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  1. Does anybody out there fit 4 dirt bikes in a 10' 5th wheel toy hauler garage? Seems like it will be pretty tight, but since it's wide enough (8') then turning them sideways should be an option. Thanks!
  2. There's nothing like the green/red sticker thing here so you'll be good to go with any bike at any time. You'll get mixed opinions on Rampart, but I like it. It's close and much better riding than most of the country has & I think we take it for granted. It can be crowded, but I've found if you pick your times & trails carefully you can still get away from the masses. It's still open & good riding as of now (Dec 12th). Some years it's already snowed in at this point. I figure we've got one more weekend there before another snow storm hits & we'll likely be done until spring. Some of the highest areas (Taylor Park, etc.) have really short seasons. Jul - Sept is pretty safe but outside of that it just depends on the current weather pattern. Then areas like Buena Vista, Penrose Commons, Texas Creek, etc. at lower elevations are good for 8+ months/year. If you like tracks you can do those year round, but that's just when I ski instead. Good luck with the decision!
  3. tchancey

    How to get to Rainbow Falls

    Trail 650 (Long Hollow Trail) takes you down into Rainbow Falls. Have fun!
  4. I was in Moab a couple of weeks ago with a relatively new D803 trials tire on the rear. We stayed up north in the Sovereign area, but I rode down into town a couple of times for trails down that way. In all, I'd say I rode 75'ish miles on pavement usually around 60 MPH. After seeing your post, I went & took a close look. There are cracks on the leading edge of several of the center knobs. It's nothing bad, but I can tell some damage was done. They were aired to 10 PSI for the trails and I left them there for the road work. I also run UHD tubes. I love that tire off road & will probably stick with it for future trips, but if you're buying something new and pavement will be a big part of the picture, you might want to look at other options as Enterprise said. Have fun!
  5. tchancey

    Need advice on 3 day trip for novice

    There are some good maps here: http://www.garna.org/friends-of-fourmile.htm Trails Illustrated also has one, but I've found that printing the one above & keeping it in my pocket works great for that area. It seems like there were some nice spots by the water on 307 & 308. It's a dry year, so that creek may be pretty small now.
  6. tchancey

    Need advice on 3 day trip for novice

    It sounds like the Buena Vista/Fourmile area would serve you well. Then if you decide to take it up a notch from there, you could go over Cottonwood Pass & be at Taylor Park pretty easily. Have fun!
  7. tchancey

    Best place for a beginner?

    Rainbow Falls is a good place for that. Just as you drive into the area there's a yellow gate on the left. Through there is all kinds of mellow trail riding.
  8. tchancey

    suggestions for kids bike

    When my son had outgrown his TTR50, we bought him a used TTR90. That was for his 8th birthday...about 9 months ago & he's still happy as can be. They don't make that size any more (unfortunately). He sat on a TTR110 and it was just too big & heavy. The jump from a 50 to a 110 is pretty big. If you can find a used TTR90, I'd suggest it. It's got e-start and not too big of a jump from the 50. Good luck!
  9. Nice! Sounds like a good purchase. I also started with a '04 XR250 & it was great. Enjoy!
  10. tchancey

    Local MX suspension tuner?

    A couple of weeks ago I was loading the bike for Moab & the suspension didn't feel quite right. I called Neil @ Hitchcock & he did a fork revalve, some shock work, set the sag with me on it, and adjusted all the clickers. I dropped it off at lunch & he had it ready that day after work. Quick turnaround! It worked great in Moab. For the 1st time I wasn't sore after pounding through the rocks all day. He said most of his business is KTM. He's more of an MX rider than trails (I'm 100% trails) so I'm sure he can tune that direction as well. Probably a good match for you. He was great to work with. I think you'd be happy with him.
  11. tchancey

    Willow Creek / Snyder creek ride laborday weekend

    Nice! Thanks for posting. I can see why you were tired when we ran into you just after the video ends.
  12. tchancey

    Rampart Range dog rescue

    Great Job!
  13. tchancey

    Short video of Rand w/ a Contour HD

    Nice! You must have just beat the rain. I rode it yesterday & it was pretty muddy...just pressure-washed about 5 pounds off the bike. What kind of camera mount are you using?
  14. tchancey

    Pitken Area

    I'd suggest trials. The only exception would be if you tend to steer with the rear tire by spinning it. It may grip too well for that.