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  1. BW350DRZ400S

    03 XT225 ignition priblems

    Double-check your grounds, change the spark plug, charge the battery, fresh gas too. Are you using a electric start? If so, using the low amperes setting leave the charger on when cranking it over. There is always starting fluid. Double check the kick stand switch and the kill switch and the clutch/neutral switches. Don’t trust the BW's kill switch or wiring. Parts fiches, Bike Bandit sells the manual. http://www.crotchrocket.com/fiche_section_detail.asp?category=Motorcycles&make=Yamaha&year=2003&fveh=1172 http://houseofmotorcycles.bikebandit.com/yamaha-motorcycle-xt225r-2003/o/m8310 Someplace else. http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/YAMAHABIGWHEELS/ Post some pics when you can.
  2. BW350DRZ400S

    Dual Sport Vintage Bike?

    DR 350, DR 400, DR Z400S, DR600, DR650(lowered), XR 350, XR 400, XR 600, XL 650, TT series line, XT 250, XT 350, XT 500, KLX 250, KLX 400, KLR 600, KLR 650(lowered). There are a huge amount of older (10 years) bikes out there, when you know their names.
  3. BW350DRZ400S

    XT 350 Question

    Many THANKS to all that replied. The problem was in the overflow vent lines. Some debris had plugged one of the joints in the hose so I replaced the original hard vent lines with rubber hoses from the hardware store. I did run them down as a normal carb vent line would run. I do like the look of the MSR kit though
  4. BW350DRZ400S

    XT 350 Question

    Thanks for the info on the hoses. I will get on it. Technical service bulletins from 20 years ago are hard to find. I may replace the hoses as they are a tad hard. Did the hoses end up run, as a normal carbs hoses run?? Just out and down??
  5. BW350DRZ400S

    XT 350 Question

    There is a secondary carb that is a diaphragm type. I have put it back to stock condition.
  6. BW350DRZ400S

    XT 350 Question

    I did the kickstand switch first thing when I got the bike. The floats move freely but are likely part of the problem.
  7. I have a 1999 Yamaha XT 350 that runs really well unless I am hill climbing or after wheeling. My problem is on rough steep hill climbs, at about 1/8 throttle it wants to die, at 1/4 throttle and above it is fine (a little hot but fine). Also after several quick (throttle chop) wheelies then stopping it wants to die, if I don’t stop, and I run it about 1/8 throttle it will bog, cut out and try to die for several seconds then it is fine. The bike starts right back up and runs out fine. Is there a fix for this? I have cleaned the carbs several times and the intake boots have been replaced. The main jet in the primary carb is one size up (125 to 128) and there is a aluminum washer under the clip on the needle. The air filter is clean and the snorkel is removed. Normal running there is no surging, no excessive backfiring, it pulls fine in all gears, it starts great and it idles smooth. Thanks in advance for any info.
  8. BW350DRZ400S

    2007 DR Z400SM in Grand Blue

    I see that this color set is for sale out there somewhere. Any ideas on how long before it gets here in the USA. http://www2.odn.ne.jp/twmc/new_page_42.htm
  9. BW350DRZ400S

    Large capacity tank for DR-Z400SM 2005

    Found in DR forum for the DR 650. The maker may do DR Z400SM.
  10. BW350DRZ400S

    SuperMoto in Medford Oregon

    Picked this up on the SuperMoto forum. Jackson County Sports Park in Medford. Driving Directions From I-5 (either North or South), take Exit 30, Hwy. 62 to Klamath Falls and Crater Lake. Go east on Hwy. 62 for 5-1/2 miles. Turn right on Hwy. 140 to Klamath Falls/Lake Of The Woods for 2-1/2 miles. Turn right on Kershaw Road for 1/4 mile to the Jackson County Sports Park entrance. Turn left into the Sports Park. The first gravel road on the right leads to the kart track. More info.... http://supermotousa.com/ Sunday seems to be most of the racing, and only $10.00 to be a spectator, but I did not see grandstands. Daily track info http://supermotousa.com/_wsn/page17.html
  11. BW350DRZ400S

    Yoinks!! new 05 DR650 Speedo Wrong

    Mine is about 6Mph fast. My riding buddy worries more about it than I do. When you need a new front tire get a larger one. I suppose there are digital after market gauges. Reading a little fast keeps me out of some trouble.
  12. BW350DRZ400S

    dynojet 170 mainjet

    The local motorcycle shops here have boxes of Mukini jets. Take a look at the ones you got, go in and ask for a 170 jet. They are about $2.25 here. There the difficult part may be getting to a good shop.
  13. BW350DRZ400S

    Corral Canyon???

    About half way down this page it says Corral Canyon is still closed. Call them first. http://www.fs.fed.us/r5/cleveland/conditions/ There are other camping spots. http://www.bokasmo.com/pages/ohv/california/corralycn/index.html If it is opening soon post it up.
  14. BW350DRZ400S

    03/05 in greater San Diego area?

    Tierra Del Sol is this weekend. With a stop to look at Split Mountain.
  15. BW350DRZ400S

    DR Z400SM video & pics

    Too heavy is when I cant stand it back up. I don't think any are going to Australia anyways