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  1. gazinga

    Replacing 93 DR650 Kickstarter

    TallPaul, when you say twist the shaft ... do you have a direction in mind ... this is something I do by hand maybe one full rotation?
  2. gazinga

    Replacing 93 DR650 Kickstarter

    Hey TallPaul ... thanks again ... well ... here we go.
  3. gazinga

    Replacing 93 DR650 Kickstarter

    Well after thinking and rethinking the procedure I went ahead and pulled the cover and located the gears. They are in great shape. After fishing around around the gears I found a chunk of gasket that had balled up and was sitting in the small spring area behind the gears. This freed it up and they meshed after I got her put back together. Now ... after adjusting the valves, I kicked her over and the kickstart lever started clacking and moving on its own ... then I smelled the distinct hot metal smell ... stopped her down immediately and heard from a local shop guy that I need to wind "the spring" ... does this make any sense to anyone? Sooo close ... soo far
  4. gazinga

    Replacing 93 DR650 Kickstarter

    Hey TallPaul that is too kind of you. Thank you so much, I think I have the confidence now to dig in. Will shout out after I get to it. Thanks again!!!!
  5. gazinga

    Replacing 93 DR650 Kickstarter

    Hey gang, looks like I need to get into my kickstarter and check out the main gear...I think it is shattered. A few times I had it slip while trying to kick it over and the last time I had to kick 55 times before it caught a tooth to turn over. Does anyone know what is involved in replacing the kickstarter gearing? I figure I need to pull the tranny case off the right side then pull the clutch basket out but I am sure it is going to take more than that. Will have to buy a repair manual too but if anyone knows what it will take I would appreciate a clue or two about what I am getting into. Thanks.
  6. gazinga

    Mod 89 NX 650 to supermoto

  7. gazinga

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    love the pics. I am buying an 89 NX650 here in California. How did you add the rear disc? What are the mods you have done to your bike to get it to this point?
  8. Hey gang, new to this forum as I am picking up an 89 NX 650. Looking forward to getting her on the road in SF and wanted to see if anyone has advice for modding the bike to a supermoto. Mostly interested in what it would take to put a disc on the rear if anyone has done this or has links to sites that describe mods for this. Thanks, will keep eyes on this forum.
  9. gazinga

    Off-idle bog theory

    I have the same bog issue with my BST on a '92 DR650. One thing I have found is that the end of the butterfly rod that sticks out the other side of the carb body and is held on with a circlip has an o-ring sitting under the clip. When idling, I found that if I sprayed carb cleaner in that area, the carb would start to bog. Upon inspection, I found that the o-ring is made of what appears to be FELT or some sort of porous cloth. I was wondering if swapping that for an actual rubber o-ring would help by getting rid of an unwanted air leak. The fact that the throttle is a push/pull cable set up makes me believe that I shouldn't have any issues with friction. Any thoughts?
  10. gazinga

    Possible to install 94 electric starter on 93 DR650?

    I have the mounting brackets and pre drilled holes but no opening to the flywheel...sol?
  11. Hi, I have a 1993 DR650 kick only. I found an electric starter off of a 94 DR650 and noticed my 93 has the space on the motor allocated for an starter. Checking to see if I am simply dreaming or if anyone has done this to their 93. Thanks!!!
  12. gazinga

    Electric start

    Hi, read your thread. Do you know if I can put a '94 starter on my '93? Thanks!!!!
  13. gazinga

    Kick start fights back

    Hey, I have a 93 650 and it was doing the same thing. My fix was the stator. It was starting before TDC so it was kicking back and hurting people. I got a used stator off of ebay, installed and it started first kick. I am always wary though about any signs of kickback as it does really hurt. Hope that helps!!!