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  1. JohnnyAirtime

    DIY Coolant heated handle bars

    Pretty interesting idea... that of course, can be improved upon. But the point is... it works for YOU, and you took the time to show others your work and process. Hats off to ya man!! My thought would be to use much smaller hose and fittings. No need to use such large hose. You don't need that much "exchange" or flow. In fact, one line at each bar end is sufficient. IN on one side, OUT on the other. No need for a center (bar clamp) "out". And because of the flow, you wouldn't need to put the fittings too close to the outside of the bar as you have them. I'd bet... just outside of the bar clamp would work. Keep updating (re-posting) how they work for you. I'm curious!
  2. JohnnyAirtime

    Ensenada Hotels

  3. JohnnyAirtime

    Ensenada Hotels

    Then .... never go to Paris. I don't get lost... just... well... home late, ya... that's it. CraigH... never heard of that place. Pretty cool find!!
  4. JohnnyAirtime

    CR500 Owners Unite! Post Pics Of your Open Class Beast!

    I still need to take it out and give her some "ride time"... just been too busy. ... with a little TIG help (I wasn't confident in my welds to do 'pretty' on this bike), I had it done pretty quickly. Runs like a champ! My 2005 CRF250X, with a fresh 2001 CR500 - and yes, it's street plated in CA Donor 250x Donor 500 Nearly complete (missing custom graphics, red airbox covers and plate) One of the best parts about it all; The CR500 AFX!
  5. JohnnyAirtime

    CR500 Owners Unite! Post Pics Of your Open Class Beast!

    I'm on my way.... Owned CR5s since '96... up until my last one in 2011 (a mint 2001 - sold to pay mortgage, due to loss of job). I'm now, back with the bug. Bought a '05 CRF 250X, and sold the motor/electronics Bought a '01 CR500R still on original sprockets - sold the rolling chassis ... soon, I'll have a picture to share of my '05 CR500AFX with street plate in CA!!
  6. JohnnyAirtime

    CR500AFX Project... using a newly purchased '07 CRF450X

    Quick update.... Still selling the '07 450X, and have bought a '05 250X.... tore it down to frame this weekend, sold the wheels and the motor/tranny/electronics/wire harness/throttle assembly/clutch assembly...etc Received my CP500 kit, for the frame mounts etc. And am tearing down my recently acquired '01 CR500 (from an original owner, with stock sprockets) tomorrow... pulling the motor, and putting everything back to a rolling chassis to sell as a complete unit. It's so clean, it'll hurt a bit... just knowing my goal keeps forward progress. ... if I didn't have a Jeep (front) axle to remove/replace as well as some other fab parts... this would be done already!! BTW, the 250X and the CR500 are already street plated (in CA)... so, not only will my CR500AFX be plated, so is the 500 rolling chassis for whoever wants it for a motard or similar bike.
  7. JohnnyAirtime

    CR500AFX Project... using a newly purchased '07 CRF450X

    Ya... heard that about the 250R and 450R frames... So, I'm (now) looking for a CRF250X. And will more then likely be selling this now CA. plated '07 450X. (I was just offered $4800 last night over the phone - and am trying to get back in touch with the guy) Here's a picture link to it in it's current state; https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ogd0oaj70c7hhs9/AAAgWkDCekFAwar4vx0nf19Ka?dl=0
  8. JohnnyAirtime

    Wheel spacers

    Touching back on this... Paul, sent you a FB message, but didn't hear back. Being the spacers are digitized, shall we be getting close to pricing and production? ... I might need a couple sets here pretty quick.
  9. JohnnyAirtime

