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  1. gfletch

    Wheel balancing

    I bought a set of reusable weights that use a set screw to hold them in place. Fwiw, i rotated and rebalanced both mine and shed 7 oz of lead the PO had on there in random locations
  2. gfletch

    gear down 2013 drz400s for trails...

    I'd agree with this, I run 14/44 just because thats how I got it, is decent for fire roads etc, and it does ok at 65mph highway speeds, not sure about freeway, I avoid that myself. 14/47 has crossed my mind (im older n slower )
  3. gfletch

    Seat Concepts pics.

    I did the black gripper low version, so i cant say about the foam, but its definitely a step up from stock. The fabric on top is like a "vinyl 60 grit sandpaper", not that you cant move around, but I think it would be better than just regular vinyl. sorry, the one i have is the only one i've seen, but im happy with it.
  4. gfletch

    Suspension set up 400S for a heavy rider

    I did the .52 / 6.0 , love not having the front end dive under braking, the back felt stiff at first but after a few woops, im liking it more. I go 235ish
  5. gfletch

    Interest in colored carbon fiber skid plate?

    Do they take chipping well? Or would you have fibers unraveling.. And a hole for the oil drain would be handy
  6. gfletch

    Favorite western state to live & Ride

    Oregon seems to spend a lot maintaining trails, lot of old logging country. Beautiful. Idaho, not so much, but theres a lot of country, from desert to timber, and there are beautiful places too. I think they just said its 47th in average wage.. so a little trade off
  7. gfletch

    Trail Tech Vapor Mount

    I'd almost buy one to keep for when my speedo goes kaput.
  8. gfletch

    SEAT CONCEPTS awesome seat

    I went ahead and bought the harbor freight air stapler for $20, uses arrow staples from most hardware stores, made the install real easy
  9. gfletch

    Sisneros Speedworks Battery Bracket?

    I think the battery actually sets inward farther, the kit that the PO installed on mine had the backside of the battery box cut out to allow for the extra battery size and bracket
  10. gfletch

    Lowering kit results - The bad and the good

    I found a slightly used oem rack on ebay, the factory color didn't seem to match well, so its been rattle canned with black bed liner paint, and the tool kit is nice, but not so nice i'd pay full price+shipping, when there are other options for a lot less money
  11. gfletch

    Little to no static sag problem :( need input

    I understood everyone to be shooting for 100-110 mm , but i could be wrong..
  12. gfletch

    Lowering Links?

    I think the JD kit replaces the bowl screws with allen head screws, might be a clue if you dont want to tear into it
  13. gfletch

    YTZ10S or Kickstart?

    I just swapped back to a standard sized battery, figured the kickstart would be backup enough.
  14. gfletch

    What suspension Weight?

    I just put in a set of 6.0/.50 racetechs in mine this weekend, feels better bouncing in the garage lol, need a little more snow to melt so i can ride it
  15. gfletch

    Race Tech Rear Springs?

    I fudged (just a little) and entered 200 on their calculator and it still kicked out a 6. I hope I'm saying how much i love it