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  1. That must be just for dirt bikes -- just plated a Ducati from CA and went in with the title and walked out 10 min later with the plate and the title to be mailed later. The only question was with the amount of tax which when i supplied a appraisal she asked no more questions. they must have some sort of database because the woman who helped me thought Ducati was a racing car -- even after she examined the title. Anyway, point is she would not have known the diff between your R100S my Ducati and a 250cc dirt bike -- even if the bikes were sitting right in her face..
  2. I've called and called and called add nausium. I may just drive over there and speak directly with them because no one answers the phone. I've left messages but no reply. I am sure someone here has been through this. thanks for the suggestions.
  3. in my post i believe i said i am going to assume that plates are needed. it has all the lights. i guess i was not clear -- my question is. What is the plating process like -- any do's and donts for dealing with the WSP during the inspection process or is it pretty straight forward?
  4. Got my hands on a small trailer from a friend in OR which is not plated. He informed me that no plates are needed for such a small trailer in OR. However, I am almost sure all trialers need plates here in WA eventhough Ive seen several without plates. Assuming that i need to plate it for use in WA how hard is the inspection process. What are the do's and donts when dealing with WSP inspectors? Its just a small motorcycle trailer with a metal box attached to it. Any info appriciated. .
  5. http://www.heraldnet.com/stories/05/11/04/100loc_aatv001.cfm Its not like this was a great spot -- I guess its the point that matters.
  6. irazu

    Reiter Trails - Call to Action!!!

    Hmm.... I used your letter as the basis for mine. Only problem is that i am not a snohomish co voter. anyrate, cant hurt Thanks for posting
  7. this has bad written all over it. i see higher insurance rates and more legislation heading our way. http://news.yahoo.com/s/usatoday/20050809/ts_usatoday/motorcycledeathsrisesharply
  8. Beware of the retaining wall!!!!!!!
  9. irazu

    Ford Ranger

    My 4.0 manual 4x4 1999 ranger blasts up the mountain passes even with the fat bitch (R1150GS -- BMW -- 550lbs) in the back and fully loaded up with gear. cant speak for the 3.0 but I can say that the 4.0 is a blast
  10. And ofcourse its in German..... http://www.bmwmclr.com/video/bmw_hp_vision.wmv
  11. http://www.leg.wa.gov/wsladm/billinfo1/billsearch.cfm?Searchterm=motorcycle&year=2005 Found 12 bills containing Search Results for: motorcycle HB 1149 Preventing motorcycle profiling. (Show History) HB 1176 Allowing motorcycles between lanes during congestion. (Show History) SHB 1257 Providing an opportunity to reject motorcycle or motor-driven cycle insurance coverage. (Show History) HB 1258 Meeting commute trip reduction goals by providing preferential motorcycle parking. (Show History) HB 1466 Allowing motorcycles to stop and proceed through traffic signals. (Show History) HB 1807 Restricting motorcycle helmet requirements only to persons under twenty-one. (Show History) HB 2040 Modifying the tax exemption for sales of motorcycles and off-road vehicles to nonresidents. (Show History) SB 5280 Requiring motorcycle safety courses to be approved by the director of licensing. (Show History) SB 5420 Modifying restrictions on children riding motorcycles. (Show History) SSB 5420 Modifying restrictions on children riding motorcycles. (Show History) SB 5468 Creating insurance requirements for motorcycles, motor-driven cycles, and mopeds. (Show History) SB 5783 Restricting motorcycle helmet requirements only to persons under twenty-one. (Show History)
  12. All you ever wanted to know about who makes what tools and more. Not sure of the validity of the info. Either way its an interesting read. http://www.team.net/www/morgan/tech/whotools.html
  13. irazu

    V11 Le Mans Nero Corsa

    If I do go with it I'll be removing the clip-ons and installing a gold protapers looking type bar (cant remember the name)-- they look great with the gold Ohlins front forks and for my body dimensions it really helps make the bike more comfortable. Yeah, it will be an 04 or 05. I never practice what I preach. Buy used! If its not the Guzzi its the Triumph speed triple.
  14. irazu

    V11 Le Mans Nero Corsa

    Yeah, went and rode one today. I like it! Nothing like the rumble of a V-twin. Plus I love the looks. Thanks for the info.
  15. Anyone own one of these? Any comments good or bad? Yes I know that most Jap bikes in the same category can outperform the Guzzi. If you do own one what do you use it for and how many mile do you have one the bike? http://www.motoguzzi-us.com/bikes/v11lemans_nc/index.html