    CR500AFX Project... using a newly purchased '07 CRF450X

    Yes... studied a lot. And it seems the SH bikes aren't up to par to some of the (home) builds. SH even sells (or sold) a defunct electronic ignition for the AFX. I've read where it's just not the quality you'd come to expect from SH. So, they really don't have any tricks that others haven't already figured out. And yes, I am jumping RIGHT PAST the green sticker and going to the plate. Why wouldn't I? A plated bike has free riegn... can go anywhere a green sticker bike can, AND anywhere that's limited OHV, and even on trails that have signs stating "...plated vehicles only". It's a win/win. I'll actually have the plate in hand tomorrow AM. And... I'll post pics if they happen. As of right now, I'm thinking of selling the bike and going to a 2002 CR250R Donor bike. I can plate that bike as well (it's green sticker), and actually have an easier build with a slightly cheaper donor. OR... I might trade this bike for a completed '06 500AF (that's in the works, we'll see if it pans out). Who knows at this point, I've got some options. But I'm researching similarities of frames, and available "kits" for the conversion. WITH THAT... anyone know; What frame the 450X mimicks? Is it an '05 CRF450R? I know the subframe is different, but need to nail down the info. Is the 250X frame the same as the 450X? Just with different motor mounts but same weld points on the frame? ... anyone?!
  10. JohnnyAirtime

    CR500AFX Project... using a newly purchased '07 CRF450X

    What Rekluse?! (it's just a cover - with a stock clutch inside) I've got Rekluse (Z-Start Pro) on my other '07 450X. Love it in the tight sections (rocks, etc) but hate it in the open desert.
  11. JohnnyAirtime

    CR500AFX Project... using a newly purchased '07 CRF450X

    I understand your confusion... But as KAH RAN NEE said, plus... I already have a '07 450X. I can use the spare parts if needed. But the main reason, is the green sticker and ability to eventually strap the CA License Plate to the back fender. Don't ask "how", just know that it'll be done by end of day today when I transfer the bike into my name. If I wanted a red sticker bike... then, of coarse the obvious is an R donor. For you to not understand what the X brings to the table in this case, is somewhat surprising. Imagine, a CR500 X... ride anywhere... do anything that 2smokes aren't allowed to do normally. Easy decision. But when you claim the suspension isn't up to par compared to an R... your sorely mistaken. I can also remove the motor and sell it, recouping some of my purchase price. Much more then if I was selling an CRF-R or CR-R motor. And the extra wires? Easy... I'll be re-using most all of them. The CR5 does not come with a lighting coil. I plan on either an eLine stator (200w) down the road, or I'll simply use Ricky Stator to give me 25W just to get some illumination out of some LEDs (to be considered road legal). Also, I paid very little for this X donor bike. An R would have only been $300-$800 less. Let me show you a 2012 X already done, and you tell me you wouldn't LOVE to have this (plated of coarse) to flog;
  12. JohnnyAirtime

    CR500AFX Project... using a newly purchased '07 CRF450X

    Yup... I've been watching CL and get alerts for anything CR5 related. I'm trying to not buy a whole bike just yet, and will leave that to a "last resort" kind of thing. Thanks for lookin' out!
  13. JohnnyAirtime

    CR500AFX Project... using a newly purchased '07 CRF450X

    Sure... let me know. I'm going to use a kit, based off a 250X... makes it much easier. I'm most interesting in how those doing it are utilizing the air box door. This link is pretty good and gives me lots to go on; http://bannedcr500riders.com/board/viewtopic.php?t=13183
  14. JohnnyAirtime

    Mishimoto X Braced Radiators

    They still list them as for sale for our bike(s).... I'll have to email them to see if they fixed the issue(s). Thanks for the review. Very helpful.
  15. Hola amigos... Been awhile since I've been around these parts. Thought I'd share my newest project. I'm taking a recently purchased black framed '07 CRF 450X, and putting a CR500 motor/tranny in it. ... honestly... can't wait to get it done, as it'll be CA License Plated soon after it's complete. I'll post some progress pics for you all... once I start anyway. For now, here's the bike (along with my other '07 450X on right) I'll be selling the entire motor and tranny, all electronics, and the Excel pro-series wheels. The idea is to turn this 450X into a dune bike. I used to ride CR500s and miss the power, and the dunes (Glamis). I don't like solely riding my 450X in the dunes as it seems to eat motors faster then I can repair them. I rode my old 450R in the dunes and it was a constant battle keeping it running right. So, I'm going back to 2strokes for my sand addiction. Here's the motor that'll be coming out; And the wheels I'll be getting rid of (with tires/tubes, but less rotors); Any questions... or comments... let me know!!! I'm motivated, and looking HARD for a '89 or newer CR5 motor!