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  1. Dan_YZF

    Padded shorts, looking for recommendations

    MSR Vtop riding shorts..... good protection/padding and put an end to the monkey butt syndrome http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/item.asp?style=805&department=208&Division=2
  2. Dan_YZF

    Broken Tibula and Fibula - How long?

    BornAgainMXer, Just to share experience I'm 41 and had tibia crushed by a Tacoma bumper while exiting a trail to a fireroad....on last August. Fibula was in 4 pieces but tibia was in much worse state. Having more than 30 pieces to be puzzle back in place by the orthopedist, it took nearly 4 hours, a Ti bar and 15 screws later I was back to my room....with mucho dilaudid....now in the January end, I'm still in crutches with 50% weighting on this leg.... on the vast majority of fragments I can saw fibrous growth on last Rx but except one.....this one looks like noting had occured at this time. It's looong....But without a cast (only 2 weeks with a semi cast) we started the rehab much sooner, but we still have to wait for the bone to completely heal. Doc told me the tibia is the slowest bone to heal because it's not entirely cover by muscles and much less vascularized than his counterpart My case is unusual to offroad world as it result from a severe hit, nearly half of the lower leg had what they call a oedema with cup...this is very long to heal, plus severely damage nervous terminations left parts of the leg without sensibility...it should heal they says.... A friend once told me "man we're older so we're dryer and we snap easier" you can educate yourself a bit on this link http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/fractures.html And yes the paramedics cut all they can....they cut my left Tech6...have a right one to sale....anyone?....they cut my MSR pants, my VTop's padded riding shorts, my Yamaha of Troy jersey, my Acerbis Impact enduro jacket....gosh...I was incouncious I couldn't yell to these bastard..... I wish you best of luck on your rehab. and remember to be patient "god give me the to strength to accept things that I can't change...."...lol Dan
  3. Dan_YZF

    Excel rims on YZ's??

    As far as I know, All 250F YZ and WR always came with DID rims, all others YZ/WR came with excel Don't worry aside of the cool red logo the're nut much to gain, Wich chain is your favorite? DID or RK? DID is DID and Excel are RK Pick yours Ride it, forget the rims.... But at last, they should have use the new DID rim, as the one used on 03 KX....all rounded rims...cool in gold...
  4. Dan_YZF

    Crank Gear question for 426

    jmiakaike, While you're at it, fix it, you can buy the half right crank part of a 2001/2002 and the correspondant balancer gear or do what many here have done including be, take a slightly bigger universal key bar and with the use of a belt sander grind it to a tighter fit that the stock one. Better safe than sorry, mine was slightly loose fit when I checked, so I ground a new one....small fee for peace of mind. Some have even find the exact bar dimension needed without filing material. my 2 cent Dan
  5. Dan_YZF

    Almost dead!

    Gosh Tim I'm so sad to hear that, sometimes life take a strange trail. Why? I just survived 2 month ago to a pick up truck encounter while exiting a single track trail to a fireroad 1.5 sec and BANG! left leg completely crushed, a few broken ribs, perforated lung, tear up spleen, displaced stomach and severely bruised kidney aside of a body nearly all covered by bleuish-red bold new graphic. Nothing more. It's enough but could have been much more worst. My body flew alone nearly 50ft in the air, as reported by some witness, it's nearly a miracle. Ask me why? Laterally hit while not moving, a clean hit. It should have been easily a wheelchair ending story. Lucky as hell.. Don't try to understand Tim, try to accept and looking forward, Hang on tight buddy, life couldn't be dark endlessly, brighter days are to come. Keep head up and fight. We'll pray for you. Good luck Dan
  6. Can't beleive it I was back from the hospital a few weeks ago, after a full month, recovering fron a pick-up encounter while riding my 426. When I finally logged to TT I found that devastating news. Being stuck with Netscape till now I couldn't express my thought to his family and all close friends. I had some mail exchange about suspension last winter with Garret and found a kind and very nice yet passionnate young guy who will be missed by many many TT'er I send to his family all the positive waves I can, you're not alone, Garret is now always on your side. I found myself now a little more lucky to be still alive. Godspeed Garret Daniel
  7. Dan_YZF

    seat foam mod

    I agree, I've done it myself and it's good effective way to soften you seat and as a bonus absolutely free (rare mod) my 2 cent Dan [ June 29, 2002: Message edited by: Dan_YZF ]
  8. Dan_YZF


    Other posts in other threads are saying in December, according to Yamaha's site. I can't find it on their site. it's on specification page: WR450F MSRP $6,399* Available from December 2002 WR250F MSRP $5,799* Available from January 2003 YZ450F MSRP $6,299* Available from August 2002 YZ250F MSRP $5,599* Available from September 2002
  9. Dan_YZF

