photos, he should watch the Crusty Demons vid where they just skim across the water. Might be easier than riding through. Had a mate try a river cross near the mouth of it. Told him to hit fast and skim across while I take photos. Well it didn't work out for him (went too slow). Only went in after him when he started to cry , plus the current was dragging him out to sea. Got some photos and memories Ha Ha Ha
  9. kpphotos

    Mid-Season Video Review

    NIces trails, nice to see you just wait for your mate to go the drink there. Whats with the porn music, was half waiting for John Homes to make an appearance
  10. kpphotos

    Radiator Guards and IMS Tank

    Hi I have installed a 12.5l IMS tank and want to put the Devon Radiator guards back on. However the brace doesn't fit past the tank. Before I take a hacksaw or hammer has anyone fitted these before and what was the approach. Pic would be good too. Cheers
  11. kpphotos

    Oil Leaking From Crank Case Seam

    Had the same problem, turned out that the first couple of threads where broken an the oil was also leaking from the seam, some Aluminum welding later, new values, rings, cam chain and a nice bill all good.
  12. kpphotos


    Yes that is true, but at least you have what you wanted to comfort you in those dark times
  13. kpphotos


    Lately I've seen posts that mention getting the wife's permission. Here's some advice It is far better to ask for forgiveness than permission.
  14. kpphotos

    KX450f Shock and Fork Springs in/on KLX450R?

    Hi Why bother, get a set of springs that fit your riding weight and you will be thankfully. Have a look at the race tech website. I think the orginal springs on the KLX are set for a 75kg person, not sure about the KX. Cheers
  15. kpphotos

    What To Get

    Outstanding, its almost like having three bikes