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  1. Henna Ojisan

    300 2 stroke supermoto review

    Great looking bike - quite envious!!
  2. Henna Ojisan

    KTM 300 XC-W 2010

    Love it!
  3. Henna Ojisan

    KTM 300 XC-W (2010)


    Love it!
  4. Henna Ojisan

    looking for people to ride with in NorCal

    Sorry all - quick run worked out to Little Stony. On the trail at 9am, 24->26-> down 23-> up 02, transfer on 02 to 55->03->04->06->33->36->down potato hill ->up from nail track to 31->28->47->27->26 and down 24 to Little Stony. 53 miles of loose, rocky, hot, dusty, rutted bliss! Not my best day of riding with a couple get offs and I realize I'm out of shape for a upper 80-90 degree day with no moisture. Good company and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Some of the hillclimbs in 27/28 were kicking my butt at the end of the day with the loose topsoil and no traction and 27 had some wicked ruts. Jason
  5. Henna Ojisan

    looking for people to ride with in NorCal

    Looking at a Stony trip tomorrow - anyone else headed out? Been a few months since I've been up there so I hear it'll be warm and dusty with some down trees. MC is another possibility but I envision conditions will be the same.. BTW - Coming from Pleasanton and willing to meet up if others are interested. I can hold my own, reliable bike, no drama, probably mid-upper C rider on a KTM 300. Jason
  6. Henna Ojisan

    2009 xcw 300?

    ^^ What he said - plus might also look for a notched clutch basket - it can cause dragging and start problems too. Post up pics and we can help...
  7. Henna Ojisan

    looking for people to ride with in NorCal

    Looks like my riding plans just changed (bummed) - AC unit died and have to be here for the repair rep tomorrow. I'll post up if I can make a trip this weekend somewhere... Stony (from little stony) would have been a good ride!
  8. Henna Ojisan

    looking for people to ride with in NorCal

    I've got Friday off and was considering a ride somewhere... Coming from Pleasanton.. MC or Stony seem like too much smoke but far enough away to avoid the fires. Butte fire is a bummer too... Anyone else headed out tomorrow and if so - where? I won't go into the ride alone debate (have InReach myself) and was looking for a option for an early am ride (8-9 am start so I can be back home before too late). I haven't ridden in a month so not sure what the conditions are like around Sac area. Rode Middlecreek end of Aug right after a slight rain and it was primo. I ride a KTM 300 and can hold my own - probably a upper pack C / lower B rider. Ride Stony/MC/Pipi/Foresthill areas but always looking for a local to show me the trails. Jason
  9. Henna Ojisan

    Mapping switch. Much difference in performance?

    I have one on my '10 300 XC-W, use it where it's loose or slippery and can really feel it. Bike is tuned perfect and I think the power valve spring you are running will make a difference too. I run the red flush so the difference seems more noticeable, didn't feel it on the green or yellow as much. I would agree that the feeling of a heavier flywheel is what it's like...
  10. Was there (camped near Penny Pines/Elkins Flat) last weekend and it was dry - rain should have helped a bunch for this weekend. Down trees in quite a bunch of places - streams had some water but no real snow last weekend anywhere I rode.
  11. Henna Ojisan

    broken kickstarter

    I've gone through 2 of these in the last 5 years running a 290 kit. I'm guessing I kick pretty hard and my foot peg has a bevel which drives the kick started towards the frame putting a side force on the shaft inside the case. The case on the '05 does't have a bearing for the shaft and the repair is pretty easy. Drain the coolant (not the oil unless you want to). Lay the bike on it's left side and pull the case cover off, the clutch and you'll have access to the kickstarter shaft and gears. It's common enough for me to have a spare now - what a drag bump starting a bike all day on the trail after having zip tied the kick starter to the frame.
  12. Henna Ojisan

    '06 WR with Clarke 2.8 - shrouds fit badly

    This is exactly what I did too - works great!
  13. Henna Ojisan

    which 290cc big borekit and with what options???

    I grabbed the Luke's JE290 and am completely happy with it. Ended up with the cometic gasket and no problems at all. I'm completely satisfied!!
  14. Henna Ojisan

    Hot Cams help?

    Go for it! These or another custom grind... Running stage 1 on both and it's got the grunt it was missing...
  15. Henna Ojisan

    What rad brace/gaurd to run

    I give a thumbs up on Enduro Engineering... I had the Works and they were flimsy..