    Attn: CANADIANS - Buying Online

    Streetsquid, I've bought many items from USA over the years, let me tell you some "Q"; -buy only what you can't have from your local dealer, many products ain't distributed here, many others are B/O for month -buy only from reputable well known shops, fellow t-talkers can guide you over this... -be firm when asking for shipping....USPS only!!!, no UPS, Fed-Ex etc. if the seller don't want to use USPS look elsewhere. UPS will charge you stratospheric brokerage fees (They asked me 56$ CDN for an 75$ US order on a clutch/decomp combo + an already billed 10$ US shipping fee. This make an end to any saving!!) Many orders make it to my house without any additional fees by USPS, and they were, in many occasion, faster than over-rated UPS and Fed-Ex. For your Tech 8, let you dealer know that he's a bit off the market....they list for 680$ CDN on retail Parts Canada listing, you can have them this price, tax in, anywhere in Canada. Maybe he was wrong when looking in his catalog...I've paid 475$ Cdn, all taxes in, for my Tech 6 Feel free to ask more.... my 2 cents Dan [ June 14, 2002: Message edited by: Dan_YZF ]
  10. Dan_YZF

    Clutch Basket?

    You're right Hick, these 3 parts solve all the grabiness of my 00 clutch I've made the swap and you definitely didn't need the ball, only the first friction plate, a spring plate and a washer plate from a 01 model and you'll ended up with a buttery smooth cluth action And I'm still on the stock basket "What IS decidedly different is the first friction plate assembly, including a part that acts as another spring to offset the coil-type springs opposite it. 5JG-16321-00-00 is the ’01 first friction plate, about $17 5JG-16383-00-00 is the clutch “spring,” about $14 5JG-16384-00-00 is the seat plate, about $12. You also need a small ball that goes on the end of the actuating rod because w/ the new parts you need a longer actuating mechanism."
  11. Dan_YZF

    WR426 Street legal in CANADA?

    Cloute Maybe I can help you, I'm living near you and my YZ is street legal, give me a private msg with your email adress and or tel # Dan [ May 09, 2002: Message edited by: Dan_YZF ]
  12. Hey Tuner You were in search for a YZ head lately if i'm right.... look here there's one new on e-bay.. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1824857763
  13. Dan_YZF

    clutch and de-comp

    Sure, Applied Racing have a nice unit with cold forged lever featuring a sealed bearing at the pivot, poly sleeve and a quick adjust + an optional build-in decomp. lever It should end to 63$ for complete assembly, looks reasonable to me since I've seen a comparable (seems the exact same thing to me) unit at 160$ (from WC to not name it) I've ordered one a month ago, and Darren McGarvie was a very nice guy to deal with. He even send me the decomp free due to a (corrected since) confusing description on the online ordering system. They stepped to the plate to help correcting this, sweet and fast. But use USPS, not UPS as you'll pay BIG$$ for brokerage fees look there: http://www.appliedrace.com/cgi-bin/SoftCart.exe/scstore/p-70525.html?E+scstore My 2 cents Dan [ April 26, 2002: Message edited by: Dan_YZF ]
  14. Hi For those who have installed the Zip Ty neutral cover.... Does it affected your idle jetting? Mine is real too lean now, inconsistent idle and real hard to start. I used a #45 pilot before and it was perfect, so I'd switch to a #48, now starting is back to normal except when cold, but it's still too lean and idle still a bit inconsistent even with 2 1/2 turns out on air screw, now I have a #50 and #52 in order. Seem a big step to me... Stock neutral cover retarded timing in neutral right? Now can it really affect slow jet that much Other recent mods include; a BMP spark arrester with all 8 disk, many told me that stock jetting is fine with 8 disk so it should'nt affect much. A CR8EK plug instead of stock CR8E, should'nt affect And I've also WR timed my exh. cam. just to know what it would be. Could be this last one that affect jetting. What # is a stock WR pilot jet? Any clues, look normal to you? Dan
  15. Dan_YZF

    2001 WR426 YZ Timing NO!!??

    Dan, And now which timing do you like most? I've one ride on my YZ, WR timed, just to see how it goes and...I like it...less stalling manner, no need to rev it to the moon to have power, instant wheelies out of turns, easier to lift front wheel over logs. It was a relatively tight trail ride with some more open trails, maybe 50/50, I'll not return to YZ timing right now, I need more time to evaluate but right now it's more fun than with YZ timing "I have the Canadian-Euro model and came with WR timing and I've been back and forth from YZ and WR timing..." Peace out DL [/QB]